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Cardboard Dulcimer and Cardboard Guitar

Discontinued May 2018 Produced from Summer 2004 to Spring 2018Last sold for $44.95 When we first introduced our line of cardboard instruments we made a rock guitar, a folk guitar, a banjo, a ukulele, a mandolin, and a dulcimer.  Over time, we dropped many of the instruments and ended up with just the Folk Guitar … Continue reading Cardboard Dulcimer and Cardboard Guitar

Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Jerry and Matt have thought about how they learned musical instruments as youngsters, and they realized that what they focused on was learning a few chords to accompany their singing of familiar songs. They realized that learning to play along with easy tunes they already knew and liked was more successful (and more fun) than … Continue reading Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Half Past Four

Lovely fall weather here in Minnesota.  A perfect day to walk over to the cemetery and play some tunes under a beautiful maple tree resplendent in the glorious colors of fall. Matt is playing the Mountain Banjo and Cody is playing the Parlor Guitar.  The tune is Half Past Four.  It is a fiddle tune … Continue reading Half Past Four

Dr. Bobbinhead

mp3 download Instruments – banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonium You never know where inspiration will come from. In this case, it came from a small toy. Just watching the big, blue, smiling face rock gently back and forth I thought it might be fun to play along. So I grabbed my banjo and this melody came … Continue reading Dr. Bobbinhead

The Snow Lay on the Ground

mp3 download Instruments – Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Banjo, keyboard, and piano It’s after Thanksgiving so let the Christmas Music play! Here’s a track from my 2004 Christmas with The Homers album. This disc is on permanent rotation at my house during the month of December along with A Charlie Brown Christmas (Vince Guaraldi Trio), The … Continue reading The Snow Lay on the Ground

Governor’s Square

mp3 download Instruments – Fiddle, guitar, harmonium, bass This is a tune learned from an old recording of Leonard Finseth.  I recorded this tune to help start a Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Kickstarter Project.  Mike Sawyer, a local musician and dear friend, is assembling a band to perform and record the music of some great old-time … Continue reading Governor’s Square

Get up in the Morning

mp3 download Instruments – Banjo tuned aDADE Guitar Mandolin Bass Harmonium Get up in the Morning is an old minstrel tune as far as I can tell. I learned the tune from Adam Kiesling’s wonderful CD – Unclouded Day and he apparently got the tune from Bugs Bunny, whatever that means.  Adam’s version is just … Continue reading Get up in the Morning

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