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The Musicmakers Cajon

Produced from Summer 2010 to Fall 2017 We offered both a standard Cajon and Snare Cajon in both kit and finished form.    1/2″ baltic birch plywood was used for the sides, top, and bottom.  1/8″ aircraft birch plywood was used for the soundboard and 1/4″ birch plywood was used for the back.  The top, … Continue reading The Musicmakers Cajon

The Studio Harp

The Studio Harp was produced from 1996-2005.  Although we stopped producing the harp, you can still buy the blueprints and hardware pack. Strings and Tuning for the Studio Harp This harp had 29 strings.  The standard string set for this harp was all monofilament nylon with a range of A2-A6. Standard String Chart We also … Continue reading The Studio Harp

Name our newest instrument!

We have long wanted to create a simple, four chord zither and we finally have a design that we like.  There are four chords laid out like this D, G, C, F.  This gives you a 1, 4, and 5 chord in two keys. There are hundreds of songs that just use a 1,4, and … Continue reading Name our newest instrument!

Hear Down by the Salley Gardens on a Folk Harp and Bouzouki

We asked our facebook fans to name a folk tune and two instruments and we would make a recording.  We had a lot of great suggestions but we settled on Down by the Salley Gardens on Bouzouki and Harp. The first video below is the result.  Shortly after that, harpist Andrea Stern stopped by so … Continue reading Hear Down by the Salley Gardens on a Folk Harp and Bouzouki

Governor’s Square

mp3 download Instruments – Fiddle, guitar, harmonium, bass This is a tune learned from an old recording of Leonard Finseth.  I recorded this tune to help start a Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Kickstarter Project.  Mike Sawyer, a local musician and dear friend, is assembling a band to perform and record the music of some great old-time … Continue reading Governor’s Square

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