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Kantele KIT      
Kantele KIT Quantity in Basket: None
Code: kantelekit
Price: $139.00

Rosette Included:
  In-the-White ($40)

Musicmakers 10 String Kantele KIT


Difficulty Rating

Our Kantele kit is easy to assemble, requiring only a few clamps, an electric hand sander, woodworkers glue and varnish. Even a novice will be able to successfully assemble the Kantele. Each kit includes a beautiful, solid mahogany soundboard, solid walnut frame pieces and all of the strings and musical hardware you need. Our assembly instructions are clear, easy to follow and are linked to online videos showing you just how it is done. And don't forget - we offer the best warranty in the business.
Download Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Select the IN-THE-WHITE option for an additional $40 and we will assemble the instrument for you. You just do a final sanding, apply varnish, and install the hardware and strings.

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Assembly videos

Kantele Assembly Videos

Check out these videos if you want to see what it is like to build the Kantele from a kit.


Just wanted to let you know I finished my Kantele Kit assembly this past Sunday and am very happy with the way it turned out. We had 2 warm, sunny days in a row and I was able to get outside and work on instruments. I had the Kantele inside with finish drying on it and I was outside cutting out parts for your Teardrop Mandolin. I am really excited about the Mandolin. I decided I needed something to really challenge me and the mandolin is doing that. The plans are well drawn and easy to understand. I received a fret board from you and got some wood in today for the ft & bk. Spruce and cedar. I laid out and cut out the neck from Maple and was amazed at how well it turned out. i have some salvaged mahogany I am using for the sides. So far everything is turning out very well and I am really enjoying myself. I am very grateful for Musicmaker's helping me to find a new hobby. I will send along some pictures soon.

Thanks to everyone at Musicmaker's.
John in NW Florida.

Sanded up a lot of wood dust. Rubbed on some oil and bees wax. Plays like a dream.

Kevin Harris

Dear Musicmaker's.

I am VERY pleased with my purchase of my kantele! The caftsmanship is supurb and the sound is so so beautiful. Actually when I play it people tell me its "enchating". Its an easy instrument to learn and worth every penny I spent on it. I just wish I had found your company years ago when I first got into playing music. Also, your staff I found very friendly and knowlegable over the phone in helping me in choising the right instrument for me. I just love my kantele, and I can't keep from playing it! Thank you so much for everything!



Thanks for asking. It's been a pleasure dealing with your company.

Last month I did purchase your Kantele kit and that went together very nicely. I'm 100% Finnish and I've been trying to plunk out old Finnish folk songs my mother used to sing. It sounds beautiful. I plan to build a few of these for Christmas gifts this year and order all my supplies from you. Everybody in my family has a masters degree in music except me. These musical gifts have really been a hit. I built cajons for them three years ago.

My wife wants me to build your suit case bass next. I think I might order your plans next Fall for that.

We've watched your little video of you demonstrating how to play the Kantele many times. My wife is trying to teach me how to play that little song that you do. (I'm a much better woodworker than a musician!)

Thanks for the great service.

Bill Erickson
DeWitt, MI

Hi there,

A while ago i purchased a Kantele kit from your shop, which I now have finished. I thought it might be nice to send you a link to the first Kantele video I made.


Thank you for a perfect kit!

Patrick de Bruin

Hi Matt,

Thanks your support, advice and expertise in helping punch up my kantele kit from Music Makers. This is my first woodworking project since Jr. High and your great instruction and videos made it a great project. Looking forward to a couple others.

James Bartee


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