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Mackinaw Wool

mp3 download Instruments – Mandolin, Mandola, Ocatve Mandolin, Mandocello I was tuning the instruments in our showroom and noticed that we had the entire mandolin family (mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, and mandocello). I thought it might be fun to record a track using all four instruments and Mackinaw Wool is the result. You may be … Continue reading Mackinaw Wool

The Space Horse Waltz

mp3 download Here is a little waltz that features our Mandola.   The mandola makes a great addition to your instrument collection.  It plays just like a mandolin but has a deeper, more full-bodied sound that adds a rich texture to any ensemble or recording. A note about the title – Space Horse is a crime-fighting … Continue reading The Space Horse Waltz

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