4 Reasons why The Voyageur Harp is our best seller ever.

Performance Quality

The Voyageur Harp has a tone that has people drooling. For a harp in this price range and this light weight - the tone is almost unnatural. This harp will be equally at home in the studio or on the concert stage - and it will be easy to get it there - both financially and physically.

Expert Craftsmenship

The Voyageur Harp is built to Musicmaker's exacting standards using solid cherry for the sides, neck and pillar. A 5-ply aircraft birch laminated soundboard will ensure years of solid performance and tuning stability. Walnut accents in just the right places add a distinguished look. Of course this harp is backed by Musicmakers outstanding 5 year warranty.

Light Weight

Weighing a sprightly 22 pounds - the Voyageur Harp can be transported by nearly everybody. Perfect for hospital work - back and forth to lessons - or on the road. Think of the added savings in chiropractic bills!

Affordable Price

Whether you build the Voyageur Harp yourself from a kit for or buy finished - you are getting more harp for your money than ever before.

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