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On this page we have collected all of the sound samples for our instruments in one place. We also have a few full length songs that we pulled from the CD's we offer for sale that feature our instruments.

The files listed below are all MP3s so you will need a program that plays MP3s. If you own a computer that does not have an MP3 player you can download WinAmp or iTunes for free.

Use this player to quickly sort through all of the samples or scroll down for more detailed info.

Reverie Harp Sound Samples

Here are 3 short sound samples of our new Reverie Harp.

  • Reverie Harp played with fingers - quiet, soothing, and relaxing
  • Reverie Harp played with a guitar pick - louder and brighter, more energetic
  • Reverie Harp played with hammered dulcimer hammers - lots ofenergy and very rhythmic


Harps - Studio Comparisons

These sound samples were recorded specifically so the listener could compare the sounds of all the Musicmaker Harps. Each harp was recorded in the same studio with the same microphone (AKG C1000s). Great care was taken to position the microphone in the same place relative to each harp. That position would be just over half way up the soundboard, on the right side of the strings (from the perspective of the player) and about 6 inches away from the soundboard. Two recordings were made of each harp - one of a basic chord progression from C to F to G to C and one of a simple melody. Though these recordings are far from perfect they should give the listener a feel for how the Sheperd harp sounds compared with the Regency harp. These recordings were made on an ADAT recorder, transferred to a computer as .WAV files and then converted to .MP3 files.

Shepherd Harp Chord Progression Song   31-String Gothic Harp Chord Progression Song
Limerick Harp
(Low C tuning)
Chord Progression Song   31-String Gothic Harp
Deluxe Tuning
Chord Progression Song
Limerick Harp
(wire strings)
Chord Progression Song   Regency Harp Chord Progression Song
        Voyageur Harp Chord Progression Song


Christmas with the Homers

Download a couple tracks from Matt's Christmas album and see what all the hype is about.. Buy this album.

The Snow Lay on the Ground

We Three Kings

Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella

Permission has been granted by the artists to Musicmaker's Kits, Inc. to offer these tracks as free, downloadable MP3s.
Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by Law.

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