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Musicmaker's Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges

We have found this price based shipping table to be the easiest way to handle shipping charges for the wide variety of inventory that we offer. For the most part, the shipping works out to be fair. We do pay attention to the shipping charges and, should you happen to grossly overpay, we will refund what we can.

Our normal shipping service will be ground shipping by US Mail or FedEx within the US and Priority Air Mail for foreign destinations. If you need faster service you can call or email us for a shipping quote.

Retail Value of Merchandise
Continental US
Canada Alaska, Hawaii
Europe and Japan
under $25
$25 - $49
$50 - $99
$100 - $199
$200 - $499
$500 - $999
over $1000

We are pleased to be able to ship our products world-wide, with the exception of a few large items. Shipping unassembled kits is much cheaper and safer than shipping finished instruments, and we are well-suited to serving the do-it-yourself market around the world. Shipping costs and postal size restrictions vary widely from country to country, so we can only print a firm cost chart for Canada, Europe and Japan. If you live in another corner of the planet please email us for a shipping quote. Please Note that our overseas shipping charges do NOT include local import taxes, duties or customs fees.

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