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Welcome to our online Library.
Feel free to wander around the stacks and stay as long as you like.
But please remember to be quiet.

Here are some Dealers building our instruments in other countries
A few different ways you can decorate your harp.
Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter and/or read the current edition.
Here you will find answers to many basic questions.
Fret Calculator Free Online fret calculator.
Learn valuable tips about the care and feeding of a harp.
Read about the debate over whether to use plywood or solid wood for harp soundboards.

Home Built Harps
(PDF files)

Read one of the articles from Jerry's series in the Folk Harp Journal
Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5 , Article 6 , Article 7

Join the International Society of Folk Hapers and Craftsmen
A smattering of useful links to some sites that we likes.
Read Jerry's thoughts on music education for life.
Music Box Songs Printable songs for the music boxes we sold from 2010-2013
If you click on this link - guess what you will read?
This is the home of the Musicmakers Blog. Many of the articles posted here in the library are also posted in the blog. Future articles will all be posted in the blog.
Matt eats this for breakast almost every day!
Check out our free online tuner. Just click a key on the piano and you hear that note. Great for tuning any instrument.
11 useful tips to help you make the most out of your practice sessions.

This article explains why the harmonic curve of the harp neck is the way it is.

This article will also be helpful to anyone designing a stringed musical instrument. You will learn how long or short your strings need to be for any given note!

Get a behind the scenes look at how Reverie Harps are made!!

Compare the sound of different harps, download some free songs, and listen to the sounds of all our instruments.
Free Downloadable String Analysis Spreadsheet
Read about why strings tend to break more frequently in the spring.
Ever wanted to learn how to string a harp? Check this out.
Read a sampling of the many letters from our satisfied customers.
Hints, tips, and suggestions to troubleshoot common harp problems
Here are some tips on touching up some of those inevitable dings and scratches.
Come on in and check out the shop.

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