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Amazing Grace

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Instruments –
Mountain Banjo

From the old inbox…

Love the banjo kit we bought a few years back. Strung it with nylgut for a softer sound and people who don’t normally care for the sound of a banjo have told me that they like the sound of this one.

The design on the banjo is a vine circling the drum with a few birds and dragonflies interspersed. I created it by putting a base coat of shellac on the instrument and then freehand drawing the design with an artists pen, followed by three more coats of shellac. I had the choice to use varnish as the top three coats, but chose shellac because is easy to repair if the instrument is nicked or scratched badly.

It was fun to build and is fun to play. Thanks for all your creative efforts. I’ve attached a short of amazing grace on this banjo.

Tony Francour

Here is a picture of the body:


Francour Banjo

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