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The Musicmakers Cajon

Produced from Summer 2010 to Fall 2017 We offered both a standard Cajon and Snare Cajon in both kit and finished form.    1/2″ baltic birch plywood was used for the sides, top, and bottom.  1/8″ aircraft birch plywood was used for the soundboard and 1/4″ birch plywood was used for the back.  The top, … Continue reading The Musicmakers Cajon

Dr. Bobbinhead

mp3 download Instruments – banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonium You never know where inspiration will come from. In this case, it came from a small toy. Just watching the big, blue, smiling face rock gently back and forth I thought it might be fun to play along. So I grabbed my banjo and this melody came … Continue reading Dr. Bobbinhead

Governor’s Square

mp3 download Instruments – Fiddle, guitar, harmonium, bass This is a tune learned from an old recording of Leonard Finseth.  I recorded this tune to help start a Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Kickstarter Project.  Mike Sawyer, a local musician and dear friend, is assembling a band to perform and record the music of some great old-time … Continue reading Governor’s Square

Get up in the Morning

mp3 download Instruments – Banjo tuned aDADE Guitar Mandolin Bass Harmonium Get up in the Morning is an old minstrel tune as far as I can tell. I learned the tune from Adam Kiesling’s wonderful CD – Unclouded Day and he apparently got the tune from Bugs Bunny, whatever that means.  Adam’s version is just … Continue reading Get up in the Morning

Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

mp3 download   I learned this one from Dwight Diller who got it from the Hammonses.   I forget the whole story but I think that someone died and this particular person wanted some music played at his graveside.  So a friend of his sat an overnight vigil at his grave and played this song all … Continue reading Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

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