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Steel String Finder

What size string do I need for my musical instrument? We often hear from folks that have “found an old zither in the attic” or “picked up this instrument at a garage sale” or had an instrument given to them by a well-intentioned friend or relative. There are a myriad variety of these old zithers, … Continue reading Steel String Finder

Home Built Harps

Here are a collection of articles Jerry wrote for the Folk Harp Journal about home built harps.  This features were written to celebrate and encourage the craft of harp-making by home hobbyists around the world. The goal was to publicize the excellent, and sometimes surprising, results of several of these adventurous woodworkers.  The focus is … Continue reading Home Built Harps

Harp Soundboards: Plywood vs Solid Wood

The following is an excerpt from Chapter Four of Jerry Brown’s book on harp making, Folk Harp Design and Construction. The entire 150-page manual is in print in a 3-ring binder or as a downloadable PDF file.    The Great Plywood Debate: Laminated -vs- Solid Soundboards   There has been rather heated discussion over the years … Continue reading Harp Soundboards: Plywood vs Solid Wood

Care and Feeding of your Harp

TUNING TIPS: It is best to tune the harp with all sharping levers flipped down (disengaged), so there will be no interference from the levers. Please note that this means you may be tuning some strings to flats instead of natural notes. If you have levers on the B strings, for example, you should tune … Continue reading Care and Feeding of your Harp

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