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Who We Are

Who We Are

Musicmaker’s expert staff is self-taught for the most part. We enjoy woodworking and other crafts, and we love music. We have only limited formal training in the art of lutherie and instrument repair, and only one of us has a degree in music, but we all love what we do and have gained most of our knowledge and confidence through experience – playing it by ear…

Musicmaker’s Kits first opened in the Spring of 1978 as an unusual hobby store, called St. Croix Kits, offering a variety of do-it-yourself projects for making practical household items such as clothing, clocks, outdoor furniture, kitchen cutlery, and musical instruments. Over the years, as many of our suppliers went out of business, we placed our focus on the musical instruments and began expanding our market by printing a mail order catalog. By 1993 we were manufacturing our own instrument kits in our current small factory in Stillwater and launching our web site to take advantage of Internet advertising. We now ship our products to enthusiasts around the world, and we’ve become widely known as one of the friendliest sources of creative musical assistance for a wide variety of acoustic instruments.

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