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The Chord Harp

chord harp
Chord Harp

Discontinued June 2018

Produced from June 2015 to June 2018

In 2018 the Chord Harp sold for $319 as a kit and $549 Finished.

The chord harp was an idea from the mind of Jerry Brown.  Inspired by a visit from chambered nautilus that came to him in a dream, Jerry saw how he could created an instrument with four chord clusters.  The strings would cross each other by the means of a stepped bridge.

Four clusters of five strings each were tuned to the following chords: D7 – G – C – F.  This configuration gave the player a I, IV, and V chord in two different keys.  That combination of chords is used for hundreds of folk songs and the two different keys gave the singer the option of picking a key that suited his/her voice best.


Here are a few videos:

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