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    Musicmaker's Library

    Note: November 2017: We have stopped maintaing the Library. We have moved most of the articled that used to be here over to our blog.

    Here you will find answers to many basic questions.
    Learn valuable tips about the care and feeding of a harp.
    Read about the debate over whether to use plywood or solid wood for harp soundboards.
    A smattering of useful links to some sites we likes.
    Check out our free online tuner. Just click a key on the piano and you hear that note. Great for tuning any instrument.

    This article explains why the harmonic curve of the harp neck is the way it is.

    This article will also be helpful to anyone designing a stringed musical instrument. You will learn how long or short your strings need to be for any given note!

    Free Downloadable String Analysis Spreadsheet
    Figure out which tuning wrench you need.

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