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Shoes and Stockings

mp3 download Instrument – Cumberland Banjo Tuning= gDGBD Shoes and Stockings is a lovely little tune I learned from Mac Benford. It plays nicely on the banjo in standard G tuning and is fairly easy to learn. Any time I pick up a banjo in standard G tuning this is often the first tune that … Continue reading Shoes and Stockings

Washington’s March

mp3 download Cumberland Banjo with nylon strings Tuning= f#ADAD I recently installed some nylgut strings on my Cumberland Banjo and I have to say that I LOVE it!  I haven’t been able to put the banjo down since I put on these strings.  They are just a joy to play and sound great on the … Continue reading Washington’s March

Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

mp3 download   I learned this one from Dwight Diller who got it from the Hammonses.   I forget the whole story but I think that someone died and this particular person wanted some music played at his graveside.  So a friend of his sat an overnight vigil at his grave and played this song all … Continue reading Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

Making Music a Lifetime Affair

How can we prepare our kids to enjoy music for the rest of their lives? Do you ever wish you played a musical instrument more often these days? Do you ever regret not having learned to play the guitar at an early age, or not keeping up with your skills on the piano or other … Continue reading Making Music a Lifetime Affair

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