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Dr. Bobbinhead

mp3 download Instruments – banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonium You never know where inspiration will come from. In this case, it came from a small toy. Just watching the big, blue, smiling face rock gently back and forth I thought it might be fun to play along. So I grabbed my banjo and this melody came … Continue reading Dr. Bobbinhead

Mackinaw Wool

mp3 download Instruments – Mandolin, Mandola, Ocatve Mandolin, Mandocello I was tuning the instruments in our showroom and noticed that we had the entire mandolin family (mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, and mandocello). I thought it might be fun to record a track using all four instruments and Mackinaw Wool is the result. You may be … Continue reading Mackinaw Wool

Get up in the Morning

mp3 download Instruments – Banjo tuned aDADE Guitar Mandolin Bass Harmonium Get up in the Morning is an old minstrel tune as far as I can tell. I learned the tune from Adam Kiesling’s wonderful CD – Unclouded Day and he apparently got the tune from Bugs Bunny, whatever that means.  Adam’s version is just … Continue reading Get up in the Morning

Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

mp3 download   I learned this one from Dwight Diller who got it from the Hammonses.   I forget the whole story but I think that someone died and this particular person wanted some music played at his graveside.  So a friend of his sat an overnight vigil at his grave and played this song all … Continue reading Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

“Edwin’s First” Polska

mp3 download   This is a Swedish Fiddle Tune I learned from the ASI Spelmanslag, a group that is keeping traditional Swedish Fiddling alive in a beautiful way here in Minnesota. The story I heard about this tune goes something like this:  A long time ago, in a country far, far away (Sweden), young Edwin … Continue reading “Edwin’s First” Polska

Making Music a Lifetime Affair

How can we prepare our kids to enjoy music for the rest of their lives? Do you ever wish you played a musical instrument more often these days? Do you ever regret not having learned to play the guitar at an early age, or not keeping up with your skills on the piano or other … Continue reading Making Music a Lifetime Affair

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