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Secrets of the Harmonic Curve

Every wondered why a harp neck is shaped the way it is? Trying to design your own harp and wondering how long to make the strings? The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of Jerry Brown’s book, Folk Harp Design and Construction, available to buy online. Jerry has included it here to explain … Continue reading Secrets of the Harmonic Curve

How to Touch Up Your Harp

Here are some ideas for touching up the dings in your harp: Fixing Dents on a Harp Use a household iron set on high, and a wet wash cloth, to steam out dents. Lay the wet cloth over the wood and use the iron to drive steam into the pores of the wood, by “ironing” … Continue reading How to Touch Up Your Harp

Troubleshooting Your Harp

Tuning Tips for Harp It is best to tune the harp with all sharping levers flipped down (disengaged), so there will be no interference from the levers. Please note that this means you may be tuning some strings to flats instead of natural notes. If you have levers on the B strings, for example, you … Continue reading Troubleshooting Your Harp

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