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Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Jerry and Matt have thought about how they learned musical instruments as youngsters, and they realized that what they focused on was learning a few chords to accompany their singing of familiar songs. They realized that learning to play along with easy tunes they already knew and liked was more successful (and more fun) than … Continue reading Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Scientific Pitch Notation Explained

You will notice that many of our string charts list note names followed by a number.  For example, we say the range of our Jolie Harp is C2 to G6.  What, exactly, does that mean? When we say that a harp starts on the note C, we need some way to communicate which C we … Continue reading Scientific Pitch Notation Explained

The String Window

This information is adapted from Jerry Brown’s Book, Folk Harp Design and Construction. Jerry geared the information toward harp building but the concept of the String Window is useful to understand for a variety or purposes: it should help you figure out the acceptable tuning range of, say, a homemade hammered dulcimer, or help you … Continue reading The String Window

The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre

I am a clinical harpist, the creator of an international harp therapy training program and a holistic sound healer. I love playing clinically for those in need, playing prescriptive music at the bedside. There has always been that little voice in me that truly enjoys the power of sound, vibrations, frequency and music as a … Continue reading The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre

Music Therapy Instrument: How to Play the Reverie Harp

The Reverie Harp is not really designed for playing conventional music, in fact it’s primary purpose is as a music therapy instrument. We’ll give you some tips on playing the Reverie Harp, ideas on what kind of music can be played on the Reverie Harp, and ideas for using the harp in a music therapy … Continue reading Music Therapy Instrument: How to Play the Reverie Harp

What is the Difference Between Reverie Harps?

We carry three kinds of finished Reverie Harps, and one Reverie Harp Kit. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between Reverie Harps, we’ve put together some information to help you compare them. The Deluxe Reverie Classic and the Deluxe Reverie 2 are built with the same woods. The only real difference between these two models … Continue reading What is the Difference Between Reverie Harps?

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