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Reverie Harp Models

What is the Difference Between Reverie Harps?

We carry three kinds of finished Reverie Harps, and one Reverie Harp Kit. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between Reverie Harps, we’ve put together some information to help you compare them.

The Deluxe Reverie Classic and the Deluxe Reverie 2 are built with the same woods. The only real difference between these two models is the shape. Both models feature solid cherry sides and a solid mahogany soundboard. The solid mahogany soundboard gives these models a deep, rich tone and they will both sound better than the Economy Reverie 2.

The Economy Reverie 2 is our less-expensive model. We use poplar sides and a plywood baltic birch soundboard. Using a plywood for the soundboard means we save money in materials and labor. The plywood top does not provide as rich of a tone as the solid mahogany soundboards on the Reverie Classic and the Reverie 2 Deluxe. However, keep in mind, that this is only noticeable during a side by side comparison. The Reverie 2 still has a full and rich sound and is used and loved by many!

For example, we made a video featuring the two Reverie Harps side by side:

Reverie Comparison Chart

For your convenience we built a handy comparison chart for you to easily understand the differences between each model.

Deluxe Reverie Classic Deluxe Reverie 2 Economy Reverie 2 Deluxe Reverie Classic Kit

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Item Deluxe Reverie Classic Deluxe Reverie 2 Economy Reverie 2 Deluxe Reverie Classic Kit
Price $649.00 $649.00 $499.00 $379.00
Sides Material Solid cherry Solid cherry Poplar Solid cherry
Soundboard Material Solid mahogany Solid mahogany Laminated baltic birch soundboard Solid mahogany
Shape Full, rounded shape Thinner, hourglass shape Thinner, hourglass shape Full, rounded shape
Sound Deeper, richer tone Deeper, richer tone Full, rich tone Deeper, richer tone

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