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FHJ Index

This is a searchable and sortable index of all the Folk Harp Journals from Issue #1 (June 1973) to the present.

Notes on using this table:

  • Click the header of any column to sort it ascending to descending. Click it again to sort in the reverse order.
  • Type anything in the search box and you will instantly see any row that has that information.
  • The Type Column indicates the type of material and uses the following classifications: Article, Music, Cover, Column, Poem, Review, Story, Recipe, Photo.
  • The # column is for the Issue number.

If you find this useful, take a moment and feel some gratitude for Beth Stockdell who entered all of this information into a spreadsheet to make this possible.

2017Winter177ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2017Winter177ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2009Winter145ArticleRebekah PassmoreTeresa HoneyA Renassance Tale
2001Fall113MusicJS Bach/Deb GessnerMenuet from "Anna Magdalena Bach's Buchlein"
2016Spring170ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We Age“I Used to Know that Tune” Dealing With Memory Issues
2017Fall176ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging Strings“There are no fingerings in this arrangement, so how am I supposed to play the tune?”
2019Summer183ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging Strings“Tweedside” on the London Stage
2001Spring111MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldThree Scottish Dances1. John Hielandman or the White Cockade 2. Petronella 3. Persian Dances
1977Dec.19CoverPeter HemmelPainting of David15th Century
1981June33ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonFHJ Financial Statement1973-1980
1988Fall62ArticleDonna LindellGrand National Irish Fair1988 Harp competition results
1994Winter86ArticlePhyllis SchlomovitzThe "Sound of a Thousand Strings" Harp Festival1994 International Harp Festival
1996Fall93ArticleJoan ClarkHarps West1996 Folk harp conference impressions
2008Winter141ArticleFHJAbout the Nominees2008 ISFHC Officer and Board Elections
2019Spring182ColumnBeth A. StockdellHarp Happenings2019 Events Calendar
2019Summer183ColumnBeth A. StockdellHarp Happenings2019 Events Calendar - additions and reminders
2019Summer183ArticleBeth KolleHappy Birthday, Harplist!20th Anniversary of current format
1981Sept.34ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonMini-Concert harp36 Strings. Plans and Instructions
1974June5ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonLove Song - Top of the Charts4,000 Years Ago
1990Spring68ArticleAllegra HardulfiAlfredo Rolando OrtizA biography and Interview
1978Sept.22ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonCeltic HarpsA Brief Listing of Recent Books—Library of Congress
1981Sept.34ArticleLawrence DavisForum III - Renaissance of the Wire Strung HarpA Commentary on the Re-Evolution of a Harp Forum
1993Summer80ArticleMaureen BrennanHarps in the gardenA conference fundraiser
1994Winter85ArticleMitch LandyHarpdancerA Conversation with Diana Stork
1992Spring76ArticleCynthia ValenzuelaCeltic music from Northern SpaimA conversation with Rodrigo Romani
2015Summer167ArticleMary Louise O’DonnellIreland’s Harp: the Shaping of Irish Identity c. 1770-1880A Cultural Curiosity: The Emigrant Irish Harper
2020Spring186ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's NoteA day in the Shop
1983Sept.42ArticleLaurie RileyCan the Airlines Take It?A Detailed Account for Flying Harpers
2014Winter165ColumnLaurie RileyQuick Fixes For Common ChallengesA Few Ergonomic Quick Fixes
1985March48ArticleLarousse Enc. Of MusicThe HarpA Flexible Instrument
1990Fall70ArticleJane ValenciaThe small harpA force to be reckoned with…
2011Spring150ArticleAnne RoosThe Harping BusinessA Fresh Look At Setting Your Fees
1987Winter59ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #7A harp man is good to find
2005Winter130ArticleNancy HurrellHistorical HarpsA Harp of Erin Rediscovered in the Honiman Museum
1994Winter85ArticleNadine BunnBerkeley Mythcon 1995a harper's heaven
2008Winter141ArticleLinda AshtonThe Harp GatheringA harper's perspective
2008Fall140ArticleRebekah PassmoreIsabelle PerrinA Journey Into Artistry
2011Spring150ArticleLaurie RileyEmbracing Your HarpA Lesson In Ergonomics
1988Summer61ArticleGloria GalanteUna Vida en ContrapuntoA life in Counterpoint
2012Winter157ArticleJudy WinchesterAnother Canterbury TaleA lighthearted look at event organizing
2002Summer108ArticleLennart LyngsieHarp PlansA List of Articles with Plans found in the FHJ
1982Dec.39MusicTraditional / Nancy Thym-HochreinThe Linden HarpA Lithuanian Ballad
1995Fall89ArticleSue RichardsThe Washington Area Folk Harp SocietyA Lively group
1986March52ArticleKim RobertsonThe Robinson'sA Love story
1993Summer80ArticleMicah HarrariJohn ThomasA man who followed his heart
1989Summer65ArticleRobert CunninghamString layout and tonalityA mathematical tool
1984March44ArticleAlfred Orlando OrtizReach them with Your HarpA Matter of Repertoire
2002Winter118PoemRussell ChanThe Timeless HarpA modern villanelle
1996Winter94ColumnPhilippe S.R.L. ClementThe Gaelic CrossA mostly bronze-wound-steel-core Cross-strung chromatic harp
1984Dec.47ArticleMary Kay WaddingtonSuzuki HarpA New Approach to an Old Idea
1999Summer104ArticleBambi NilesHarp TherapyA New Way of Life
2019Spring182ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's NoteA New Year
2003Winter122ArticleGrace DoranLily's TreasuresA Performance Review
2017Winter177ColumnCatherine StilesThe Harp in the TreesA Pilgrimage to Scotland
1984Sept.46ArticleRosalyn BrileyFolk Harping for ProfitA Practical Guide
2013Summer159ArticleAnn MaesSmall BitesA Practical Guide for Harp Practice
2013Winter161MusicJo MorrisonPlowshares and Pruning HooksA Prayer for Peace
1983March40ArticleAnne HabermehlWelsh Heritage WeekA Preview
1983June41ArticleS. E. AspittleKim RobertsonA Profile
1994Winter85ArticleNadine BunnMichael SavoyA Rememberance
1992Fall78CoverDeborah FriouA Renaissance Muse
1990Winter71ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherThe Great Harp SurveyA review of a sampling of folk harpers
2008Summer139ArticlePamela BrunerCreating Introductions and InterludesA Series: Part one
2008Fall140ArticlePamela BrunerCreating Introductions and InterludesA Series: Part Two
2012Summer155ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessA Short List of Resources for Copyright Information
2017Spring174ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessA Simple Primer for Playing at Weddings
2017Summer175ArticleJason EysterAmanda and the Harper’s CallA Special Fiction Harp Story
1992Spring76ArticleRebecca Jo BrukhardtThe Ohio Scottish arts harp schoolA Student's perspective
2020Spring186ArticleErik Ark-UpmarkA Cool Cool Harp…A Swedish harpist on tour in China with an ice harp.
1993Fall81ArticleLoyd HuntOde to RobbieA thing of the heart
2015Summer167ArticleLisa LynneLegends of the Celtic HarpA Tour with Patrick Ball, Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne
2013Spring158ArticleOwen GriffithsThe West African HarpA truly unique holiday experience
2017Spring174ArticleHilary de VriesIsobel AndersonA Tune in the Making
1996Winter94ArticleJason EysterChladni Glitter TestingA useful experimental technique for harpmakers
1997Summer96ArticleJason EysterChladni Glitter TestingA useful experimental technique for harpmakers - Part 2
1982Sept.38ArticleJocelyn ChaparroHarpers and HarpistsA View from Both sides of the Strings
2017Winter177ColumnLaurie RileyPlaying Pain FreeA Vision for Pain-Free Playing
1990Fall70ArticleLouise TrotterClarsachs, Castles & CeilidhsA visit to the 1990 Edinburgh Harp festival
1991Spring72ArticleJoe RossO'Carolan FestivalA visit to the country of O'Carolan
1980June29MusicPauline PittengerTake Thou My HandA Wedding Prayer
1984March44ArticleMarjorie TayloeJohn ThomasA Welsh Harpist
2002Fall117ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkA Word About Lever
1987Fall58ArticleSylvia FellowsThings my teacher never told meAbout performing
2014Winter165ArticleBarbra Bailey BradleyThe Lone Arranger, Part IIAdaptations
2000Winter110ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkAdventures in Salvage Logging, Tool Review: Finish Sanders
1995Summer88ArticleAnne RoosThe Harper in BusinessAdvertising your services in the media & through promotional events
2020Summer187ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsAdvice for Beginners...
1975June9ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonHarp MakersAlan and Helen Edgar
1994Spring83ArticleGloria GalanteThe name that inspired jazz harpingAlice Coltrane
2013Fall160ColumnLaurie RileyQuick Fixes For Common ChallengesAll About Hands
2011Fall152ArticleJerry BrownInside our HarpsAll About String Spacing And Tension
2017Winter177ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's LetterAll Hail Lord and Lady Blackwood
2020Summer187MusicTraditional/Anna DunwoodieShannandoahAmerican
2016Fall172ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's LetterAmerican Harp Society National Conference
2012Fall156ArticleMary DeMockerAdorning the Air With MistakesAn inner dance in two movements
1997Spring95ArticleJane ValenciaSoaring into DreamtimeAn interview Verlene Schermer
1995Spring87ArticleMitch LandyClosing the CircleAn interview with Andrea Piazza
1990Fall70ArticleLaurie RasmussenSpirit of the past and future harpAn interview with Cheryl Ann Fulton
1991Summer73ArticleMaureen LarkinTwin HarpsAn interview with Cheryl Ann Fulton and Diana Stork
1991Fall74ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging StringsAn interview with Janet Naylor
1990Summer69ArticleSarafina AndrewsA harp full of starsAn interview with Joel Andrews
1994Spring83ArticleAdam R. SmithBuilding a lifeAn interview with Kate and Mark Cushing
1993Winter82ArticleDavid MichaelCommunionAn interview with Kim Robertson
1995Fall89ArticleKim RobertsonRemarkable person in the folk harp worldAn interview with Uschi Laar
1980June29ArticleLawrence DavisThe Folk Harp ForumAn Introduction
1984Sept.46ArticleBruce GretherHarp MagicAn Introduction to Esoteric Principles of Music
2017Fall176ColumnDearbhail FinneganWorking at an American Theme ParkAn Irish Harpist’s Adventure
1981March32ArticleCharles E. PatrickHow the Harp Came to beAn Osset Folktale
2017Fall176ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's LetterAn Ounce of Prevention
2008Spring138ArticleNancy SchroederThe third Annual Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music FestivalAnd harp retreat in Southern Colorado
1979March24ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonAdditions and Changes to Harp Makers Listand Harp Teachers
1989Summer65ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & scheduleand Mass harp concert
1990Summer69ArticleAlfredo Rolando OrtizWith an insect crawling up my leg…and other horror stories
1996Winter94ArticleConstance M. WhitesideReview of the Historical Harp Societyand San Francisco Early Music Society Medieval workshop
1985March48ArticleConnie BellHow to Buy an Irish HarpAnd Take it to America
1980Sept.30ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonUp-date on Harp Makersand Teachers List
1980March28ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonUp-date on Harp Makersand Teachers List
1979Dec.27ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonUp-date on Harp Makersand Teachers List
1979Sept.26ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonUp-date on Harp Makersand Teachers List
1979June25ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonHarp Makersand Teachers List
1991Fall74ArticleChristina TourinTeaching harp to little peopleand the not so little
2010Fall148MusicCardozo/ColmanEl Sueno de AngelitaAngelita's Dream
2001Winter114ArticleEarl TessmanTale of Two AngelsAngels do have tales
1986June53ArticleGloria GalanteThe Golden DreamAoyama harps
1993Summer80MusicTraditional/Jack Davis WalkerSong of the water KelpieArrane Ghelbee
2020Spring186ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsArranging “Put in an inch and more of it”
2014Fall164ArticleBarbra Bailey BradleyThe Lone ArrangerArranging an existing tune
2011Fall152ArticleBeth KolléBody of WorkArranging for harp ensembles
2012Fall156ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsArranging Rory Dall’s Sister’s Lament & Cumh Peathar Ruari
2017Spring174ArticleBill TaylorIsobel AndersonArranging the Tune
1985June49ArticleLynda LohrNo more rock and roll for maker of Celtic harpsArsalaan Fay-harp maker
1981June33ReprintTreoirThe Granard Harp FestivalArthur O'Neill-the Third Journey
1976Sept.14ArticleW. A. HootonThe Blind Harpist of Bettws-Y-CoedArthur Owen
1980June29ArticleSylvia WoodsSociety of Folk Harpers and CraftsmenAssuming Temporary chairmanship of the Society
1990Fall70ArticleMaureen BrennanA Look backat our chapter history
1978Dec.23ArticleJosephine Patrica SmithThe Music of IrelandAvenging and Bright
92-93Win-Spr79ArticleGael KathrynsWhatever it takesBack to the salt mines: more about improvisation
2016Summer171ColumnFHJHarps on LocationBarb Marler
1991Spring72CoverphotoCanada's Loreena McKennittBard of the global village enters laughing
2001Winter114PoemLeah Aronow-BrownFifty Ways to Set your LeversBased on Paul Simon tune
2017Winter177MusicTraditional/JoAnne JonesCome Join and SingBased on Psalm 100
1987Spring56ArticleNancy Thym-HochreinHistorical harp symposiumBasel, Switzerland
2020Summer187ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessBecoming a Ninja Harpist
2015Spring166ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsBeginnings
1982March36ArticleLenora WerleyMaking Angelic Harps is Down-to-earth BusinessBetty Roan Truitt
1995Summer88MusicTraditional/Jane ValenciaAderyn Du a'I Blufyn SidanBlackbird of Silken Wings
2009Summer143MusicI. Mac PerryMixolydian RiffBlues Tuning
2009Summer143MusicI. Mac PerryDorian RiffBlues Tuning
2009Summer143MusicI. Mac PerryMinor Pentatonic RiffBlues Tuning
2009Summer143MusicI. Mac PerryBlues Scale RiffBlues Tuning
1973Sept.2ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonProfessional Harpist FocusBonnie Hyndman
2003Winter122ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkBook Review
2012Winter157ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessBooking Wedding Gigs 101: Closing the Sale When Your Customer is a Bride
2003Spring119ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkBoxing a Harp for Shipping
1975June9ArticleAlan StivellCeltic Tradition RevivedBreton Musician Drawing Throngs
1984March44ArticleMarjorie TayloeFamous Harp is Mute AgainBritish Museum Made it Safe to Play
2015Summer167ArticleDe LunaChord Improv ExerciseBroken Chords-Opening The Door to Improvisation #1
1980Dec.31ArticleKathleen ParksArt Gift for DublinBronze sculpture called "Eire" of harpist
2011Summer151ArticleMike NielsenFrom The AshesBuilding and Rebuilding
1986Fall54ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #2Building in balance
1986June53ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #1Building in balance
2017Fall176ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We AgeBuilding Neural Pathways for Better Playing
2014Fall164ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessBusiness or Hobby? The Pros and Cons
2014Summer163ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessBusiness or Hobby? The Pros and Cons
2007Summer135ArticleElizabeth A. PaineHugs from ArgentinaBy Athy, via email interview with Elizabeth A. Paine
1987Spring56ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #4C A H D Part One
1987Summer57ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #5C A H D Part Two
1990Spring68MusicTraditional/Allegra HardulfiThree Variations of a Welsh tuneCainc Dafydd Broffwyd
2012Winter157ArticleDave WoodwardInside our HarpsCarbon Fiber Harps, Part I
2013Spring158ArticleDave WoodwardInside our HarpsCarbon Fiber Harps, Part II
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Barbara Ann FacklerSweet Carnloch BayCarron Lough Bay (Irish), The Road to Dundee (Scottish), The Road and the Miles to Dundee (Scottish)
92-93Win-Spr79ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1998Winter102ColumnAlys HoweHarpsoundsCD Review
1998Fall101ColumnMichele AshmoreHarpsoundsCD Review
1998Summer100ColumnPamela BrunerHarpsoundsCD Review
1998Spring99ColumnJohn WheelerHarpsoundsCD Review
1997Winter98ColumnMitch LandyHarpsoundsCD Review
1997Fall97ColumnHarper TascheHarpsoundsCD Review
1997Summer96ColumnMark FeilHarpsoundsCD Review
1997Spring95ColumnTerry BouquetHarpsoundsCD Review
1996Winter94ColumnTerry BouquetHarpsoundsCD Review
1996Fall93ColumnHarper TascheHarpsoundsCD Review
1996Summer92ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1996Spring91ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1995Winter90ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1995Fall89ColumnJudith SinclairHarpsoundsCD Review
1995Summer88ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1995Spring87ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1994Winter86ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1994Winter85ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1994Summer84ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1994Spring83ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1993Winter82ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenHarpsoundsCD Review
1993Fall81ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1993Summer80ColumnSara Paris BayHarpsoundsCD Review
1992Fall78ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1992Summer77ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1992Spring76ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1991Winter75ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1991Fall74ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1991Summer73ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1991Spring72ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1990Winter71ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1990Fall70ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1990Summer69ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1990Spring68ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1989Winter67ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1989Fall66ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1989Summer65ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1989Spring64ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1988Winter63ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1988Fall62ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1988Summer61ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1988Spring60ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1987Winter59ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1987Fall58ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1987Summer57ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1987Spring56ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1986Winter55ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1986Fall54ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1986June53ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1986March52ColumnPatrice CardenasHarpsoundsCD Review
1985Dec.51ColumnPatrice J. CardenasHarpsoundsCD Reviews
1985Sept.50ColumnPatrice J. CardenasHarpsoundsCD Reviews
1985June49ColumnPatrice J. CardenasHarpsoundsCD Reviews
2003Fall121CoverMarja LeeJessiebelle of Silbury HillCD with music by Christina Tourin
2003Summer120ArticleJan PierceWorkshop in Mobile, AlabamaCentral Gulf Coast Harp Chapter of the American Harp Society Hosts
2005Winter130ArticleCarolyn DealBarbara SeidmanChampion of Comfort and Relaxation at the Harp
1981Dec.35ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonSociety of Folk Harpers and CraftsmenChapter Reports
1981June33ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonSociety of Folk Harpers and CraftsmenChapter Reports
1996Fall93CoverVisions of a summer of shining stringsChinese harp
2019Summer183PhotoSuzanne ShieldsWichita Harp EnsembleChristmas music at the Ecclesia Coffee Shop, Wichita, Kansas
1984June45CoverIrish Harper Padraig Dell O'BeirnCirca 1843
2001Summer112ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkClamping with Air
1985March48ArticleHenry B. BriggsOalriada and OssianClarsachs or Celtic Harps
2017Winter177IllustrationCatherine "Bunny" JonesMerry ChristmasClassic illustration from December 1974
1993Fall81ArticleBetty TruittSympathiescompiled notes
1975June9ArticleJoan WilsonModern MinstrelsConcert Calendar
1986June53ArticleChristina TourinThe Scottish harp societyConference at Oberlin
2011Summer151ArticleNancy SaundersLearning to Play the HarpConfessions of a Mature Beginner
1974Sept.6ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonMusic of VenezuelaConjunto Los Hermanos Aparicio
2005Spring127ArticleKaren TurnerHow to Come out of the ClosetConquering Performance Fear
1991Winter75ArticleSandy SmithRhythm!Considering two and three together
1985Sept.50ArticleGloria GalanteMaria Rosa VidalConsul of Harpists in Puerto Rico
1983Sept.42ArticleMike StevensPilgrim HarpsCooperative in the Making
1987Summer57ArticleNadine BunnClark Harp Patentcopy of patent application
2020Summer187ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's NoteCoronavirus edition
1974Dec.7ArticleRev. C. B. WarrenThe Harp that OnceCould it Again>
1985March48ArticleJim Munson and Alan HarbourAn English Harp ShopCraftsmen in Harp Care
2015Summer167ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessCreating a Business to Meet Your Own Personal Goals
1994Winter85ArticleAnne RoosThe Harper in BusinessCreating promotional materials
2016Summer171ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessCreating Your Style—It’s More Than Music
1986June53ArticleGloria GalanteThe gift of harpCreative cookie
2012Fall156ArticleMeg RobinsonOutside the BoxCreative ways to recharge yourself
1975Sept.10ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonOdd Creations of Harp MakersCross Strung Harp
2018Summer179ArticleEdith ZonneveldLooking for a Chromatic HarpCross-strung harp
2017Fall176ColumnMartha GallagherCD ReviewDathanna an Cheoil, Fiana Ni Chonaill
1987Summer57ArticleMary Lou PessoaNadia, the Barefoot harpistdaughter of Jesse Pessoa
1995Winter90ArticleAnne RooseThe Harper in BusinessDealing with competition
2017Summer175ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We AgeDealing with Pain and Discomfort Related to Playing the Harp
1995Spring87ArticleAnne RoosThe Harper in BusinessDealing with your client
1992Fall78ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenRemarkable persons in the folk harp worldDeborah Friou: A Renaissance Muse
2005Winter130ArticleCarolyn DealMary RadspinnerDecades of Joy and Pearls of Wisdom
2019Fall184ColumnLaurie RileyPlaying Pain FreeDecreasing a Musician’s Pain Issues Through Stress Reduction
1995Fall89ArticleNancy HurrellThe starts shine brightdeep in the heart of Texas
1979June25ArticleReprint2-year wait for Lyon-Healy HarpsDemand Rises
1984Sept.46ArticleStar AdamsMaster HarperDerek Bell
1979Dec.27MusicNora Joan ClarkHarps WestDerek Bell
1974Dec.7ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonProfessional HarpistDerek Bell
1997Summer96ColumnPhillipe ClementRinging StringsDesign and construction of a 72 string wire cross-strung harp
2001Fall113ColumnGlenn HillShop TalkDesigning a Five-sided Staved Backed Harp
2013Fall160ArticleGreg MirkenInside our HarpsDesigning and Building a Raised Platform for a Folk Harp
1987Winter59ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style
1987Fall58ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style
1987Summer57ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style
1987Spring56ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style
1986Winter55ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style
1986June53ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style; Part One
1986Fall54ArticleDale A. OlsenThe Peruvian folk harp traditionDeterminants of style; Part Two
2009Spring142ArticleTeed RockwellTwenty Years of International Harp MusicDiana Stork's Vision for the Festival of Harpos
2012Fall156ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessDiscounting: Don't give it all away!
2011Spring150ArticleRoJean LoucksThe Copyright GameDo the right thing!
2011Winter153ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessDon't Leave Home Without it: Necessary Items to Take to Gigs
1989Summer65ArticleShelley Batt Archambo and Jane HydeFor classical music lovers onlyDon't overlook the harp!
2005Winter130ArticleCynthia ShelhartOn the DoubleDouble-Strung Harp 101
2016Winter173ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsDown by the River Tweed
2007Spring134ColumnJerry BrownHome Built HarpsDr Charles Story's Grecian Harp Part two
1976March12ArticleErin GambleThe WeddingDrawing
2017Fall176MusicTraditional/Chris NeigburgerBlessed Be That Maid MarieDuet, old English advent carol.
2002Winter118ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkDust Control
1975Sept.10ArticleDuane ThomasThe Guidonian HandEarly Music Ensemble in San Diego
1990Summer69ArticleSandy Smith, Jack MontgomeryReflections on a musical physicistEd Lange
1973Sept.2ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonHarp MakerEd Merrifield
2007Summer135Covernot creditedA Host of HarpsEdinburg Harp Festival 2006
1995Summer88ArticleKristina SteffensonThe road to ClavaEdinburgh Harp festival
1998Fall101ArticleVerlene SchermerPamela BrunerElegance & Magic
2019Fall184ArticleLlio RhydderchA Harpists LegacyEllen Jane Jones
1997Spring95ArticleLori PappajohnCanadian harp maker passes awayEmil Geering
1996Summer92ArticleLori PappajohnOne man can change the worldEmil Geering
1996Spring91ArticleBarra Jacob-McDowellA bird of song from the Isle of ManEmma Christian at Heinz Chapel
1997Fall97ArticleJeanne PageThe land of enchantmentEnchanted with Louise
2017Winter177MusicTraditional/Chris NeigburgerDaphneEnglish
2016Summer171ArticleSharon ThormahlenThe Path to MusicianshipEnjoy the Music You Play
2012Winter157ArticleJudith Mostyn WhiteHarp Happy!Entertains With an International Program
2007Winter133ArticleMary DeMockerChange a String in 12 Easy StepsEven if you're Technically Challenged
2015Spring166ColumnLaurie RileyQuick Fixes For Common ChallengesExpression Without Fear
1982June37ArticleTracy SchwarzDouble and Triple HarpsExtant Instruments and Illustrations
2016Winter173ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We AgeEyesight Issues
2017Spring174ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging StringsFailte Na Miosg
2002Fall117ArticleLouise TrotterHarp FiestaFantastico, Simpatico!
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Ellen TepperFarewell MarianFarewell to the shore
1995Spring87ArticleGrace DarbyShe has PluckFate leads Amy Krupski to a second career in music
2016Summer171ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's LetterFeliciana, a life that is all about music and sound.
1993Fall81ArticleGael KathrynsWhatever it takesFelonious Theft 101: Steal that lick!
1993Winter82ArticleGael KathrynsWhatever it takesFelonious Theft 102: Steal that piece! Part One
1994Spring83ArticleGael KathrynsWhatever it takesFelonious Theft 102: Steal that piece! Part Two
2012Spring154ColumnAnne RoosThe Harper In BusinessFeng Shui: Organization Ideas for the Gigging Harper
2019Fall184IllustrationCatherine “Bunny” JonesThe Elves’ and Fauns’ Grand Autumn FestivalFHJ Classic Content from 1975
2019Summer183IllustrationCatherine “Bunny” JonesFawnFHJ Classic Content from 1975
2019Winter185Illustration/PoemJames JoyceAt that HourFHJ Classic Content from 1980
2019Summer183IllustrationAdam Victor ChristensenDolphinFHJ Classic Content from 1990
2019Summer183IllustrationSue RichardsMermaidFHJ Classic Content from 1998
2020Spring186IllustrationsCatherine "Bunny" JonesSpring Harp CreaturesFHJ Classic Content from September 1974 to June 1978.
1975June9ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonThomas Maddock's HarpsFiberglass Carbon Fiber Harps
2011Fall152ColumnJoanna MellCrunching The BunchesFiguring the fingerings
1991Fall74CoverphotoTherese Schroeder-ShekerFiling the Chalice of Repose
1991Fall74ArticleChris MohrTherese Schroeder-ShekerFiling the Chalice of Repose
2015Winter169ArticleSharon ThormahlenThe Path to MusicianshipFinding a Teacher
2009Winter145ColumnPat EisenbergerHarpers with HeartFinding the Gift in a Challenge
1990Fall70ArticleKeith HudsonGwenda Joan DaviesFinding Welshness down under
2008Summer139ArticleDeborah Henson-ConantDeborah Henson-ConantFine Tuning Performance
2004Summer124ColumnDave ThormahlenShop TalkFinish What you Started
2004Fall125ArticleDave ThormalenShop TalkFinishing Touches
2019Summer183CoverBeth A. StockdellPhoto of a Rees HarpsicleFiona dreams of flight
2018Summer179MusicTraditional/Judith Mostyn WhiteFørst den ene vejFirst One way, The Shoemaker's Dance
1984Dec.47ArticleLucile JenningsScottish Harp Activities in U.S.First Scottish Harp Course Held at Oberlin College
2003Spring119ArticleJoyce RiceDusty Strings' New StoreFirst Seattle Folk Harp Symposium
1974Sept.6MusicDonna HossackRondo for Group ImprovisationFive parts
1985June49ArticleKim RobertsonFor Better or for WorseFolk Harp for Weddings
1990Fall70ArticleNadine BunnStrings at Concert PitchFolk harp performance calendar for Fall
1991Spring72ArticleNadine BunnStrings at Concert PitchFolk harp performance calendar for Spring 1991
1991Fall74ArticleNadine BunnStrings at Concert PitchFolk harp performance calendar for Summer 1991
1991Summer73ArticleNadine BunnStrings at Concert PitchFolk harp performance calendar for Summer 1991
1990Winter71ArticleNadine BunnStrings at Concert PitchFolk harp performance calendar for Winter
1987Spring56CoverphotoDeWayne FultonFolk harper, pedal harper, performer and recording artist
1982Dec.39ArticleAnn HabermehlWelsh Heritage WeekFolk Harps Everywhere
1990Winter71ArticleBarbara HilaireThe saving of a buildingFolk Mote building moves
2016Fall172MusicAnne SullivanEtude No. 7For Finger Independence
2007Fall136-137MusicMcGraw and LunsfordStill, Still, StillFor Harp and Handbells
2013Summer159ArticleDiana RowanThree Ancient Harp TechniquesFor Today's Harpers
1980March28ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonSociety of Folk Harpers and CraftsmenForming the Society
1990Spring68CoverJim SteeleGai, Earth Mother harp by Glenn Hillforty-five string Oregon myrtlewood
1980Dec.31ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonThrough Erin's IsleFrom "The Lady of the House" August 1916
1980Dec.31ArticleKathleen ParksThe Irish HarpFrom "The Lady of the House" Christmas 1905
1980Dec.31ArticleEdith DavisThe HarpFrom "The Lady of the House" December 1912
1991Winter75MusicGareth FewelCalypso Dancefrom Dance suite for Harp, Op. 1
1978Dec.23MusicTraditional / Samuel O. PrattI love my LoveFrom Danses pour la Dauphine
1981Sept.34ArticleChristina Cooper TourinWhy Your Harp Costs More Than You HopedFrom one Harp Maker's Experience
1993Winter82ArticleTeed RockwellBarbara SansoneFrom publicist to full-time producer of Festival of harps
1991Spring72MusicRobert Schumann/Becky BrockTraumereifrom Scenes from Childhood
2019Fall184ArticleKatelyn BarryComposing for HarpFrom Start to Finish
1980Dec.31ArticleKathleen ParksThe Power of Musicfrom the "Irish Fairy Tales"
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1995Fall89CoverDebra KnodelBeth Sleepingpainting
2013Fall160CoverPhillip James de LoutherbourgThe Bardpainting 1840
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1989Fall66ArticleKaren R. MuellerInterview with Robin Huw BowenPart 2
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1982June37MusicTrabaciPartita Ottava per l'Arpa
1982June37MusicTrabaciPartite artificiose sopra il Tenor de ZefiroPartita Seconda per l'Arpa
1982June37MusicTrabaciPartita Undecima per l'Arpa
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1979March24MusicEmilio VieraSabaneto, AraguaPasaje Mirandino
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1988Fall62CoverJam session with Alfredo Rolando Ortiz at the 1988 ISFHC conferencephoto
1988Summer61CoverSteve MatyiFinale at the Scottish Harp Course student recitalphoto
1987Fall58CoverJack VartoogianAndreas Vollenweiderphoto
1986March52CoverRobbie and Phyllis Robinson at their shopphoto
1979Sept.26CoverWoman playing harpphoto
1979June25CoverPat O'RiordanTrinity College Harpphoto
1979March24CoverKirk KoornRafael Angel Aparicio. Harp of the Llanera regionphoto
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1986March52ArticleSyliva WoodsISFHC conferenceSouthern California
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1986Winter55ArticleJanie FreeburgA pilgramage to the shrine of musicVermillion, South Dakota
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2019Spring182MusicTraditional/Cheryl Ann FultonLlwyn-onn (The Ash Grove)Welsh
2019Spring182MusicTraditional/Cheryl Ann FultonCodiad yr Hedydd (The Rising of the Lark)Welsh
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1978Dec.23ArticleSalvi PublicationsOsian EllisWelsh Harpist
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92-93Win-Spr79MusicWilliam MahanThe Green Hills of Clare
92-93Win-Spr79MusicTraditional/Chris LindgrenLe Sommeil de l'Enfant Jesus
92-93Win-Spr79MusicTraditional/Susan ScottDormi Ahorra mismo
92-93Win-Spr79MusicTraditional/Sylvia FellowsWelsh Medley
92-93Win-Spr79MusicRavel/Susan ScottPavane for a dead princess
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2020Spring186MusicEyler CoatesHabanera Sueno
2020Spring186MusicTraditional/Erik Ark-UpmarkNow the Spring has come Again
2020Spring186MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartPitt in an Inche and Mair of It
2020Spring186MusicPachelbel/Angi BemissAngi's Tacobel in C
2020Spring186MusicLauren ScottSpring Carol
2020Spring186MusicTurid Lisbeth NygardShanon
2020Spring186MusicFarquharson/Bonnie ShaljeanFailte Chlarsaich
2020Spring186MusicCarolan/Bonnie ShaljeanCaptain O'Neill
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2019Winter185MusicFranklin Shepard/JoAnne D. JonesThis Is My Father's World
2019Winter185MusicTraditional/JoAnne D. JonesIll Est Ne le Divin Enfant
2019Winter185MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartPitt in an inche and mair of it
2019Winter185MusicGustov Holst/Angi BemissIn the Bleak Midwinter
2019Winter185MusicTraditional/Angi BemissWhat Child is this
2019Winter185MusicAdgar Pace/Fisher Boyce/Mary UmbergerBeautiful Star of Bethlehem
2019Winter185MusicTraditional/Bonnie ShaljeanThat Night in Bethlehem
2019Winter185MusicCarol KappusFirst Snow
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2019Summer183MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerRoad to Lisdoonvarna
2019Summer183MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartPolly, Air 67, Tweed Side
2019Summer183MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartTweed Side
2019Summer183MusicBarbra Bailey BradleyPleasant Ridge
2019Summer183MusicDouglas BeckOn the Airline
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2019Spring182ArticleDave ThormahlenThe Cuban Harp Adventure
2019Spring182ArticleCheryl Ann FultonWelsh Harp Music
2019Spring182MusicAiga HelmerLänder #14
2019Spring182MusicAlexandra CoursenAlexandra Loves Kevin
2019Spring182MusicSharon ThormahlenBuscando Ballena
2019Spring182MusicBarbra Bailey BradleyDaybreak
2019Spring182MusicJanet LanierLullaby No. 3, Kitten in the Yarn
2019WinterCoverBeth A. Stockdell, photoHarp by moonlight
2018Winter181CoverBeth A. StockdellHoliday Photo with crystal Harp
2018Winter181ColumnLaurie RileyPlaying Pain Free
2018Winter181ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2018Summer179ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2018Summer179ColumnDeette BunnThe Top Ten YouTube videos of the quarter
2018Summer179ArticleBeth KolleNordic Harp Meeting 2017
2018Summer179ArticleMargaret WarczakHarping around in a circle with harp circle Harp Amici
2018Summer179ArticleBeth A. StockdellClassic content on chromatic harps
2018Summer179MusicPamela BrunerMidsummer Meadow
2018Summer179MusicMartha GallagherBlueberrying
2018Summer179MusicCarol KappusSummer Dreamin'
2018Summer179MusicSuzanne ShieldsShimmering Sands
2018Summer179MusicJanet LanierLullaby No. 1—Pleasant Dreams
2018Summer179MusicChristina CotruvoFairy Dance
2018Summer179MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerThe Trees They Do Grow High
2018Summer179MusicLouise Kohler/Elizabeth PaineThe Chromatic Polka
2018Summer179MusicB. WayneThe Harper's Song
2018Spring178CoverJacob NelsonPhoto: Galaxy Harp by Cheyene Nelson
2018Spring178ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2018Spring178ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2018Spring178ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2018Spring178ColumnBeth A. StockdellThe Top Ten YouTube videos of the quarter
2018Spring178IllustrationmiscNeedlework & Quote
2018Spring178ArticleFrank VoltzInspired Composing in Canada
2018Spring178ArticleAnne Crosby GaudetThe Path to Music Discoveries
2018Spring178ArticleAibhlín McCrannCelebrating National Harp Day with Ireland’s Harpers
2018Spring178ArticleShirley AllottBuilding a Dream
2018Spring178ArticlePhilipp BarskyA Sound Quest
2018Spring178MusicTraditional/Angelica OttewillRossignolet Du Bois Joli
2018Spring178MusicPamela BrunerGrace
2018Spring178MusicJanice KleinListen, Sweet Dove
2018Spring178MusicTraditional/Chris NeigburgerMay-Day Garland
2018Spring178MusicMartha GallagherWalking in My Dad’s Socks
2018Spring178MusicFrnak VoltzNeapolitan Sunday
2018Spring178MusicAnne Crosby GaudetBlueberry Acres
2018Spring178MusicAnne Crosby GaudetBelle Baie
2017Winter177CoverBeth A. StockdellPhoto: Imagine rock with metal harp
2017Winter177ColumnCarol KappusPlugged In!
2017Winter177ColumnJacob NelsonWhat Parents do for their children
2017Winter177ColumnKathy DeAngeloThe Harp Tour of Ireland
2017Winter177ColumnDavid TrappAppreciate the Solitary Note
2017Winter177ColumnJan CampellMedley Magic
2017Winter177MusicJune CaldwellAll Shall Be Well
2017Winter177MusicPaula SmithDona Nobis Pacem (Give us Peace)
2017Winter177MusicEric KitchensJacob's Dream
2017Winter177MusicSuzanne ShieldsOdie's opus
2017Winter177MusicTraditional/Barbra Bailey BradlyWonderous Love
2017Winter177MusicCarol KappusCalanais
2017Winter177MusicAnne Crosby GaudetAll is Calm
2017Winter177MusicChristina CotruvoBrides
2017Winter177MusicJoanna MellIonian Meditation
2017Fall176CoverBeth A. StockdellPhoto: Fall Leaves with Harp
2017Fall176ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2017Fall176ColumnJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping 2017
2017Fall176ColumnPatrice FisherPlaying the Blues on your Harp
2017Fall176ColumnLouise TrotterWords of Wisdom from a Seasoned Harp Player
2017Fall176MusicDouglas BeckCeilia's Tune
2017Fall176MusicCarol KappusEventide
2017Fall176MusicBeth KolleSnow Hawk
2017Fall176MusicTraditional/Patrice FisherJoe Avery’s Blues/New Orleans Second Line
2017Fall176MusicSpencer Williams/Patrice FisherShipwrecked Blues
2017Summer175CoverShirley TrinkwonHarpshadow photo of Tomnverie stones, Scotland
2017Summer175ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2017Summer175ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2017Summer175ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2017Summer175ColumnBeth A. StockdellEditor's Letter
2017Summer175ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2017Summer175MusicBrenda Bowen CoxThe Troll in the Attic
2017Summer175MusicBrenda Bowen CoxMemoriest of Buddy
2017Summer175MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsWill the Circle be Unbroken
2017Summer175MusicThomas Morley/Barbra Bailey BradleyMy Bonny lass
2017Summer175MusicTraditional/Christina CotruvoBanish Misfortune
2017Summer175MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartBonny Portmore
2017Summer175MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerMy song in the night
2017Spring174ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2017Spring174ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2017Spring174ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2017Spring174ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's Letter
2017Spring174ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2017Spring174ArticleBonnie ShaljeanThe Minstrel’s Journey Revisited
2017Spring174ArticleDenise Grupp-VerbonTherapy Lyre Certification Course in China
2017Spring174ArticlePatrice FisherThe Guatemalan Harp Teaching Project
2017Spring174ArticleMegan Sesma, Ginna ParedesMore from the Guatemalan Harp Teaching Project
2017Spring174ArticleLies JoostenThe Honduran Harp Teaching Project
2017Spring174ArticleCatherine “Bunny” JonesClassic Illustrations
2017Spring174MusicMay Sarson/Janice KleinCalling Me Back Home
2017Spring174MusicCynthia ArtishAngry Birdz
2017Spring174MusicTraditional/Bonnie ShaljeanRhyland Marsh
2017Spring174MusicHilary de Vries/Bill TaylorIsobel Anderson
2017Spring174MusicPatrice FisherTrovajazz
2017Spring174MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartFailte Na Miosg
2017Spring174MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerLet No Man Steal Your Thyme
2016Winter173CoverBeth A. StockdellThormahlen harp in the forest
2016Winter173ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2016Winter173ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2016Winter173ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2016Winter173ColumnBeth A. StockdellEditor's Letter
2016Winter173ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2016Winter173ArticleAngi BemissOn Tablets & Technology
2016Winter173ArticleKathy DeAngeloThe Final Harpers’ Escape
2016Winter173ArticleBarbara CookHow to Tune a Small Harp
2016Winter173ArticleErity GambleHoliday Illustration
2016Winter173ArticleDiana RowenVirtual Harp Summit
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerThe Blessings of Mary
2016Winter173MusicDiana StorkInvocation to the Animals
2016Winter173MusicDiana StorkJump Like a Rabbit
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartDoun Tweedside
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Alexandra CoursenChristmas Carol Medley
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Anita Clark JaynesSevivon (Dreidel Spin, Spin, Spin)
2016Winter173MusicFranz Gruber/Carol KappusSilent Night
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Mona Terry and Jean NortonI Wonder as I Wonder
2016Winter173MusicCarol WoodThe Holly King
2016Winter173MusicTraditional/Aiga HelmerWinternacht (Winter Night)
2016Fall172CoverFrancesco Simone SaviFall Harp in Vermont
2016Fall172ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2016Fall172ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2016Fall172ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2016Fall172ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2016Fall172ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping 2016
2016Fall172ArticleKaren MamelSasha's Solace
2016Fall172ArticleJerry BrownNaming Rights and Wrongs
2016Fall172ArticleRoJean LoucksSunrise by the Sea
2016Fall172ArticleDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Notation
2016Fall172MusicTurlough O'Carolan/Alexandra CoursenMr. O'Connor
2016Fall172MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartEiry na Greany—Sunrise
2016Fall172MusicJanet LanierSing a Magic Song for Harp Duet
2016Fall172MusicTraditional/RoJean LoucksShalom Chaverim
2016Fall172MusicSharon ThormahlenAT-etude
2016Fall172MusicKaren MamelSasha's Solace
2016Fall172MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerDorset Reel/Jamaica
2016Fall172MusicAiga HelmerSolstice
2016Fall172MusicTraditional/Makoto VarvelSakura
2016Summer171CoverBeth A. StockdellPink Harpsicle Harp in Peonies
2016Summer171ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2016Summer171ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2016Summer171ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2016Summer171ArticleBonnie ShaljeanThe Minstrel’s Last Journey
2016Summer171ArticleRoland L. RobinsonThe Harp Family Tree
2016Summer171ArticleChristina CotruvoHarp-Abilities
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerBonny at Morn
2016Summer171MusicSharon ThormahlenSouthwind
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Carol KappusLast Rose of Summer
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Bonnie ShaljeanKenmure’s On and Awa’
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Christina CotruvoAmazing Grace
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Kathi BlaineSister Jean
2016Summer171MusicTraditional/Aiga HelmerMartin
2016Spring170CoverBeth A. StockdellWaterford Crystal Harp in sand and clouds.
2016Spring170ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2016Spring170ColumnMartha GallagherCD Review
2016Spring170ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2016Spring170ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2016Spring170ArticleDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Notation
2016Spring170MusicThalia CokkinosThe Doorway of Spring
2016Spring170MusicAndy Stewart/Carol KappusThe Valley of Strathmore
2016Spring170MusicTraditional/Karen HarmsStricken, Smitten & Afflicted
2016Spring170MusicSir Charles Villers Stanford/Kathi BlaineMy Love's an Arbutus
2016Spring170MusicTraditional/Christina CotruvoThe Coming of Spring
2016Spring170MusicCynthia ArtishThe Age to Come
2016Spring170MusicBarbra Bailey BradleyThe Old Country: Looking Back
2016Spring170MusicWalter Kittredge/Treva WestfallTenting Tonight
2016Spring170MusicAiga HelmerNocturne #2
2016Spring170MusicTraditional/Aiga HelmerNachtigall (Nightingale)
2015Winter169CoverBeth A. StockdellThormahlen Harp dressed for the holidays.
2015Winter169ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We Age
2015Winter169ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2015Winter169ColumnMartha GallagherRecording: Part 2
2015Winter169ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2015Winter169ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2015Winter169ArticlePeter MacaulayBorrowing Bagpipe Tunes for Harp
2015Winter169ArticleCarol KappusWords of Wisdom from Carol’s Music Stand
2015Winter169ArticleBeth KollePerformance Goals: Perfection or Gift?
2015Winter169ArticleTerri TachenyEnriching Melodies
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Alice FreemanNoel
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerGyn Ennym (Apple Tree Wassail)
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Janet LanierKling, Glockchen (Ring, Little Bell)
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerNow a New Year Opens/I Saw Three Ships
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Mary UmbargerIn Bethlehem’s Cradle
2015Winter169MusicAdolphe Adam/J.D. JonesO Holy Night
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Chris NeiburgerThe Night is Past and Gone
2015Winter169MusicTraditional/Joan ReidI Wonder as I Wander
2015Fall168CoverBeth A. StockdellHarpsicle in Aspen Trees
2015Fall168ColumnLaurie RileyHarping as We Age
2015Fall168ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2015Fall168ColumnMartha GallagherRecording: Part 1
2015Fall168ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2015Fall168ArticleFHJHarp Happenings
2015Fall168ArticleSharon ThormahlenThe Path to Musicianship
2015Fall168ArticleLaurence Furr, Ph.D.A Wedding in ICU
2015Fall168ArticlePatricia D. Lambert, Ph.D.The Folk Harp in Healthcare
2015Fall168MusicCarolan/Bonnie ShaljeanCharles O’Conor
2015Fall168MusicCarolan/Bonnie ShaljeanLament for Charles MacCabe
2015Fall168MusicTraditional/Carol KappusDanny Boy—Jazzy Version
2015Fall168MusicCarolyn BameSummer Afternoon
2015Fall168MusicTraditional/Carol KappusSìne Bhàn (Fair Jean)
2015Fall168MusicSharon ThormahlenHalona’s Waltz
2015Fall168MusicDavid James TrappPenny Ante Jig
2015Fall168MusicCarolyn BameTenderness
2015Fall168MusicRoJean LoucksPeter’s Delight
2015Fall168MusicBrenda Bowen CoxHalf Moon Sky
2015Fall168MusicJo MorrisonGannet’s Journey Across the Sea
2015Fall168MusicWilliam Doane/Treva WestfallNear the Cross
2015Summer167CoverBeth A. StockdellRose and pendant designed by Luz Marina Ortiz
2015Summer167ColumnLaurie RileyQuick Fixes For Common Challenges
2015Summer167ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2015Summer167ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2015Summer167ColumnFHJHarps on Location
2015Summer167ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's Letter
2015Summer167ArticleLoren PankratzMysterious Harps
2015Summer167MusicHeung Roel Lee /Judith Mostyn WhiteIsland Baby
2015Summer167MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerHarpThe World Turned Upside Down/Over the Hills
2015Summer167MusicTurlough O'Carolan / Alexandra CoursenFairy Queen
2015Summer167MusicRobert Burns / Christina CotruvoYe Banks and Braes
2015Summer167MusicBarbra Bailey BradleySonata for Harp 2006, Peace
2015Summer167MusicHilary de Vries / Bill TaylorLuce Bay
2015Summer167MusicTraditional / Bonnie ShaljeanParting of Friends
2015Summer167MusicTraditional / HelmerMany Joys Brings Summertime
2015Spring166CoverChristie Wareham-NorfolkSunset, Pilgrim Harps Clarsach, Osprey Bay, Australia
2015Spring166ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's Letter
2015Spring166ColumnBeth A. StockdellEditor's Letter
2015Spring166ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2015Spring166ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2015Spring166ColumnAnna BoserBrian Boru Millennium Festival
2015Spring166ArticleLaurel WongThe Faroe Islands
2015Spring166ArticleBiagio SancettaA Folding Lap Harp Stand
2015Spring166MemorialFHJStella Benson
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerHer Mantle So Green
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksBe Thou My Vision
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Water is Wide
2015Spring166MusicBill Staines / Anna Thormahlen JenkinsWhen I Hear the Music Play
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / Joan ReidDanny Boy
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / Jo MorrisonLand of the Trees
2015Spring166MusicAlexandra CoursenMichael Thomas Jones
2015Spring166MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyChester Variations
2014Winter165CoverRachel HolcombHoliday harp
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2014Winter165ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's Letter
2014Winter165ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2014Winter165ArticleMartha GallagherOrphan's Odyssy, Part II
2014Winter165Music?? / Joan ReidMary Did You Know?
2014Winter165MusicAiga HelmerContredance
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksO Come, O Come, Emmanuel
2014Winter165MusicG.F. Handel / Barbra Bailey BradleyHallelujah Chorus
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerCornish Wassail
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / Carol KappusAn Ataireachd Ard
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / Carol KappusAnnie Laurie
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / Cynthia CathcartFinlay is His Father's Darling
2014Winter165MusicTraditional / Charles E. PeeryThat Night in Bethlehem
2014Winter165MusicO'Cathain / BauckhamTabhair Dom Do Làmh
2014Winter165MusicChristina TourinLittle Dove
2014Fall164CoverBeth A. StockdellOregon Beach, Triplet Zephyr
2014Fall164ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2014Fall164ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2014Fall164ColumnDave KolacnyPresident's Letter
2014Fall164ColumnFHJISFHC Board Election Candidates
2014Fall164ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2014Fall164ArticleMartha GallagherOrphan's Odyssy
2014Fall164ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping
2014Fall164MusicG. McIntosh / H. FlinnLullaby for You
2014Fall164MusicPietro Yon / J.D. JonesGesu Bambino
2014Fall164MusicBarbra Bailey BradleyLament
2014Fall164MusicPsalm 23 / J.D. JonesPleasant Pastures
2014Fall164MusicTraditional / Joanne GriffinEarly One Morning
2014Fall164MusicTraditional / Alyssa ReitSulla Lulla
2014Fall164MusicJanet LanierThrough the Spirit Garden Wall
2014Fall164MusicTraditional / Carol KappusAn Cluinn Thu Mi Mo
2014Fall164MusicTraditional / Jo MorrisonA' Giulan a' Ghunna
2014Fall164MusicDeborah OhlgrenGentle Breeze
2014Fall164MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Magpie
2014Fall164MusicGeorge F. Root / Cynthia ShelhartShining Shore
2014Fall164MusicDeborah OhlgrenEvening Stroll
2014Summer163CoverSharon Thormahlen
2014Summer163ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2014Summer163ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2014Summer163ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2014Summer163ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2014Summer163MemorialFHJRonald Dewey Price
2014Summer163MusicCarolan / Joanna MellBlind Mary
2014Summer163MusicRoJean LoucksSmoky River Salsa
2014Summer163MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerFarewell, Nancy
2014Summer163MusicTraditional / Verlene SchermerStar of County Down
2014Summer163MusicTraditianal / Sue RichardsSgt. Early's Dream
2014Summer163MusicTraditional / Miranda RenbergerCastle Kelly
2014Summer163MusicTraditional / John McCreeryCaptain O'Kaine "The American Star"
2014Summer163MusicJohn McCreeryThe American Star
2014Summer163MusicMona TerryNever Alone
2014Summer163MusicRoJean LoucksRainy Morn
2014Summer163MusicJanet LanierFlight of the Mountain Blue Bird
2014Summer163MusicTraditional SwahiliMaua Mazuri (Beautiful Flowers)
2014Summer163MusicJ.S. Bach / Joanna MellSheep May Safely Graze
2014Spring162CoverPat Eisenberger
2014Spring162ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2014Spring162ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2014Spring162ColumnFHJHarp Photo Contest Results
2014Spring162ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2014Spring162ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Joseph StaudtArran Boat Song
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Norris FreedDanny Boy
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Pearl of the Yellow Road
2014Spring162MusicStephanie Georgina LineyTo the Mackerel
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Selena MarkleyHow Firm a Foundation
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Karen PoulakosEinini
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Ellen TepperMoran's Return
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Anna Thormahlen JenkinsThe Parting Glass
2014Spring162MusicSuo Gan / Charles PeeryWelsh Lullaby
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Charles PeeryO waly, waly
2014Spring162MusicTraditional ScottishThe Land of Red Deer and Salmon - Original
2014Spring162MusicTraditional ScottishThe Land of Red Deer and Salmon - Edited
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Cynthia ShelhartFar Frae Hame (Far From Home)
2014Spring162MusicRobert Lowry / Eleanor HolsoppleI Need Thee Every Hour
2014Spring162MusicDavid James TrappPoor Widow's Planxty
2014Spring162MusicVictoria Riley LidmarkNative Wind Song
2014Spring162MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyCome, Come, Ye Saints
2014Spring162RecipeFHJIrish Soda Bread
2013Winter161ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2013Winter161ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2013Winter161ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2013Winter161ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2013Winter161ArticleMartha GallagherHave Harp Will Travel
2013Winter161ArticleLori PappajohnWinter Harp
2013Winter161MemorialFrank VoltzSteve Duane Green
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerCradle Hymn
2013Winter161MusicJ.S. Bach / Josh LayneJesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Aiga HelmerShepherd Song
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Judith Mostyn WhiteJayamangala Gatha
2013Winter161MusicVivaldi / C. MarshallLa Primavera (Spring)
2013Winter161MusicHoagy Carmichael / Barbra Bailey BradleyHeart and Soul Variations
2013Winter161MusicMona TerryAdoration
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerUist Cattle Croon
2013Winter161MusicAllen G. DecMaddalena
2013Winter161MusicHandel / Emily BreckerJoy to the World
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerTwisting the Hayrope
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerGive Good Gifts
2013Winter161MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsI Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger
2013Winter161MusicChristina TourinLittle Dove
2013Fall160ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2013Fall160ColumnMartha GallagherCD Reviews
2013Fall160ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2013Fall160ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2013Fall160ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping
2013Fall160ArticleCarolyn AncellHome is Where the Harp Is
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Cynthia ShelhartWhen Christ Was Born
2013Fall160MusicJ. R. Pierpont / Barbra Bailey BradleyJingle Bells
2013Fall160MusicDiana StorkFrodo's Waltz
2013Fall160MusicMykola Leontovych / Joseph StaudtCarol of the Bells
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyHuron Carol
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Rosebud in June
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerOiche Nollag (Christmas Eve)
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsBrightest and Best
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Andrea SchaferLull-a-bye Little Jesus
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Christina CotruvoVeselje Ti Navjescujem ( I Preach Joy to You)
2013Fall160MusicTurlough O'Carolan / Joanna B. CookLady Gethin (No. 51)
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Janie TaylorÉinini (Little Birds)
2013Fall160MusicTraditional / Aiga HelmerDat du min Leevsten bist (You are my Beloved)
2013Fall160MusicJoanna MellLocrian Lament
2013Summer159CoverPeggy Mangan
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2013Summer159ArticleJoanna MellDid You SLIP Today?
2013Summer159MemorialFHJGrainne Yeats
2013Summer159MusicAnna DunwoodieBrandywine River
2013Summer159MusicTraditional / Janie TaylorShenandoah
2013Summer159MusicJohann Pachelbel / Barbra Bailey BradleyPachelbel Canon
2013Summer159MusicVincent Broderick / Sue RichardsThe Haunted House
2013Summer159MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerCotton Eyed Joe/Polly Wolly Doodle
2013Summer159MusicNiel Gow / Janie TaylorFarewell to Whiskey
2013Summer159MusicStephen Foster / Barbra Bailey BradleyOh Susanna
2013Summer159MusicTurlough O’Carolan / Allen G. DecMiss Crofton
2013Summer159MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Jamestown Homeward Bound
2013Summer159MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksJesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
2013Summer159MusicDavid James TrappTwo Pennies Go A-Wandering
2013Summer159MusicJacqui McCarthy / Alex CoursenSparrow Waltz
2013Summer159MusicDaniel Towner / Treva WestfallTrust and Obey
2013Summer159MusicTurlough O’Carolan / Cynthia CathcartFanny Power
2013Summer159MusicJoanna MellLydian Lilt
2013Spring158ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2013Spring158ColumnBrook BoddieCD Reviews
2013Spring158ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2013Spring158ArticleElizabeth CuppFinding My Chromatic Harp
2013Spring158ArticlePeggy CoatsApps for Harpers
2013Spring158MusicPhilip Bliss / RoJean LoucksIt is Well With My Soul
2013Spring158MusicLinda LarkinInvitation: Revelations 3:20
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerServing Girl's Holiday
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerBushes and Briars / The Bold Grenadier
2013Spring158MusicMartha GallagherOne String on the Harp
2013Spring158MusicStephanie Georgina LineyTo the Mackerel
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerI Will Bow and Be Simple
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerBlow the Candles Out
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerTakin' Names
2013Spring158MusicBeth KolleSheba's Bellybutton
2013Spring158MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerGloomy Winter's Now Away
2013Spring158MusicMartha GallagherSunday Morning in Wales
2013Spring158MusicJoanna MellPhrygian Reverie
2012Winter157ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
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2012Winter157MemorialLaurie NielsenMark Emery Bolles
2012Winter157MusicFrancisco Tarrega / Eleanor SolsoppleLágrima
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Joanne GriffinThe Angels and the Shepherds
2012Winter157MusicNeil Gow / Julia LaneNew Christmass
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Norris FreedLo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyGreensleeves
2012Winter157MusicTiffany Shaw-DiazMeditation in C minor
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksI Saw Three Ships
2012Winter157MusicLinda LarkinQuietude
2012Winter157MusicFranz Xaver Gruber / Joanne GriffinSilent Night
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Sharon ThormahlenChristmas Medley: O Christmas Tree and We Wish you a Merry Christmas
2012Winter157MusicRichard Storrs Willis / Janie TaylorIt Came Upon a Midnight Clear
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Janie TaylorBring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksAngels We Have Heard on High
2012Winter157MusicTraditional / Mary UmbargerHeaven's Young Son, Slumber
2012Winter157MusicJoanna MellMixolydian Lullaby
2012Fall156ColumnLaurie RileyQuick Fixes For Common Challenges
2012Fall156ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
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2012Fall156ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2012Fall156ColumnFHJHarp Happenings
2012Fall156ArticleBarbara Ann FacklerDIY Harp Raincoat
2012Fall156ArticleStar EdwardsTwo Handed Tips
2012Fall156ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping
2012Fall156MusicDance / Therese HoneyGoddesses
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerWe Gather Together
2012Fall156MusicFrancisco Tarrega / Eleanor HolsoppleLagrima
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Alice FreemanCutty Wren
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Barbara Ann FacklerHymn to Saint Nicholas
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Janie TaylorThe Snow Lay on the Ground
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Jo MorrisonThe Holly Bears a Berry
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyGo Tell It on the Mountain
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksNun Ist Sie Ersheinen
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Christina CotruvoSpavag, Spavag Djeticu (Sleep, Sleep My Child)
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Sunita StaneslowAl Nahorot Bavel (On the Rivers of Babylon)
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Beth KolleNow Are Lit a Thousand Candles
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Cynthia CathcartA Port
2012Fall156MusicTraditional / Cynthia CathcartRory Dall’s Sister’s Lament (Cumh Peathar Ruari)
2012Fall156MusicShannon SchumannSeven Falls
2012Fall156MusicJoanna MellDorian Dance
2012Fall156MusicMartha GallagherBlue Table Blues
2012Fall156MusicDiego Fernandez de Huete / Cindy SchaufenbuelRuede la Bola
2012Fall156MusicDiego Fernandez de Huete / Cindy SchaufenbuelTriste de Xorxe
2012Fall156MusicJoanna MellMixolydian Lullaby
2012Summer155ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2012Summer155ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2012Summer155ColumnBrook BoddieCD Reviews
2012Summer155ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2012Summer155ArticleMark FeilCopyright not Copywrong
2012Summer155ArticleKaren Poulakos and Trina IurilliHarping in the Dark
2012Summer155ArticleCheyenne BrownWhere Did Today's Scottish Harps Come From? Part III
2012Summer155ArticleLaurie RileySelf Promotion
2012Summer155ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping
2012Summer155MusicTraditional / Kathy DeAngeloSamhradh, Samhradh (Summer, Summer)
2012Summer155MusicBarbra Bailey BradleyNostalgia
2012Summer155MusicStephen Foster / Barbra Bailey BradleyOh Susanna
2012Summer155MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Turtle Dove
2012Summer155MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerThe Snows They Melt the Soonest
2012Summer155MusicAiga HelmerHarp Waltz No. 1
2012Summer155MusicEric KitchenJacob's Dream
2012Summer155MusicSharon ThormahlenSweeten Creek
2012Summer155MusicTiffany Shaw-DiazCeltic Spring
2012Summer155MusicTraditional / Chris NeiburgerPretty Saro
2012Summer155MusicTiffany Shaw-DiazSuite of Four Petites Chansons, Op. 2
2012Summer155MusicSharone StevensonFairy Footprints
2012Summer155MusicTraditional / Cynthia CathcartLimbrick's Lamentation
2012Spring154ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2012Spring154ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2012Spring154ColumnBrook BoddieCD Reviews
2012Spring154ColumnDavid KolacnyPresident's Letter
2012Spring154ArticleJudy Lemcool GoodrichHARPfest 2011
2012Spring154ArticleMike ConnorsFolk Harps in Public Schools
2012Spring154ArticleCheyenne BrownWhere Did Today's Scottish Harps Come From? Part II
2012Spring154ArticleSunita Staneslow2011 Israeli Harp Festival
2012Spring154ArticleJoanna MellRandom Acts of Harping
2012Spring154MusicCharles William Glover / Joanna MellThe Rose of Tralee
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Barbara Ann FacklerThe Liberty Ball
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksMeadowlark
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Kathy DeAngeloBuachaill on Eirne (Boy from Ireland)
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Joanna MellThe Minstrel Boy
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyThe Ants Go Marching
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Shannon SchumannReturn to Fingal
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Barbara EvensonBonaparte Crossing the Rhine
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Beth KolleHuldrevals
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksThe Rights of Man
2012Spring154MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyEency Weency Spider
2011Winter153ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2011Winter153ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
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2011Winter153ColumnDave WoodworthPresident's Letter
2011Winter153ArticlePat EisenbergerThe Harp Gathering
2011Winter153ArticleLori Pappajohn2011 World Harp Congress
2011Winter153ArticleCheyenne BrownWhere Did Today's Scottish Harps Come From? Part I
2011Winter153ArticleMartha GallagherMusic in the House
2011Winter153ArticleNancy SaundersPractice Practice Practice
2011Winter153ArticleHarper TascheDeveloping an Inclusive Teaching Philosophy
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Barbara Ann FacklerHymn to Saint Nicholas
2011Winter153MusicJohn Henry Hokins, Jr. / Barbra Bailey BradleyFantasy on We Three Kings
2011Winter153MusicBarbara Ann FacklerSketch Nr. 1
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Janet LanierWe Wish You a Merry Christmas
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Anna Thormahlen JenkinsAway in a Manger
2011Winter153MusicBarbara Ann FacklerLever Shifting Etude
2011Winter153MusicFelix Mendelssohn / Janet LanierHark! The Herald Angels Sing
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Verlene SchemerDevil's Dream
2011Winter153MusicRoJean LoucksSnowfall
2011Winter153MusicEmile Waldteufel / Sarah Deere-JonesThe Skaters' Waltz
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Janet LanierGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
2011Winter153MusicTraditional / Barbara Ann FacklerMos Craciun
2011Fall152CoverDiane CarterColorful Levers
2011Fall152ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2011Fall152ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2011Fall152ColumnBrook BoddieCD Reviews
2011Fall152ColumnDave WoodworthPresident's Letter
2011Fall152ColumnFHJISFHC Board Candidates
2011Fall152ArticleStar EdwardsNew Therapies to help the Mind/Body Connection
2011Fall152ArticleDiane CarterA Colorful Approach to Lever Changes
2011Fall152ArticleLouise TrotterMy Italian Surprise
2011Fall152ArticleJohn MetrasPlaying The Cross Strung Harp
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsThe Donkey's Carol
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsThe Friendly Beasts
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Kathy Millé WimmerShepherds Arise
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Verlene SchermerEl Noi de la Mare
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksChrist Child Lullaby
2011Fall152MusicJames Pierpoint / Fran McGaugheyJingle Bells
2011Fall152MusicPietro Yon / Mary Ellen FitzgeraldGesu Bambino
2011Fall152MusicFran McGaugheyUp On The Housetop
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Cynthia CathcartBrian Boru's March
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Anna Thormahlen JenkinsO' Come, All Ye Faithful
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Jo MorrisonAngelus ad Virginem
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyGreensleeves
2011Fall152MusicGustav Holst / RoJean LoucksIn The Bleak Midwinter
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Ray PoolThe Huron Carol
2011Fall152MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsStille, Stille, Stille
2011Summer151ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2011Summer151ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
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2011Summer151ColumnFHJA Note From The Board
2011Summer151ArticleCarolyn DealInterview With Frank Voltz
2011Summer151ArticleCarolyn DealGetting the Most Out of a Harp Conference
2011Summer151ArticleHarper TascheA Brief History of the North American Cross-strung Harp
2011Summer151ArticleCarolyn Hinds, Joanna CookWhat to Do at a Harp Circle
2011Summer151MusicFranz Schubert / M. NelsonAve Maria
2011Summer151MusicTraditional / Judith Mostyn WhiteThere Were Three Ravens
2011Summer151MusicJoanna MellPlanxty Cindee Walklet
2011Summer151MusicCindy Kleinstuber BlevinsDominoes
2011Summer151MusicJulia McDonnell / Cynthia CathcartA Lament For Her Husband and Child
2011Summer151MusicAiga HelmerMy Delight
2011Summer151MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksLet All Things Now Living
2011Summer151MusicTraditional / RoJean LoucksThis Is My Father's World
2011Summer151MusicPamela BrunerMidsummer Meadow
2011Summer151MusicTraditional / Sue RichardsLes Souveniers et Les Regrets
2011Spring150ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2011Spring150ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2011Spring150ColumnDave WoodworthPresident's Letter
2011Spring150ArticleVerlene SchermerHow To Play D Blues
2011Spring150ArticleLaurie RileyA Brief History of the Harp
2011Spring150ArticleJoanna MellWonderful Warm-Ups
2011Spring150ArticleFHJWhat the Heck is It?
2011Spring150ArticleBarbra Bailey BradleyNews and Events
2011Spring150ArticleCarolyn DealMore News and Events
2011Spring150ArticleDavid KolacnyInside our Harps
2011Spring150ArticleStan GuyWhat String Is It?
2011Spring150MusicJ. B. Urey / Sharon ThormahlenAsia Minor
2011Spring150MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyKillarney
2011Spring150MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyThe Kerry Dance
2011Spring150MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyMcNamara's Band
2011Spring150MusicJoanna MellCasey's Jig
2011Spring150MusicJoanna MellMaggie's Butterfly
2011Spring150MusicTraditional / Barbra Bailey BradleyThe Ash Grove
2011Spring150MusicJoanna MellThe Heather Lies Sweet on the Hill
2011Spring150PoemLinda LarkinThe Meeting
2011Spring150RecipeCheryl WalshGuinness Beef Stew
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2010Winter149Covernot creditedAnnaLee Foster
2010Winter149ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason?
2010Winter149ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonSheet Music Reviews
2010Winter149ColumnDave WoodworthPresident's Letter
2010Winter149ArticleRobin FreedPlaying Well With Others
2010Winter149ArticleBarbra Bailey BradleyHarp Strings for Children’s Wings
2010Winter149ArticleVerlene SchermerHarper’s Hall at Christmas
2010Winter149MusicSharon ThormahlenHere Comes Santa Claus
2010Winter149MusicTraditional / N. FreedAngels We Have Heard on
2010Winter149MusicTraditional / Joanna MellNoel Nouvelet
2010Winter149MusicJames MosherFairy Danse
2010Winter149MusicTraditional / Verlene SchermerDing Dong Merrily on High
2010Winter149MusicTraditional / Joanna MellDing Dong Merrily on High
2010Winter149MusicGeorge R. Poulton, W.W. Fosdick / Barbara Ann FacklerAura Lee (Love Me Tender)
2010Winter149MusicJ.R. Pierpont / Barbara Bailey BradleyJingle Bells
2010Winter149MusicJohn Henry Hopkins, Jr. / Barbara Bailey BradleyFantasy on We Three Kings
2010Fall148CoverMichael Grupp VerbonRobin Laporte at the Harp Gathering 2010
2010Fall148ColumnRhett BarnwellBook Reviews/Print Music Reviews
2010Fall148ArticlePat EisenbergerReturning to the Harp Gathering
2010Fall148ArticleMarta CookHarp Tips
2010Fall148ArticleJerry BrownInstalling Monofilament Nylon Strings
2010Fall148ArticleSharon ThormahlenString Tying
2010Fall148ArticleBonnie LeighThe Small Harp, Up Close
2010Fall148ArticleSomerset FolkHarp FestSomerset Folk Harp Festival
2010Summer147Covernot creditedHeartland Harps carbon fiber harp
2010Summer147ColumnDan LandrumEditor's Note
2010Summer147ColumnCynthia CathcartRinging Strings
2010Summer147ColumnRhett BarnwellNew CD Review
2010Summer147ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonPrint Music Review
2010Summer147ArticleCarolyn DealInterview: Frank Voltz
2010Summer147ArticleRichard HannaInterview: Mary O'Hara
2010Summer147ArticleDave WoodworthBuilding with Carbon Fiber
2010Summer147ArticleSharon ThormahlenA Story of Learning and Teaching
2010Summer147ArticleHarper TascheProtecting Your Investment
2010Summer147MusicCynthia CathcartOssianic Air
2010Summer147MusicTraditional/Joyce PlankThe Reaper's Branch
2010Summer147MusicMacDonald/Brenda Bowen CoxThe Bridgeport Reel
2010Summer147MusicJanet Lanier/Sue FacklerSummer Lullaby
2010Spring146CoverKaren McKibbenElephant Trunk Hill
2010Spring146ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2010Spring146ColumnDave WoodworthPresident's Corner
2010Spring146ColumnRhett BarnwellCD Reviews
2010Spring146ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonPrint Music Review
2010Spring146ArticleCarolyn DealInterview: Nancy Bick-Clark
2010Spring146ArticleJoyce Hughes and Karen McKibbenThe Harp on Elephant Hill
2010Spring146MusicTraditional/Louise TrotterDown by the Riverside
2010Spring146MusicJay Ungar, Molly Mason/Sharon ThormahlenThe Lover's Waltz
2010Spring146MusicTradional/John MetrasJoshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
2010Spring146MusicTurlough O'Carolan/Sue RichardsLady Atheny
2010Spring146MusicGeo Fuhrmann/Therese HoneyTanz
2009Winter145CoverAl Torres PhotographyTerese Honey
2009Winter145ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2009Winter145ColumnRhett BarnwellCD Reviews
2009Winter145ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Book Review
2009Winter145ArticleDr Alfredo ColemanThe Paraguayan Diatonic Harp
2009Winter145MusicTraditional/Paula VanceI Wonder as I Wander
2009Winter145MusicTraditional/Joanna MellOf the Father's Love Begotten
2009Winter145MusicGruber/Verlene SchermerSilent Night
2009Fall144CoverBridget MarlinPainting of Mary O'Hara
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2009Fall144ColumnJeannie Kern ChenetteHarpers with Heart
2009Fall144ArticleMartha GallagherMake Room for MIDI
2009Fall144ArticleAlexis HaightA Student's Report on the Houston Babtist University Summer Harp Festival
2009Fall144ArticlePat EisenbergerReport from the 2009 Harp Gathering
2009Fall144ArticleElizabeth A PaineTuning Bootcamp
2009Fall144MusicW MahanThe Wide Missouri
2009Fall144MusicTraditional/ R PassmoreMorfa'r Frenhines
2009Fall144MusicTrad Irish/ Judith Mostyn WhiteSioban ni Laoghaire
2009Summer143CoverMichael G StewartCynthia Cathcart plays a Clarsach or wire strung harp
2009Summer143ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2009Summer143ColumnDave WoodworthFrom the President
2009Summer143ColumnRhett BarnwellCD Reviews
2009Summer143ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2009Summer143ArticleI. Mac PerryI Never Felt More Like Playing the Blues
2009Summer143ArticleElizabeth A PaineHarp Journeys 2009
2009Summer143MusicI. Mac PerryNo More T-Bones
2009Summer143MusicTraditional/ Cindy Kleinstuber BlevinsAll Through the Night
2009Spring142Covernot creditedEdmond Badoux of Andean Ensemble Chaskinakuy
2009Spring142ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2009Spring142ColumnDave WoodworthFrom the President
2009Spring142ColumnMitch LandyCD Reviews
2009Spring142ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2009Spring142MusicW MahanSpring Nocturn
2009Spring142MusicTraditional/RoJean LoucksA La Ru
2009Spring142MusicTraditional/ Moira NelsonJock O'Hazeldean
2008Winter141CoverKenneth M FershtOona McOuat, Saltspring Island, BC
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2008Winter141ColumnElizabeth A PaineCD Reviews
2008Winter141ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2008Winter141MusicTurlough O'Carolon/Cynthia CathcartPlanxty Dillon
2008Winter141MusicKevin HolsingerWho Can Say?
2008Winter141MusicSharon ThormahlenWinter Waterfall
2008Winter141MusicJoanna MellHu Oseh Shalom
2008Fall140Covernot creditedParis Harpis Isabelle Perrin
2008Fall140ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2008Fall140ColumnElizabeth A PaineCD Reviews
2008Fall140ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2008Fall140ArticleCynthia CathcartCommentary on the Seaforth Highlanders
2008Fall140ArticleCynthia DouglassCelestial Threads
2008Fall140MemorialAngelica March FrederickGarry Barnes
2008Fall140MusicTraditional/ Cynthia CathcartThe Seaforth Highlanders
2008Fall140MusicJoanna MellThe Heather is Blooming
2008Fall140MusicTraditional/ Mimi SpencerAyazein
2008Fall140MusicTraditional/Verlene SchermerThe Mockingbird song
2008Fall140MusicPamela BrunerTwilight's Embrace
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2008Summer139ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
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2008Summer139ArticleDave WoodworthMemories of 2008
2008Summer139MemorialDarhon Rees RohrbacherLinda DeBrita
2008Summer139MusicVivaldi / Barb FacklerSpring, from the Four Seasons
2008Summer139MusicPamela BrunerForest Stroll
2008Summer139MusicPamela BrunerTwilight's Embrace
2008Spring138CoverDon HarperSylvia McClain in a gold Rolls Royce with her harp
2008Spring138ColumnKaren McGarrettEditor's Note
2008Spring138ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2008Spring138ColumnElizabeth A. PaineCD Reviews
2008Spring138ArticleLois ColinWho is Samuel O Pratt?
2008Spring138ArticleCarol WoodThe Anglo Saxons and their "harp"
2008Spring138ArticleMiram FronebergerA Twelfth Night Concert
2008Spring138ArticleRay PoolTaize Improvisations
2008Spring138ArticleSharon ThormalenVanity License Plates
2008Spring138ArticleJulie Hussar/Peggy ManganRocky Mountain Fiddle Camp
2008Spring138MusicTraditional/ P WentzLord, Make Me an Instrument
2008Spring138MusicCynthia CathcartHealth From the Cup
2008Spring138MusicJohn WheelerWaltz in E Minor for Celtic Harp
2007Fall136-137CoverJoseph CastiglioniAndrew Thom "Elf" harp
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2007Fall136-137ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2007Fall136-137ArticleCarl G Johnson IIITips for Playing Background Music
2007Fall136-137ArticleElizabeth A. PaineThe Jazz Train Comes to Houston
2007Fall136-137ArticleStephanie JudyLearning to "MAP" your Music
2007Fall136-137ArticleLynne ReidCeltic Harpers of Detroit in Goderich
2007Fall136-137ArticleFaye FishmanRock 'n Roll Harp?
2007Fall136-137ArticleBonnie PulliamBig Sky
2007Fall136-137ArticleKathy WinnAfterthoughts, of Harps and Hurricanes
2007Fall136-137ArticleJohn Metras18th Annual Festival of the Harps Concert
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional/ Sharon ThormahlenJoy To the World
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional/ Mitch LandyGood King Wenceslas
2007Fall136-137MusicCynthia CathcartA Lovely Nun To a Friar Came
2007Fall136-137MusicRedner/Brooks/John MetrasO Little Town of Bethlehem
2007Fall136-137MusicBrooks/ Janie TaylorO Little Town of Bethlehem
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional / Aryeh FrankfurterA Little Child
2007Fall136-137MusicHolst/ JenkinsIn the Bleak Midwinter
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional/ CromptonYe Shepherds, Leave your Flocks
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional/ Pamela DorianVeni Emmanuel
2007Fall136-137MusicTraditional/Cynthia CathcartPatapan
2007Summer135ColumnElizabeth A. PaineEditor's Note
2007Summer135ColumnDave WoodworthLetter from the President
2007Summer135ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2007Summer135ArticleFHJMore on the Peruvian Biarpa
2007Summer135ArticleElaine FronenbergerMother's Day Harps and Kilts, Oh MY!!
2007Summer135ArticleCharlotte roe-BravoWashington Area Folk Harp Society Concert
2007Summer135ArticleEmily WyattLove Begun in th Rain
2007Summer135ArticleMitch LandyTwo Weeks Before the Mast
2007Summer135ArticleCynthia CathcartEdinburgh International Harp Festival 2007
2007Summer135ArticleElizabeth A. PaineA Texas-style Treat for the Orange County Harp Troupe
2007Summer135ArticleStar EdwardsSmitten Along the Way
2007Summer135ArticleSimon ChadwichThe Historical Harp Society of Ireland's Student Harps
2007Summer135MemorialGeraldine ElliottBarbara M. Semmann
2007Summer135MusicTraditional/ Pratt-WalterEnglish Country Garden
2007Summer135MusicTurlough O'Carolan/ ZawalichLoftus Jones
2007Summer135MusicWork/Cynthia CathcartKingdom Comiing
2007Summer135MusicDowland/Verlene SchermerAwake, Sweet Love
2007Spring134Covernot creditedStill Life: Harp, music stand
2007Spring134ColumnElizabeth A. PaineEditor's Note
2007Spring134ColumnDave WoodworthFrom the President
2007Spring134ColumnMalene SatterCD Reviews
2007Spring134ColumnLaurie RileyWhat's the Reason
2007Spring134ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music Reviews
2007Spring134ArticleAnita LeschiedCountry Airs Harp Camp
2007Spring134ArticleDeborah BehrensBarbara Rose Billiings: Compassionate Healing with the Harp
2007Spring134ArticleBeth KolleFort Worden Folk Harp Festival
2007Spring134ArticleDiana StorkMission Harp Ensemble Update
2007Spring134ArticleFHJNew Century Harp Competition
2007Spring134ArticleMark FeilWho Are We?
2007Spring134ArticleRobert WinokurThe Scrap-bee Tea Party
2007Spring134ArticleCynthia CathcartLearn Wherever you Can!
2007Spring134Articlenot creditedSweet Briar College Offers New Harp Studio
2007Spring134ArticleHarriet Schechter MarxJoy of Harps Update
2007Spring134MusicSor/ Barb FacklerAllegretto in C
2007Spring134MusicTraditional/Harper TascheThe King of Love
2007Spring134MusicTurlough O'Carolan/arr.S ArmstrongCarolan's Farewell to Music
2007Spring134MusicMitch LandyThe Worms Crawl In
2007Spring134MusicSue RichardsSuki's Waltz
2007Spring134MusicKohler/Elizabeth PaineChromatic Polka
2007Spring134MusicLouise TrotterTequila Tango
2007Spring134MusicSharon ThormahlenParson's Farewell
2007Spring134MusicMitch LandyTwo-Finger Lullaby
2007Spring134MusicWilliam MahanJennifer's Lullaby
2007Spring134MusicAnita HalesQuin Abbey
2007Winter133Covernot creditedMjonoy Concert Harpa 2006 tour
2007Winter133ColumnElizabeth A. PaineFrom the Editor
2007Winter133ColumnDavis SatterCD Reviews
2007Winter133ColumnRay PoolNew Music Reviews
2007Winter133ArticleLynne ReidCeltic Harpers of Detroit go to Goderich
2007Winter133ArticleMitch LandyDon't Fall For This
2007Winter133ArticleGerry ServienteA Report of the San Jose Folk Harp Festival
2007Winter133ArticleVal WannToo Much and not enough!
2007Winter133ArticleFrank VoltzFind a Way
2007Winter133ArticleMelanie WiltseUp North Summerfest
2007Winter133ArticleSarah McKeeWhat is a Harp Circle Anyway?
2007Winter133ArticleBeth KolleHarpa 06 Concert Tour
2007Winter133ArticleDiane BartelsHarps of Hope at Children's Hospital of Pittsburg
2007Winter133ArticleJerry BrownDr Charles Story's Grecian Harp Part one
2007Winter133ArticleDeborah OhlgrenThe Angel Statue That Saved My Copper Harp
2007Winter133ArticleGerry ServienteMid Atlantic Lever Harp Teachers Symposium
2007Winter133ArticleElizabeth HazenPlaying the Folk Harp with One Hand
2007Winter133ArticleCatherine CogornoA Dream Realized
2007Winter133MusicAiga HelmerMinuet #5
2006Fall132CoverKaren Croxton
2006Fall132ColumnMoira SternMusic Review
2006Fall132ColumnDave WoodworthLetter from the President
2006Fall132ColumnMarlene SatterHarpsounds
2006Fall132ArticleChristina TourinHarp Therapy Happenings
2006Fall132ArticleElizabeth A. PaineTaking Care of the Harp
2006Fall132ArticleJan CampbellAnam Cara Harp Circle
2006Fall132ArticleRay PoolEar Training is as Simple as "1, 2, 3…"
2006Fall132ArticleChristina TourinWorld Harp Orchestra
2006Fall132ArticleHarriet Schechter MarxThe Joy of Harps
2006Fall132ArticleCharlotte Roe-BravoHarp Traditions in Chile
2006Fall132ArticleKaren AlmquistMemories of San Francisco
2006Fall132ArticleIdelle PackerThe Alexander Technique
2006Fall132ArticleStella BensonCertification Program Goes Live!
2006Fall132MusicMichael Praetorius/Nancy HurrellLa Canarie (XXXI. A'4.)
2006Fall132MusicMitch LandyLullaby
2006Fall132MusicTraditional/Mary K. LloydKilcash
2006Fall132MusicMary K. LloydSisters Waltz
2006Fall132MusicTraditional/Mary UmbargerChristmas Eve Air
2006Fall132MusicTraditional/ Tina TourinIl Est Ne, Le Deivine Enfant
2006Spring131ColumnJerry BrownHome Built Harps
2006Spring131ColumnDave WoodwardLetter from the President
2006Spring131ColumnMary RadspinnerLetter from the Editor
2006Spring131ColumnElizabeth A. PaineLetter from the Editor
2006Spring131ColumnPamela BrunerHarpsounds
2006Spring131ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonHarp Music Reviews
2006Spring131ArticleJane EwaldHow I Came to the Harp
2006Spring131ArticleMary RadspinnerThe New Century Harp Competition
2006Spring131ArticleThom DuttonThe Harp and I
2006Spring131ArticleMitch LandyAn Out-of-State Engagement
2006Spring131ArticleElizabeth A. PaineHouston's Harp Journeys
2006Spring131ArticleJerry BrownExcerpt from a Harp Design Book
2006Spring131ArticleGlenn HillA Most Unusual Combined Cross-Strung/Double-Strung Harp!
2006Spring131ArticleDarhon Rees-Rohrbacher; Sharon Thormahlen; Anne Roos; Mary RadspinnerNotation Software Choices
2006Spring131ArticleSally SehlinA Middle-Age Start…
2006Spring131ArticleChristina TourinWorld Harp Orchestra
2006Spring131ArticleNancy HurrellDennis Hempson and the Old Harp Music
2006Spring131ArticleJudy AslaksonSeattle Folk Harp Symposium 2005
2006Spring131ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherHow I Came to the Harp
2006Spring131ArticleRhett BarnwellHooked on Bach
2006Spring131ArticleKimberly SnauferHarp Ensemble 101
2006Spring131ArticleMeg RobinsonOn to Carnegie Hall?
2006Spring131ArticleRay PoolEnhanced Lead Sheets
2006Spring131ArticleGerry ServienteLever Harp Teacher Symposium
2006Spring131ArticleCynthia CathcartA Deep Well for Study
2006Spring131ArticleSerena O'Meara, Kimberly Snaufer, Donna Benier, Jan JenningsEstablishing Policies for your Teaching Studio
2006Spring131ArticleChristina CotruvoHarp-Abilities for the Visually Impaired
2006Spring131MemorialNancy HurrellJanet Kolacki
2006Spring131MusicPatricia HaanSouthesque
2006Spring131MusicTraditional/Mary RadspinnerFlowers of Edinburgh
2006Spring131MusicJoyce RiceThe Crone's Croon (Engelbert Humperdinck: Lullaby from "Hansel and Gretel")
2006Spring131MusicMitch LandyThe Hunt
2006Spring131MusicEnrique Granados/Mitch LandySpanish Dance #2 - Oriental
2006Spring131MusicRowy van HestA Beautiful Day
2006Spring131MusicMeg RobinsonScottish Twilight
2006Spring131MusicPamela BrunerMidsummer Meadow
2006Spring131MusicTraditional/Sally SehlinPase el Agua
2006Spring131MusicTraditional/Bette VidrineJ'ai passe
2006Spring131MusicJohn PeekstokThe Memory of Love
2006Issue is Spring and Summer
2005Winter130CoverNot creditedEdmar Castaneda
2005Winter130ColumnMary RadspinnerLetter from the Editor
2005Winter130ColumnJerry BrownHome Built Harps
2005Winter130ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2005Winter130ArticleCarolyn DealSecrets to Success at the SE Harp Weekend
2005Winter130ArticleMeg RobinsonAll Cows Eat Grass
2005Winter130ArticleMary RadspinnerA Question of Repertoire
2005Winter130ArticleEvelyn Tiffany-CastiglioniAfter Rita
2005Winter130ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes Harpers Immersion Weekend
2005Winter130ArticleDonna Benier2005 Harp Pros and Teachers Survey Results
2005Winter130ArticleBonnie MitchellLambs Really Do Dance
2005Winter130ArticleOdarka Polansky StockertEdmar Castaneda's New York Tour
2005Winter130ArticleJerry BrownEngineering Dances of Harp Making
2005Winter130ArticleIrene TukuafuA Harp for Sarafina
2005Winter130ArticleDave ThormahlenLevers
2005Winter130MusicLorenzo LyonsHawaii Aloha
2005Winter130MusicTraditional/Cynthia ShelhartThe Queen's Dream
2005Winter130PoemTrixie Lee StowellLast Conference Concert
2005Fall129ColumnBeth KolleChapter News
2005Fall129ColumnKevin KinneyHarpsounds
2005Fall129ArticleGladys Flannery-Reis Katz/Peter S ReisA Cat's Tale
2005Fall129ArticleDave WoodworthWe Just Finished the Oldest Harp in the World
2005Fall129ArticleJacqueline LynaughScoil gClairseach 2005 Kilkenny Ireland
2005Fall129ArticleHannelore DavaereCross Strung Harps in Europe
2005Fall129ArticleElizabeth BlakesleeNews from the American Harp Society
2005Fall129ArticleCid HunterCelebrity Encounters
2005Fall129ArticleSuzanne BalderstonAre you 'In Harmony' with Your Body?
2005Fall129ArticleJohn WestlingA Short History of the Begninngs of the Folk Harp in the United States
2005Fall129MusicTraditional/Tiffany-CastiglioniCoverntry Carol
2005Fall129MusicTraditional/Mary RadspinnerHuron Indian Carol
2005Fall129MusicTraditional/ Mitch LandySpagnoletta with Variations
2005Fall129MusicTraditional/Sharon ThormahlenO Come All Ye Faithful
2005Summer128ArticleCarolyn DealAre you Stabbing a Musician in the Heart
2005Summer128MusicTraditional/Valarie BlessleyMarketplace Song Minuet
2005Summer128MusicKevin HolsingerThe Screened-In Porch
2005Summer128MusicMitch LandyEliza Stands on Her Head
2005Spring127CoverMatthew LyonBig Sky Resort-HarpCon 2005
2005Spring127ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonPrint Music Review
2005Spring127ColumnR. L. RobinsonThe Harp and I
2005Spring127ColumnMary RadspinnerLetter from the Editor
2005Spring127ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2005Spring127ColumnMitch LandryHarpsounds
2005Spring127ArticleChristina TourinInteractive Therapy Harps
2005Spring127ArticleLaurie RasmussenBenefit Concert for Folk Mote Music
2005Spring127ArticleLouise TrotterCarol McLaughlin visits Houston
2005Spring127ArticleDonna BenierFrank Voltz teaches for the Rochester Harp Network
2005Spring127ArticleFHJConference Info for HarpCon 2005
2005Spring127ArticleJean HumphreyAnother Rousing GLH Regional Conference
2005Spring127ArticleBetsy PaineX-Travaganza!
2005Spring127ArticleJoyce RiceHarpspectrum.org
2005Spring127ArticleMary RadspinnerThe Power of Placing
2005Spring127MusicDewey OwensHole in the Wall
2005Spring127MusicTraditional/Christina TourinOrjankukka (Wild Rose)
2005Spring127MusicTraditional/Sally PerretenOh Susanna
2005Spring127MusicJohn PeekstokMathom
2004Winter126CoverSally LevinsonBay Area Youth Harp Ensemble
2004Winter126ColumnFHJConference Info for HarpCon 2005
2004Winter126ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2004Winter126ColumnMitch LandyHarpsounds
2004Winter126ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2004Winter126ColumnDeb SpeerFHJ Financial Report
2004Winter126ArticleJerry BrownHome Built Harps
2004Winter126ArticleSally LevinsonCalifornia Concerts
2004Winter126ArticleGerry ServienteSomerset Harp Festival
2004Winter126ArticleJean HumphreyHistorical Harp Society Meets in Madison, Wisconsin
2004Winter126MusicTraditional/Laurie RasmussenHere We Come A'Wassailing
2004Winter126MusicTraditional/Mitch landySimple Gifts
2004Winter126MusicClaude Debussy/Paula MillerClair de Lune
2004Fall125Covernot creditedChelsea Link
2004Fall125ColumnSylvia FellowsA Note From Chairman Sylvia Fellows
2004Fall125ColumnSharon ThormahlenISFHC Chapter News
2004Fall125ColumnBonnie PulliamBig Sky Conference 2005
2004Fall125ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music In Print
2004Fall125ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2004Fall125ColumnFHJMinutes of 2004 ISFHC Officers meeting
2004Fall125ArticleCarolyn DealYoung At Harp
2004Fall125ArticleJohn MillerDid You Say Curved Back Harp?
2004Fall125ArticleArthur GermaniThe Wonder of Wonders and Where to put the Sharping Lever
2004Fall125MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsThe Burn O'Cairnie
2004Fall125MusicTraditional/ Sue RichardsAngels We Have Heard on High
2004Fall125MusicDeb GessnerThe Artful Dodger
2004Fall125MusicBradbury/Hascall/George BachmannAngel Band
2004Fall125MusicTraditional/Crystal MossIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear
2004Summer124ColumnBonnie PulliamISFHC Announcements
2004Summer124ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2004Summer124ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2004Summer124ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2004Summer124ColumnNadine BunnLetter from the Editor
2004Summer124ArticleMary RadspinnerScottish Harp Society Creates New Categories
2004Summer124ArticleBonnie PulliamBig Sky Harp Conference
2004Summer124ArticleDebby CarlsonFayetteville Presents Harp Conference
2004Summer124ArticleAnna-Maria GalanteNova Scotia's Ardyth & Jennifer
2004Summer124ArticleCheryl Cunningham2004 American Harp Society Conference
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerChateau Chervix
2004Summer124MusicEve WattersHarpe Diem
2004Summer124Music?/Deb GessnerBob & Joan
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/J. Pratt-WalterSkye Boat Song
2004Summer124MusicMitch LandyTarantella Zingaresca
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/George BachmannOld Paint
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/George BachmannAre you Washed in the Blood?
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/George BachmannDown to the River to Pray
2004Summer124MusicDeb GessnerSerenity
2004Summer124MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerValse Bourree
2004Spring123CoverBonnie BaxterGreat Lakes Harpers' Regional Event
2004Spring123ColumnBonnie PulliamISFHC HarpCon 2005
2004Spring123ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2004Spring123ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2004Spring123ArticleJudy AslaksonRemembering Muriel
2004Spring123ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes Harpers' Regional Event
2004Spring123ArticleJean HumphreyHistorical Harps Celebrate 20th Anniversary
2004Spring123ArticleTammy WilcoxOklahoma Harp Weekend
2004Spring123PoemLinda LarkinThe Meeting
2004Spring123ArticleNancy HurrellRenaissance Dance Music for Harp
2004Spring123ArticleMark FeilThe $100 Bill-a folk tale
2004Spring123ArticleBonnie PulliamTraveling Teachers Program
2004Spring123MusicTraditional/Suzanne ShieldsWhiskey Before Breakfast
2004Spring123MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerWaltz from France
2004Spring123MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerCarnival Tune
2004Spring123MusicTraditional/George BachmannThe Gloria Land Way
2004Spring123MusicFabritio Caroso/Nancy HurrellNido d'Amore (The Love Nest)
2004Spring123MusicVals-Chabuca Granda/A. VardyFina Estampa
2003Winter122CoverFHJPhotos from HarpCon 2003
2003Winter122ColumnBonnie PulliamISFHC HarpCon 2005
2003Winter122ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2003Winter122ColumnPaul StoughtPlastic Folk Harp
2003Winter122ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2003Winter122ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2003Winter122ArticlePatrice FisherGuatamala Teaching Project
2003Winter122MusicFranz Gruber/Kayla DowlingSilent Night
2003Winter122MusicCyndi BickelHealers of the Heart
2003Winter122MusicBob McQuillen/George BachmannBrendan Callahan's
2003Winter122MusicTraditional/George BachmannMolly Bawn
2003Fall121ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2003Fall121ColumnWilliam ReesTuning Pins
2003Fall121ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2003Fall121ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2003Fall121ArticleBambi FischerMusical Moments
2003Fall121ArticleChristina TourinThe Making of an Enchanting Musical Fantasy
2003Fall121ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherFHJ Harp Tecnnique Survery
2003Fall121MusicDianne Phelan MullerShare I compare thee
2003Fall121MusicTraditional/Serena UnderwoodLord, Be My Vision
2003Fall121MusicTraditional/George BachmannShady Grove
2003Fall121MusicGeorge BachmannDevil's Lament
2003Fall121MusicTraditional/George BachmannThe Parting Glass
2003Fall121MusicTraditional/Mitch LandyIn Dulci Jubilo from Christmas Medley
2003Summer120CoverJan ValenciaPhoto of her daughters
2003Summer120ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2003Summer120ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2003Summer120ColumnPamela BrunerChapter Information
2003Summer120ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2003Summer120ColumnBonnie PulliamTraveling Teachers Program
2003Summer120ArticleChristina TourinYes, There is Still Gold in 'Dem Hills!
2003Summer120ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherFHJ Harp Tecnnique Survery
2003Summer120MusicBilly Mayeri/Mary FitzgeraldChopsticks
2003Summer120MusicChristina TourinShadow Spirit
2003Summer120MusicWilliam MahanMontana Starts
2003Summer120PoemSarah WilliamsHarp
2003Spring119Covernot creditedHarpissimo Quebec's concert
2003Spring119ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2003Spring119ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2003Spring119ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2003Spring119ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2003Spring119ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherFHJ Harp Tecnnique Survery
2003Spring119ArticleMaureen UstenciSan Francisco's "History of the Harp" Exhibit
2003Spring119ArticleJeanne PageThe Quest
2003Spring119ArticleNora Joan Clark/Sylvia StaufferDerek Bell, Harper-Composer
2003Spring119ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherDon't Give up your Day Job
2003Spring119MusicSuzanne ShieldsDesert Melody
2003Spring119MusicTraditional/Patricia RushtonAuld Wife Ayond the Fire
2003Spring119MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldThe Butterfly
2002Winter118CoverFHJMisc photos
2002Winter118ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2002Winter118ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2002Winter118ArticleMarilyn AndreiniThe Celtic Harpers of Detroit
2002Winter118ArticleNancy HurrellHistorical Harp Workshops and Conference
2002Winter118ArticleDiana StorkA Balinese Dream Harp
2002Winter118ArticleMary FitzgeraldTuning the Lever Harp in Eb and Making Key Changes
2002Winter118ArticleBambi FischerAnd They Say that Christians don't Have Fun!
2002Winter118ArticleGerry ServienteSomerset Folk Harp Festival
2002Winter118MusicTraditional/Sally PerretenO'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick
2002Winter118MusicTraditional/Terese HoneyBonaparte Crossing the Rockies
2002Winter118MusicCarol WoodCat
2002Winter118MusicTurlough O'Carolan/George BachmannEleanor Plunket
2002Winter118MusicGeorge BachmannMarjorie's waltz
2002Winter118MusicTraditional/George BachmannDas Zerbrochene Ringlein
2002Winter118MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerGreen Willis
2002Fall117CoverDebra KnodelPainting-By the Gate
2002Fall117ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2002Fall117ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2002Fall117ArticleSusa Morgan BlackBay Area Folk Harp Society Spring Retreat
2002Fall117ArticleJeanne PageDancin' With My Darlin'
2002Fall117ArticleCraig PierpontBuying A New Harp
2002Fall117ArticleMark FeilMusical Instrument Jokes
2002Fall117ArticleEdith O'DonnellThe Curse of Tut
2002Fall117MusicJeanne PageShepherd's Wife Waltz
2002Fall117MusicTraditional/Deborah FriouI Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
2002Fall117MusicJS Bach/Mary FitzgeraldJesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
2002Fall117MusicTraditional/Kim RobertsonAs Joseph Was A-Walkin'
2002Fall117MusicGeorge BachmannGeorge's Elegy
2002Fall117MusicTraditional/George BachmannMaiden's Prayer
2002Fall117MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldThe Merry Blacksmith
2002Fall117PoemAnnabel BarberThe Song of the Tree (Corinne's Harp)
2002Summer116CoverLisa Lynne
2002Summer116ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2002Summer116ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2002Summer116ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
2002Summer116ColumnStan GuyHarpsounds
2002Summer116ArticleLorin GreanConfessions of The Wedding Harper
2002Summer116ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherChoosing a Suitable Performance Wardrobe
2002Summer116ArticleCraig PierpontSuzy Sarah Tinkerbell vs Martin Mellowtones
2002Summer116ArticleBetsy PaineSW Regional Harp Conference
2002Summer116ArticleEarl TessmanMy Harp Experiences in Paraguay
2002Summer116MusicRichard Wagner/Mary FitzgeraldBridal March
2002Summer116MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldSimon Tov
2002Summer116MusicJose Hsunejon Flores/Santiago CortesiVengo Junto a Ti
2002Summer116MusicTraditional/George BachmannBean Dubh na Ghleanna (Dark Women of the Glenn)
2002Summer116PoemLeah Aronow-BrownWatching Kit Play Harp
2002Spring115CoverApple Mountain Harp KidsJust a Kid at Harp!
2002Spring115ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2002Spring115ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2002Spring115ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2002Spring115ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2002Spring115ArticleSuzanne RoweChannel Island Harp Ensemble
2002Spring115ArticleJeanne PageApple Mountain Harp Kids
2002Spring115ArticleSara CrjlenkoA Week in Cleveland
2002Spring115MusicTraditional/Kyoko YoshidaKokirikobushi
2002Spring115MusicMargaret Harmon WalkerSea Breezes
2002Spring115MusicMuzio Clementi/Deb GessnerRondo
2001Winter114CoverHarpist Elaine Vito1948 Photo of Melville Clark's Vito with Fiberglass Harp in water tank
2001Winter114ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2001Winter114ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music in Print
2001Winter114ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2001Winter114ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2001Winter114ArticleDreama PowellAt Somerset NJ Dreams Come True
2001Winter114ArticleMary RadspinnerThe Renaissance of the Wire Harp
2001Winter114ArticleLinda KaiserMelville Clark's Dream of Building a Fiberglass Harp
2001Winter114MusicDorothy ZimmermanSnow on the Klickitat Hills
2001Winter114MusicJS Smith/Mary RadspinnerThe Star Spangled Banner
2001Winter114MusicTraditional/Jewel ShieldThe Vale of New Dureen
2001Winter114MusicMargaret Harmon WalkerTranquility
2001Winter114MusicTraditional/Mary RadspinnerI Will Bow and Be Simple
2001Fall113CoverKathy Dlabick at William Rees' ShopA Celtic Celebration!
2001Fall113ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2001Fall113ArticleWilliam ReesHarps on Main Opens with a Celtic Celebration
2001Fall113ArticleSusa Morgan BlackA Pilgrimage of Harps
2001Fall113ArticleLaurel WrightThe First Annual WireHarp Conference
2001Fall113ArticleCraig PierpontNicks, Scratches, Dings and Dents
2001Fall113ArticleSusan Dirks-HenryHarper Girl-The Superhero!
2001Fall113MusicTurlough O'Carolan/Allen DecMiss Grofton
2001Fall113MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldCome O'er the Stream, Charlie
2001Fall113MusicTraditional/Deb GessnerA Frenche
2001Fall113MusicCarol WoodWise Woman Tango
2001Fall113MusicTurlough O'Carolan/Deb GessnerPlanxty Lady Wrixon
2001Summer112CoverBrian MalloyKim Robertson
2001Summer112ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
2001Summer112ColumnRoJean LoucksHarpsounds
2001Summer112ColumnStan GuyNew Music in Print
2001Summer112ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherSelf-Publishing your Harp Music
2001Summer112ArticleRose DottoreBigger is Not Necessarily Better
2001Summer112ArticleDreama PowellOhio Scottish Arts School Annual harp Gathering
2001Summer112ArticleThe First Annual Harp Festival Santa Barbara
2001Summer112ArticleCraig PierpontKeeping it Looking Good
2001Summer112ArticleLinda KaiserMusic Box for a Princess
2001Summer112ArticleMary FitzgeraldHow to Do your Own Canonization
2001Summer112MusicSuzanne ShieldsHarpo's Diary
2001Summer112MusicTraditional/Mary RadspinnerSt. Columba
2001Summer112MusicMorgan MinchMisty Moor
2001Summer112MusicTraditional/Mary FitzgeraldFarewell
2001Summer112MusicTraditional/Laura DishongLong, Long Ago
2001Summer112MusicJohann Pachelbel/Mary FitzgeraldD Howitzer-1 (Canon in D Major)
2001Summer112MusicJohann Pachelbel/Mary FitzgeraldD Howitzer-2 (Canon in D Major)
2001Summer112MusicJohann Pachelbel/Mary FitzgeraldD Howitzer-Left hand (Canon in D Major)
2001Summer112MusicJohann Pachelbel/Mary FitzgeraldD Howitzer-Left hand 2 (Canon in D Major)
2001Spring111CoverMike EliasonSt. George Park in Dublin
2001Spring111ColumnSharon ThormahlenChapter News
2001Spring111ColumnStan GuyNew Music in Print
2001Spring111ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
2001Spring111ArticleJohn KovacSolar Powered String Winder
2001Spring111ArticleMark FeilPhoto Finish
2001Spring111ArticleSuzanne RoweChannel Island Harp Ensemble
2001Spring111ArticleBarbara SulakGulf Coast Harpers Association invades Fayetteville, Texas
2001Spring111ArticleCraig PierpontThe Care and Feeding of your Harp
2001Spring111ArticleDarhon Ree-RohrbacherHushed by the Harp
2001Spring111ArticleDarhon Ree-RohrbacherOn Being a Caterpillar
2001Spring111MusicTraditional/George BachmannTaigh-an-droma (Tyndrum)
2001Spring111MusicKevin HolsingerMinuet for the Left Hand
2001Spring111MusicTraditional/George BachmannA' Cheapach na Fasach (Keppoch desolate)
2001Spring111MusicTraditional/George BachmannCalum a'Ghlinne (Malcom of the Glen)
2001Spring111MusicTraditional/George BachmannThe Brown Maid
2001Spring111PoemLinda LarkinThe Call of the Harp
2001Summer108PoemLinda LarkinWild Harpers
2001Spring107ArticleJohn KovacIndoor/Outdoor?Shower Harp
2000Winter110CoverFHJPhotos of HarpCon 2000 in Monterey
2000Winter110ColumnStan GuyNew Music in Print
2000Winter110ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
2000Winter110ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2000Winter110ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2000Winter110ArticleVerlene SchermerHarpCon 2000
2000Winter110ArticleReba LunsfordGulf Coast Harper News
2000Winter110ArticleBrian EisenhartA Harp on Two Wheels
2000Winter110ArticleRichard BrislinThoughts Stimulated by Patrick Ball's Trip to Hawaii
2000Winter110ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherPerformers vs. Players
2000Winter110ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherThose Who Die with the Most Sheet Music Win!
2000Winter110ArticleLaurie RileyProposals for Future Conferences
2000Winter110ArticlePamela BrunerISFHC Chapter Updates
2000Winter110ArticleSharon SkarydHarplist
2000Winter110ArticleDiane Mayer, Margaret TuckerArranging for Lever Harp and Handbells
2000Winter110MusicDiane Mayer, Margaret TuckerCradle Song
2000Winter110MusicAnon./Mary FitzgeraldLa Rotta (from Tristan and Isolde)
2000Winter110MusicGeorge Friedrich Handel/Mary FitzgeraldJoy to the World
2000Winter110MusicAnon./Mary FitzgeraldChanter Tune
2000Winter110MusicAnon./Mary FitzgeraldDon Oiche Vd I mBeithel
2000Winter110MusicMitch LandyFarewell (in Memory of Joy MacCarthy)
2000Fall109CoverLouise TrotterGail Barber and Louise Trotter in Lubbock, Texas
2000Fall109ColumnStan GuyNew Music in Print
2000Fall109ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2000Fall109ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
2000Fall109ArticleNancy HurrellThe US National Scottish Harp Championships in Texas
2000Fall109ArticleLouise TrotterHeart of the Southwest Harp Retreat 2000
2000Fall109ArticleBonnie PulliamExploring the World of the Harp
2000Fall109ArticleNick PickusD Sqared Celebrates the Grand Opening of the State at Melody's Traditional Music
2000Fall109ArticleJeanne PageFirst National Youth Harp Conference
2000Fall109ArticleDarhon Rees-RhohrbacherAre you Visual of Auditory?
2000Fall109ArticleMichael GoudketMusic for Harp in Colonial America
2000Fall109ArticleKris SmithLong Strange Trip
2000Fall109MusicJohn Gay/George BachmannIf Love's a Sweet Passion
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/George BachmannCalum a'Ghlinne (Malcolm of the Glen)
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/Janeen GrohsmeyerWhite Choral Bells
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/Emily BaderChester
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/Emily BaderAll People that on Earth do Dwell
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/Emily BaderLilli Burlero (My Thing is my Own)
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/George BachmannWhat Pain I've Endured since Last Year
2000Fall109MusicTraditional/Janeen GrohsmeyerDona Nobis Pacem
2000Summer108CoverFHJPhotos for HarpCon 2000
2000Summer108ColumnMitch LandyNew Music in Print
2000Summer108ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
2000Summer108ColumnPamela BrunerHarpsounds
2000Summer108ArticleMarie-Louise NortonHarps of Avalon
2000Summer108ArticleThom Dutton, Darhon Rees-RohrbacherSelf-Accompanied Singing at the Harp
2000Summer108ArticleAlana VinerHarp Behind the Razor Wire
2000Summer108ArticlePaul DaSilvaMeet Repairman Paul DaSilva
2000Summer108ArticleLeah Aronow-BrownMichael's Joy
2000Summer108ArticleFran McGaugheyHusband and Wife Marry Their Hobbies
2000Summer108MusicDiana StorkHymn to the Harp
2000Summer108MusicG.F. Handel/Ardy MattoxWater Music Air
2000Summer108MusicFran McGaugheyReturns
2000Summer108MusicFran McGaugheyWhispering Winds in a Wheatfield
2000Summer108MusicTraditional/George BachmannAilean Aigeis (The Isle of Aigas)
2000Summer108MusicTraditional/George BachmannMacDohmhnuill mor nan Eilean (McDonald Lord of the Isles)
2000Summer108PoemDwight A. BlevinsThoughts on the Harp
2000Spring107CoverLeslie HotzmanLorin Grean
2000Spring107ColumnMitch LandyNew Music in Print
2000Spring107ArticleKevin Holsinger1999 Harpers Hall Fall Retreat
2000Spring107ArticleLinda LarkinHigh Desert Harp Ensemble
2000Spring107ArticleJean Humphrey1999 Great Lakes Harpers Regional Conference Report
2000Spring107ArticleDreama Powell1999 Ohio Scottish Arts School
2000Spring107ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherPlaying Around
2000Spring107ArticleHilliard StoneA Few Person Notes on Folk Harp Making
2000Spring107MusicKevin Holsinger10 O'Clock on Friday
2000Spring107MusicArdy MattoxPhrygian Phrolic
2000Spring107MusicKay K. OlssonWinter Solstice
2000Spring107PoemJudith MonroeIsland Song
1999Winter106CoverLynne ReidAn Irish Harp Experience
1999Winter106ColumnStan GuyNew Music in Print
1999Winter106ColumnJo MorrisonHarpsounds
1999Winter106ArticleLynne ReidAn Irish Harp Experience
1999Winter106ArticleMelissa MorganWorld Harp Beat
1999Winter106ArticleDorothy Lynn BrooksThe Lone Star Folk Harpers
1999Winter106PoemMarilyn JohnsonHarp and Healing in Many Forms
1999Winter106ArticleM. Diane MossA Harp Camp with a Difference
1999Winter106ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherHarpers from Hades
1999Winter106ArticleTerence CoeHarps, Harpers, and History
1999Winter106ArticleAnnette BushDon't Knock it till You've Tried It
1999Winter106ArticleMassimiliano MirraPalette, or Harp Chromaticism with no Compromises
1999Winter106ArticleSharon AvisColumbus Chapter of American Harp Society Sponsor Healing Harp Workshop
1999Winter106ArticleBambi FischerBenjamin Franklin
1999Winter106MusicSharon ThormahlenWritten in the Wind
1999Winter106MusicTraditional/George BachmannThe Mountain Streams
1999Winter106MusicTraditional/Kay K. OlssonO, Come All Ye Faithful
1999Winter106MusicTraditional/Gayl McDermottCarrickfergus
1999Winter106MusicTraditional/George BachmannRoisin Dubh (The Dark Rose)
1999Winter106MusicArdy MattoxWhitney's Angel Dance
1999Winter106MusicJoy MacCarthyWind in the Heather
1999Fall105CoverSharlene WellsMiss America of 1985
1999Fall105ColumnJo MorrisonHarpsounds
1999Fall105ArticleCari BuziakHarp Workshop with Sharlene Wallace
1999Fall105ArticleElizabeth Berry1999 Edinburgh Harp Festival
1999Fall105ArticleEarl TessmanHow the Harp Helped One Young Woman Become Miss America
1999Fall105ArticleShawna SpiteriInterview with William and Pamela Rees
1999Fall105ArticleHilliard StoneThe Road to ParaCelt
1999Fall105MusicSharon ThormahlenRikud Began Eden (Dancing in Heaven)
1999Fall105MusicTraditional/George BachmannTaimse mo Chodladh (I am Asleep)
1999Fall105MusicTraditional/Gayl McDermottNoel Nouvelet
1999Fall105MusicTraditional/Gayl McDermottNiel Gow's Lament on the Death of his Second Wife
1999Fall105MusicTraditional/Mary SchroyerTheme and Variations on "Early One Morning"
1999Summer104Covernot creditedEnter the Young…The Folk Harp's Future
1999Summer104ColumnJennifer Pratt-WalterHarpsounds
1999Summer104ArticleJerry RipleyNew Harp Circle in Southern California
1999Summer104ArticleBonnie PulliamBirth of the Harmonious Harpers
1999Summer104ArticleKate Bergstrom, Colleen Cusick, Hannah FriedlandFrom the Young Folk Harpers of Santa Barbara
1999Summer104ArticleM. E. HauseA Toast to O'Carolan
1999Summer104ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherCopyright and Harpers
1999Summer104ArticleMichael GoudketUsing Divisions to Ornament your Music
1999Summer104ArticleSid McGauheyThe Valedictorian
1999Summer104ArticleBambi NilesHarp Therapy in the Colleges
1999Summer104MusicArdy MattoxMystical Harmony
1999Summer104MusicHenry Purcell/Deborah FriouHornpipe
1999Summer104MusicTraditional/Mary RadspinnerTrippin' up the Stairs
1999Summer104MusicTraditional/George BachmannBean Dubh A'Ghleanna (The Dark Woman of the Glen)
1999Spring103CoverDreama PowellScottish Harping at Oberlin College
1999Spring103ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1999Spring103ColumnSylvia FellowsA Note From Chairman Sylvia Fellows
1999Spring103ColumnDenise Grupp-VerbonNew Music In Print
1999Spring103ColumnMark FeilHarpsounds
1999Spring103ArticleDreama PowellOhio Scottish Arts School
1999Spring103ArticleNancy HurrellThanksgiving Festival Concert
1999Spring103ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherRecording the Celtic Harp
1999Spring103MusicTraditional/George BachmannAn Dilleachdan (The Orphan)
1999Spring103MusicTraditional/Pamela DorianOssian's Blues
1999Spring103MusicSharon ThormahlenHarpin' in the Rain
1999Spring103MusicMK FletcherFrogs in the Rain
1999Spring103MusicShirley StarkeFrodo's Lament
1999Spring103MusicJohn Dykes/Timothy PowerHoly, Holy, Holy
1999Spring103MusicFrank VoltzAeolian Tuun
1999Spring103MusicKarl WienandSummer Wanderings
1998Winter102CoverIllustrationMake a Joyful Noise
1998Winter102ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1998Winter102ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
1998Winter102ColumnLaurie RasmussenChapter Roundup
1998Winter102ColumnMitch LandyNew Music in Print
1998Winter102ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1998Winter102ArticlePatty Anne McAdamsSecond annual retreat for Bay Area folk harpers
1998Winter102ArticleCharles TannerA Cool Harp!
1998Winter102ArticleFifth Gulf Coast Celtic harp competition
1998Winter102ArticleAnn HeymannTrimming the Tune
1998Winter102ArticleJames KurtzElectronic Effects
1998Winter102ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1998Winter102MusicTraditional/Sylvia FellowsThree Kings
1998Winter102MusicSharon ThormahlenWhere River Turns to sky
1998Winter102MusicReba LunsfordTootie's Jig
1998Winter102MusicTraditional/M. SchroyerThe Friendly Beats
1998Winter102MusicJoyce RiceBy Yon Yangtze
1998Winter102MusicTraditional/Serena UnderwoodHe is Born
1998Winter102MusicWilliam MahanAdios
1998Winter102MusicTraditional/Ann HeymannMacDonald's March
1998Fall101CoverPhotoNew Zealand's Harp and Guitar Ensemble
1998Winter101ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1998Fall101ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
1998Fall101ColumnLaurie RasmussenISFHC Chapter News
1998Fall101ColumnHenry SpillerNew Music in Print
1998Fall101ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1998Fall101ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1998Fall101ArticlePamela BrunerThe 1998 International Folk Harp Conference
1998Fall101ArticleSue KingMeet our fellow harpers from New Zealand
1998Fall101ArticleDreama PowellThe Waterhouse Harp
1998Fall101ArticleGalveston Conference Photos
1998Fall101ArticleJude MollenhauerLegendary Summer for Harpers
1998Fall101ArticleBarbara CookHow to string a small harp in 20 easy steps
1998Fall101ArticleJerilyn GarofaloA Whole new world
1998Fall101ArticleCraig PierpontGlasgow Highland Games Harp Competition
1998Fall101ArticleRebecca RobinsMy Harp Story
1998Fall101ArticlePhilippe SRL ClementA new breed of triple harp
1998Fall101MusicSharon ThormahlenAfter the Garden's been planted
1998Fall101MusicChopin/William MahanEtude from Chopin's Etude in E
1998Fall101MusicStephen Foster/T.E. DarbyGentle Annie
1998Fall101MusicMitch LandySpanish Dance No. 2
1998Fall101MusicAllen G. DecCome, Healing Angel
1998Summer100CoverIllustrationThe 1998 International Folk Harp Conference
1998Summer100ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1998Summer100ColumnLaurie RasmussenISFHC Chapter News
1998Summer100ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1998Summer100ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1998Summer100ArticleLouise TrotterGalveston, Like a Tourist
1998Summer100ArticleLouise TrotterWhat about this American harp society?
1998Summer100ArticleVerlene SchermerA Harpers Hall Adventure
1998Summer100ArticleReba LunsfordThe 5th annual Gulf Coast Celtic harp competition
1998Summer100ArticleSally BoydThe 1998 ISFHC Conference Guide
1998Summer100ArticleStacy BerkleyFarewell to Jorge Gurascier
1998Summer100ArticleReba LunsfordI can't get noo… satisfaction
1998Summer100ArticleLouise TrotterSuggestions for performing with the harp
1998Summer100Article10th Annual Folk Harp Alliance
1998Summer100ArticleMary RadspinnerMinutes of the Annual ISFHC board meeting
1998Summer100MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsThe Mermaid's Song
1998Summer100MusicSharon ThormahlenA Rose in Winter
1998Summer100MusicTraditional/Amy Lynn KannerStar of the County Down
1998Summer100MusicGail BarberMorning Splendor
1998Summer100MusicGail BarberIndian Rain Dance
1998Spring99ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1998Spring99ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1998Spring99ColumnDarhon Rees-RohrbacherNew Music in Print
1998Spring99ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1998Spring99ArticleMary RadspinnerThe 1998 International Folk Harp Conference
1998Spring99ArticleSheri KigginsNew York workshop with Tina Tourin
1998Spring99ArticleEarl TessmanHarp Music of paraguay
1998Spring99ArticleCharlotte HallettThe carving of the "Sirr" harp
1998Spring99PoemDafydd ap Gwilym/Robin WilliamsonSatire on the Irish Harp
1998Spring99ArticlePhilippe S.R.L. ClementSelective Damping System
1998Spring99ArticleMichael GoudketMaximum Magic
1998Spring99ArticleDebi JohnsonWho's afraid of Medieval Music?
1998Spring99PoemR.M. Wolf-NailWe moved throug the dark
1998Spring99MusicTraditional/Michael GoudketMy Country Tis of Thee
1998Spring99MusicR. LedbetterWaves upon the Shore
1998Spring99MusicTraditional/George BachmannAn Leanbh Si
1998Spring99MusicMark FeilSteppe Song
1998Spring99MusicTraditional/George BachmannBanks of the Sullane
1997Winter98CoverCharlotte HallettCarved Harp photo
1997Winter98ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1997Winter98ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1997Winter98ColumnDarhon Rees-RohrbacherNew Music in Print
1997Winter98ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1997Winter98ArticleMary RadspinnerThe 1998 International Folk Harp Conference
1997Winter98ArticleSally Loner BoydVictorian Galveston
1997Winter98ArticleMelissa MorganFrom the heart of San Diego
1997Winter98ArticleBerna GibbonsO'Carolan harp and traditional music festival 1997
1997Winter98ArticlePat RushtonPlaying by heart
1997Winter98ArticleMelissa MorganThe mothership takes off!
1997Winter98ArticleJohn KovacPedal Quest
1997Winter98ArticleBambi FischerTeaching little fingers to play the harp
1997Winter98ArticleMary Ann FrickoWire Harp Teachers
1997Winter98MusicMary Ann FrickoThe Historical Harp Society Wire harp classes
1997Winter98MusicLeigh MelanderA crash course in grant winning
1997Winter98MusicTraditional/Diane L. MayerCradle Song
1997Winter98MusicChristina TourinLittle Dove
1997Winter98MusicTraditional/Nancy HurrellRowing from Islay to Uist
1997Winter98MusicTraditional/Kevin HolsingerMorning has Broken
1997Winter98MusicWilliam MahanCountry Air Opus 35
1997Winter98MusicTraditional/George BachmannEamonn A Chnuic
1997Fall97ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1997Fall97ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1997Fall97ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1997Fall97ColumnDarhon Rees-RohrbacherNew Music in Print
1997Fall97ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1997Fall97ArticleMary RadspinnerConference Time
1997Fall97ArticleSally Loner BoydHistoric Galveston
1997Fall97ArticleBette VidrineThe Virtual Harp Chapter
1997Fall97ArticleMarjorie M. CerioA harmony of harps chapter
1997Fall97ArticleJane ValenciaAn American Harper in Wales
1997Fall97ArticleBarbara ToyAdventures of a student harper
1997Fall97ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenResults of "Membership Vote"
1997Fall97ArticleBen BrownLearning the cross-strung harp
1997Fall97ArticleJane ChaconThe gig that shouldn't have been
1997Fall97ArticleBerl LorenzThe creation of the C-Harp
1997Fall97ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISFHC Board meeting minutes
1997Fall97MusicRosemary Ledbetter/Pat RushtonThe Mermaid's Song
1997Fall97MusicTraditional/Barara FacklerOnce in Royal David's City
1997Fall97MusicTraditional/Diane Lawton MayerGood King Wenceslas
1997Summer96Coverphotos of the various articles
1997Summer96ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1997Summer96ColumnMary RadspinnerPresident's Page
1997Summer96ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1997Summer96ColumnDarhon Rees-RohrbacherNew Music in Print
1997Summer96ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1997Summer96ColumnNadine BunnISFHC.org
1997Summer96ArticleMarjorie CerioTo harp on a summer afternoon
1997Summer96ArticleNancy HurrellNews from the Lone Star Folk Harpers
1997Summer96ArticleReba Lunsford4th Annual Gulf Coast harp competition
1997Summer96ArticleLaurie RasmussenChapter Round-up
1997Summer96ArticleKami Olsson-TappReflections of a harp parent
1997Summer96ArticleJane ValenciaMeet Shelley Phillips
1997Summer96ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Ten
1997Summer96ArticleBen BrownAn overview of the chromatic harp's history and reception
1997Summer96ArticleJoan ClarkMelville Clark and the Clark Irish Harp
1997Summer96ArticlePamela BrunerThe night I played with the Chieftains
1997Summer96MusicRosemary Ledbetter/Pat RushtonThe Mermaid's Song
1997Summer96MusicTraditional/Barbara FacklerWhisper a Prayer
1997Summer96MusicHarper TascheEllen Magdalena
1997Summer96MusicWilliam MahanLittle Canon - Opus 37
1997Spring95CoverJohn Gillphoto of Mary Radspinner
1997Spring95ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1997Spring95ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1997Spring95ColumnNadine Bunn1997 Election results
1997Spring95ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1997Spring95ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1997Spring95ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenPostcard from Santa Barbara
1997Spring95ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes Harpers first contest for non-pedal harp
1997Spring95ArticleDebbie Brewin-WilsonHarpers' Escape Weekend 1996
1997Spring95PoemJennifer M. Pratt-WalterBronwyn's Lament
1997Spring95ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Nine
1997Spring95PoemEdna St. Vincent-MillayThe ballad of the harp weaver
1997Spring95FictionMark FeilThe Debt
1997Spring95ArticleJohn Balisy, CPAISHFC Financial Report
1997Spring95ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISHFC board meeting minutes
1997Spring95MusicTraditionalThe Young Man's Dream
1996Winter94CoverJason EysterPhoto of Winged Harp
1996Winter94ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1996Winter94ColumnJane ValenciaPresident's Page
1996Winter94ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1996Winter94ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1996Winter94ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1996Winter94ArticleMary RadspinnerGuide to 1996 ISFHC Chapters
1996Winter94ArticleMelissa MorganScenes from San Diego Harpers
1996Winter94ArticleTina TourinGrandfather Mountain Scottish Highland Games
1996Winter94ArticleDiane MossMingled Waters harp concert
1996Winter94ArticleMary RadspinnerA new holiday experience
1996Winter94ArticleLowri SpringPatronage Program
1996Winter94ArticleJoan ClarkHarps West
1996Winter94ArticleEvelyn HampsonEdinburgh Harp Festival
1996Winter94ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISHFC board meeting minutes
1996Winter94MusicTraditional/George BachmanThree Ravens
1996Winter94MusicMitch LandyDame Cinco
1996Winter94MusicDavid BurrowsHarpananda
1996Winter94MusicJoyce RiceFurry Elise
1996Winter94MusicTraditional/George BachmanChildgrove
1996Winter94MusicTraditional/George BachmanAire
1996Winter94MusicTraditional/George BachmanLlangloffan
1996Winter94MusicKarl WienandKirsten's Eerie Celtic Harp Song
1996Fall93ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1996Fall93ColumnJane ValenciaPresident's Page
1996Fall93ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1996Fall93ColumnMarg ChauvinNew Music in Print
1996Fall93ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1996Fall93ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1996Fall93ArticleAngela KaijaWorkshop with Tina Tourin in Toronto
1996Fall93ArticleJ. BeneckiSusan Sunshine
1996Fall93ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Eight
1996Fall93ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1996Fall93ArticleNancy HurrellNews from Texas and the Lone Star Harpers
1996Fall93ArticleTina TourinScenes from Vermont
1996Fall93ArticleNadine Bunn1997 ISHFC Candidates' messages
1996Fall93ArticleNadine Bunn1997 Election ballot
1996Fall93ArticleMike NielsenConfessions of a Celtic harp lounge lizard
1996Fall93ArticleBruce and Sylvia FellowsISHFC Financial Report
1996Fall93ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISHFC board meeting minutes
1996Fall93PoemPeggy RogersBallade: Reawakening
1996Fall93MusicTraditional/Shirley StarkeCoventry Carol
1996Fall93MusicTraditional/George BachmanAberystwyth
1996Summer92ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1996Summer92ColumnJane ValenciaPresident's Page
1996Summer92ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1996Summer92ColumnMarg ChauvinNew Music in Print
1996Summer92ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1996Summer92ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1996Summer92ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter Round-up
1996Summer92ArticleNancy HurrellNews from Texas
1996Summer92ArticlePeter MacaulayImpressions of Summer
1996Summer92ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Seven
1996Summer92ArticleJason EysterAir Resonances in the harp
1996Summer92ArticleCathy CotschallInterview with Sue Richards
1996Summer92ArticlePat RushtonSome thoughts on arranging
1996Summer92ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISHFC Board Minutes
1996Summer92ArticleBen BrownRegarding the cross-strung
1996Summer92PoemChelsea Alyssa LyonHarp Girl
1996Summer92MusicLaurie RileyThe house on Spruce Island
1996Summer92MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsSimple Gifts
1996Summer92MusicLibre Vermell/Therese HoneyStella Splendors
1996Spring91Coverphoto collage1996 Folk harp conference performers
1996Spring91ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1996Spring91ColumnJane ValenciaPresident's Page
1996Spring91ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1996Spring91ColumnLori PappajohnNew Music in Print
1996Spring91ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1996Spring91ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1996Spring91ColumnLaurie Riley1996 Folk harp conference update
1996Spring91ArticleMary RadspinnerNews from Texas
1996Spring91ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes Harpers 3rd Biennial Regional Conference
1996Spring91ArticleJane ValenciaDreams of the harp
1996Spring91ArticleCourtney WilhiteInland Northwest Second Annual Harp symposium
1996Spring91ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Six
1996Spring91ArticleAllegra HardulfiAlberto De La Rosa Sanchez of Mexico
1996Spring91ArticleLouise TrotterA turning point
1996Spring91ArticleLaurie RileySound and Matter
1996Spring91ArticleJohn KovakRethinking the harp semitone dilemma
1996Spring91ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1996Spring91ArticleVicki ParrishTaking the high road to the Celtic past
1996Spring91ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenISHFC 1996 Election results
1996Spring91ArticleLowri SprungPatronage Program
1996Spring91ArticleSylvia FellowsISHFC 1995 financial report
1996Spring91PoemLisa M. HerndonHarper's Hands
1996Spring91MusicWilliam MahanAdagio - Opus 20
1996Spring91MusicT. G. FebonioBallad
1996Spring91MusicJoyce RiceLoonlight (Claire de Lune)
1996Spring91MusicTom Anderson/Lori KeddellDa Slockit Light
1995Winter90ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1995Winter90ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1995Winter90ColumnJack Davis WalkerNew Music in Print
1995Winter90ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1995Winter90ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1995Winter90ColumnLaurie Riley1996 Folk harp conference update
1995Winter90ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter round-up
1995Winter90ArticleSonia O'ConnorA most extraordinary harp week
1995Winter90ArticleMary DeMunnikThe Lesson
1995Winter90ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Five
1995Winter90ArticleCindy CrawfordIberian harp comes to roost
1995Winter90ArticleBetty TruittRobinson Fund Report
1995Winter90ArticleMelinda GardinerThe story of Nemeton
1995Winter90ArticleVerlene SchermerSiu… A Fairy's Tale
1995Winter90ArticleSylvia FellowsISFHC Board meeting minutes
1995Winter90ArticleTina TourinAn album in the making on the shores of Ireland
1995Winter90ArticlePeter MacauleyNovice's guide to amplifying harps
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Deb Knodel, Jane ValenciaHebrides Dances #1: Harris Dance
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Sylvia FellowsA Virgin Unspotted
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Jack Davis WalkerLittle Jack Horner
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsThe Road to Lisdoonvarna
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsJensukkudansen
1995Winter90MusicDavid BurrowsHarps with Attitude!
1995Winter90MusicTraditional/Sue RichardsGalician Waltz
1995Fall89ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1995Fall89ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1995Fall89ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1995Fall89ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1995Fall89ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1995Fall89ColumnLaurie Riley1996 Folk harp conference update
1995Fall89ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter round-up
1995Fall89ArticleGwenda DaviesLyon & Healy International Jazz & Pop Harpfest
1995Fall89ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Four
1995Fall89ArticleMaureen BrennanFrom the Northwest
1995Fall89ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenMore from the Northwest
1995Fall89ArticleCam MacRaeHarping is alive and well in Vermont
1995Fall89ArticleDiana StorkSixth annual fesitval of harps
1995Fall89ArticleSylvia FellowsISFHC Candidates 1996
1995Fall89ArticleGwyneth EvansHarps North
1995Fall89ArticleMoira DettlaffSue Richards introduces harp at Texas Scottish Festival
1995Fall89ColumnMichael RobinsonA new arrangement of "Fannuidh de Paor"
1995Fall89ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes harpers Presents Third Biennial Conference
1995Fall89MusicTurlough O'Carolan/William MahanBlind Mary
1995Fall89MusicTraditional/Michael RobinsonFannuidh de Paor
1995Fall89MusicMeredith BaileyMeditation
1995Summer88ColumnSylvia FellowsWelcome Page
1995Summer88ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1995Summer88ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1995Summer88ColumnAndrew CordleBook Review
1995Summer88ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1995Summer88ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1995Summer88ColumnLaurie Riley1996 Folk harp conference update
1995Summer88ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter round-up
1995Summer88ArticleLowri SprungPatronage Program
1995Summer88ArticleJack BourdessLittle Harps on the prairie
1995Summer88ArticleMaureen BrennanNews from the Northwest
1995Summer88ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Three
1995Summer88ArticleSusan Harwood2nd Annual Gulf Coast competition
1995Summer88ArticleCourtney WilhiteThe Hamadryad Story
1995Summer88ArticleRoland RobinsonThe wit and wisdom of Roland Robinson
1995Summer88ArticleHilliard StoneTuning pins and their holes
1995Summer88ArticleSylvia FellowsThe Society needs you
1995Summer88ArticleAlegra HardulfiNews from the Southern California
1995Summer88ArticleRosemary StoutRouting the runes of rhythm
1995Summer88ArticleLowri SprungThe Historical harp workshop and conference
1995Summer88MusicTurlough O'Carolan/Diane MayerCharles O'Connor
1995Summer88MusicTina TourinShadow Spirit
1995Spring87ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1995Spring87ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1995Spring87ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1995Spring87ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1995Spring87ArticleSylvia Fellows1995 ISFHC Board Director and officer election results
1995Spring87ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter round-up
1995Spring87ArticleSylvia FellowsThe Society needs you
1995Spring87ArticleRoland RobinsonThe wit and wisdom of Roland Robinson
1995Spring87ArticleMaureen BrennanA potpourri of news from the Northwest
1995Spring87ArticleLaurie RileyMusic Heals
1995Spring87ArticleParaic NooneO'Carolan International Harp Festival
1995Spring87ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenA leaf from the Tree of Songs
1995Spring87ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1995Spring87ArticleJoseph JourdainStringband evaluation Part Two
1995Spring87ArticleTina TourinThe Five part STAR program
1995Spring87ArticleSylvia Fellows1994 Vermont Conference Cassette offer
1995Spring87ArticleCynthia ValenzuelaSecond Harp Congress of Latin America
1995Spring87MusicJoy MacCarthyMon Petit Papillon
1995Spring87MusicSylvia WoodsThe Legend
1994Winter86ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1994Winter86ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1994Winter86ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1994Winter86ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1994Winter86ColumnKathleen GuildayNew Music in Print
1994Winter86ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenChapter round-up
1994Winter86ArticleSylvia FellowsThe Society needs you
1994Winter86ArticleRoland RobinsonThe wit and wisdom of Roland Robinson
1994Winter86ArticleNancy HurrellThe Lone Star Folk Harpers of North Texas
1994Winter86ArticleMaureen BrennanBay Area Folk Harp Society news
1994Winter86ArticleLark BowermanAncient Roots, New Music
1994Winter86ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1994Winter86ArticleGwyneth EvansBook Reviews
1994Winter86ArticleAngela Kaija1994 Vermont ISFHC Conference in Review
1994Winter86ArticleTina TourinThe Five part STAR program
1994Winter86ArticleDarhon Rees-RohrbacherHarping for church services
1994Winter86MusicTraditional/Serena UnderwoodCoventry Carol
1994Winter85ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1994Winter85ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1994Winter85ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1994Winter85ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1994Winter85ArticleSylvia FellowsISFHC Financial Report
1994Winter85ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1994Winter85ArticleNadine BunnAttention Folk Harpers…
1994Winter85ArticleSally Loner BoydFirst Annual Gulf Coast Folk Harp competition
1994Winter85ArticleDouglas PetersonA Tale of three harps
1994Winter85ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1994Winter85ArticleLowri SprungIndex to the FHJ on the internet
1994Winter85ArticleJulio MartinezLas Arpas de America
1994Winter85ArticleTina TourinThe Five part STAR program
1994Winter85ArticleBeverly ColganRubber baby buggy bumpers
1994Winter85ArticleStarla D. ShaulisWhen I grow up I want to play the harp
1994Winter85ArticleBambi FischerIntroducing and presenting the harp to young children
1994Winter85MusicTraditional/Felicia KluzakMary Hamilton
1994Winter85ArticleHarper TascheThe Harp in the hospital?
1994Winter85MusicF. Bud WertheimSarah's Lullaby
1994Summer84ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1994Summer84ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1994Summer84ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1994Summer84ArticleSylvia FellowsISFHC Financial Report
1994Summer84ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1994Summer84ArticleRuss SpencerLorin Grean heeds "The Call"
1994Summer84ArticleDick HoarAnother pneumatic harp
1994Summer84ArticleDiana StorkNews from the Bay Area folk harp society
1994Summer84ArticleAllegra HardulfiLet us celebrate our harps
1994Summer84ArticleTina TourinThe Five part STAR program
1994Summer84ArticleDavid MichaelMore wild Scandinavian harping adventures
1994Summer84FictionVerlene SchermerSorrow, comfort and Joy
1994Summer84MusicTraditionalSally Gardens Reel
1994Summer84MusicTraditionalCliffs of Moher Jig
1994Summer84MusicG.F. Handel/Ardy MattoxWater Music Air
1994Summer84MusicRev. Allen DecEmilja's Dream
1994Spring83Covermisc photosPerformers at the 1994 ISFHC conference in Vermont
1994Spring83ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1994Spring83ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1994Spring83ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1994Spring83ArticleTina Tourin1994 ISFHC conference in Vermont
1994Spring83ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1994Spring83ArticleJanet GadeskiExcuses, Excuses
1994Spring83ArticleJim CowgillNews from the Washington DC folk harp society
1994Spring83ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1994Spring83ArticleAllegra HardulfiThe harpists of Paraguay
1994Spring83ArticleSunita StaneslowA Jewish Harp
1994Spring83ArticleMeredith BaileyHarpers in the Church
1994Spring83MusicElvina Hall/Meredith BaileyJesus Paid it all
1994Spring83MusicJeremiah Clarke/Thom DuttonTrumpet Voluntary
1993Winter82ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1993Winter82ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1993Winter82ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1993Winter82ArticleTina Tourin1994 ISFHC conference in Vermont
1993Winter82PoemMichael DinanOde a mon harpe Celtique
1993Winter82ArticleLarry MalletteWyndnwyre with Therese Honey
1993Winter82ArticleEsme BooneSeachaidh, A playable sculpture
1993Winter82ArticleAllegra HardulfiLet us celebrate our harps
1993Winter82ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1993Winter82ArticleEllen TepperOn playing harp in an English country dance band
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Crystal MossIt came upon a midnight clear
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Susan ScottCoventry Carol
1993Winter82MusicMozart/Mitch LandyLa ci darem la mano
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Ellen TepperParson's Farewell
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Ellen TepperAuretti's Dutch Skipper
1993Winter82MusicTraditional/Ellen TepperKnives and forks
1993Fall81ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1993Fall81ColumnNadine BunnFrom the Editor
1993Fall81ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1993Fall81ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1993Fall81ArticleTina Tourin1994 ISFHC conference in Vermont
1993Fall81ArticleSylvia FellowsISFHC Financial Statements
1993Fall81ArticleDavid HarpsterRoland Robinson
1993Fall81ArticlePhyllis RobinsonLetter
1993Fall81ArticleBetty TruittThe Robinson Fund
1993Fall81ArticleRay MooersA memorial letter to Robbie
1993Fall81ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1993Fall81ArticleSylvia FellowsA Tune; A Day
1993Fall81ArticleNadine BunnYour thoughts and thanks to Robbie and Phyllis
1993Fall81ArticleR. L. RobinsonQuality
1993Fall81ArticleLouise TrotterCanadian folk harp festival
1993Fall81ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHarps on the horizon
1993Fall81PoemSarah WilsonA Harp's Wish
1993Fall81ArticleTina TourinOn composing
1993Fall81ArticleJames PeroneBooks & New music in print
1993Fall81ArticleLouise TrotterThe Lyon & Healy International Jazz & Pop harpfest 1993
1993Fall81ArticleR. L. RobinsonFolk harp design
1993Fall81ArticleMelissa MorganRobinson's Farewell
1993Fall81PoemR. L. RobinsonPeace
1993Fall81MusicTraditional/Jack Davis WalterLamentation for "Robbie" Robinson
1993Fall81MusicGordon Bok/Carol RohlMorag
1993Summer80ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1993Summer80ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1993Summer80ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1993Summer80ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1993Summer80ArticleChris LindgrenKim Robertson's harp workshop in Wells, BC
1993Summer80ArticleVince BrachGreg Buchanan plays folk harp in Lindale, Texas
1993Summer80ArticleNadine BunnNew Mexico Harp retreat
1993Summer80ArticleLaurie RileyAdventures with multiple course harps
1993Summer80ArticleDave ThormahlenHarp Woods
1993Summer80ArticleKathleen GuildayNew Music in Print
1993Summer80ArticleMaureen BrennanFestival of Harps
1993Summer80ArticleDavid MichaelWild ferryboat harping adventures
1993Summer80ArticleTina TourinComposing
1993Summer80ArticleMichael RobinsonThe Bob-tailed black sow
1993Summer80MusicMischa TourinThe World of Starfish
1993Summer80MusicJodi McQuillenThe misty morning of may
1992Fall78ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1992Fall78ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1992Fall78ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1992Fall78ArticleTina Tourin1994 ISFHC conference
1992Fall78ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1992Fall78ArticlePatricia JaegerNew Music in Print
1992Fall78ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1992Fall78ArticleSusan Scott1992 Folk Harp Conference in San Diego
1992Fall78ArticleKyle WohlmutThe Redwood Mountain harp-off
1992Fall78ArticleRoland RobinsonHow the harp came to America
1992Fall78ArticleAndrew CordleConcert Courtesy
1992Fall78ArticleRoland RobinsonAlberto de la Rosa
1992Fall78ArticleTina TourinComposing
1992Fall78ArticleJohn WileyWe have lost a great Paraguayan Harpist
1992Fall78ArticleRichard BrislinMy worst (or most unusual) gig
1992Fall78MusicWilliam MahanA Christmas hymn to St. Joseph
1992Fall78MusicDebussy/Susan ScottClaire de Lune
1992Summer77ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1992Summer77ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1992Summer77ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1992Summer77ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1992Summer77ArticleGail GallagherNew Music in Print
1992Summer77ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1992Summer77ArticleTina TourinComposing
1992Summer77ArticleNadine BunnStrings at concert pitch Summer/Fall 1992
1992Summer77ArticleNadine BunnHarp Events abroad
1992Summer77ArticleVince BrachCarlos Guesdes and "Desvio" in Tyler, Texas
1992Summer77ArticleDregs MalarkeyPhiladelphia's folklife center commemoration of the 1792 Belfast harp festival
1992Summer77ArticleCynthia CooperRemembering Vermont
1992Summer77PoemLindsey TarmanIce Crystals
1992Summer77ArticleSally Loner BoydArranging "Eleanor Plunket"
1992Summer77MusicO'Carolan/Sally Loner BoydEleanor Plunket
1992Summer77MusicO'Carolan/Kim RobertsonBlind Mary
1992Summer77MusicKimberly TownsendMy Sister's Hat
1992Summer77MusicWilliam MahanThe Frog and the Leprechaun
1992Summer77MusicTraditional/Susan ScottRomance D'Amour
1992Summer77MusicTraditional/Deb KnodelLauda
1992Spring76ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1992Spring76ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1992Spring76ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1992Spring76ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1992Spring76ArticleLowri SprungThe Patronage Program
1992Spring76ArticleJane ValenciaNew Music in Print
1992Spring76ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1992Spring76ArticleTina TourinComposing
1992Spring76ArticleKatherine Cleary1992 ISFHC Conference
1992Spring76ArticleNadine BunnStrings at concert pitch Summer/Fall 1992
1992Spring76ArticleJack BourdessHarp-ening '91
1992Spring76ArticleJean HumphreyGreat Lakes Harpers sponsor regional conference
1992Spring76ArticleAnne KrickelHarping through Europe
1992Spring76PoemJoel AndrewsNow you can set the chords to a melody
1992Spring76ArticleLowri Sprung8th Annual Historical harp conference and workshop
1992Spring76ArticleDanny JahrTone wood for folk harps
1992Spring76ArticleJay AnsillJay Ansill's gratuitous guide to shameless self-promotion
1992Spring76ArticleNadine BunnThe Year of the harp
1992Spring76ArticleJoanne RobinsonRemembering Spring in Paraguay
1992Spring76ArticleBruce FellowsSpring supplement to the 1991 ISFHC membership directory
1992Spring76MusicBarbara MerrillWaves
1992Spring76MusicGael KathrynsGwinna
1991Winter75CoverphotoMyrdhin, the Bard of Brittany
1991Winter75ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1991Winter75ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1991Winter75ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1991Winter75ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1991Winter75ArticleBarbara HilaireNew Music in Print
1991Winter75ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1991Winter75ArticleBruce FellowsWinter supplement to the 1991 ISFHC membership directory
1991Winter75ArticleKatherine Cleary1992 Folk harp conference update
1991Winter75ArticleLynette JohnsonMyrdhin, the Bard of Brittany
1991Winter75ArticleElisabeth AffolterThe 1991 Dinan Internation Celtic harp festival
1991Winter75ArticleNancy HurrellThe world harp festival in Cardiff, Wales
1991Winter75ArticleJane ValenciaHarp networking via email
1991Winter75ArticleRoxanne PoissonAn interview with Lori Pappajohn
1991Winter75MusicLinda BruceGo to Sleep
1991Winter75MusicBobby WayneSlow March
1991Fall74ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1991Fall74ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1991Fall74ColumnNadine BunnNotes from the Editor
1991Fall74ColumnBetty TruittLetter from the Vice-President
1991Fall74ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1991Fall74ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1991Fall74ArticleKatherine ClearyFifth biennial conference of FHC
1991Fall74ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHarps on the Horizon
1991Fall74ArticleNadine BunnThe Schlomovitz-Quinn Harp studios sponsors international festival concert
1991Fall74ArticleRoland RobinsonThe Fifth annual Paraguayan folk harp festival
1991Fall74ArticleBruce FellowsISFHC membership renewal and election ballot for 1992
1991Fall74ArticleMarvin BanaskyMy love and harp music
1991Fall74ArticleCarrol McLaughlinFascinatin' Rhythms at the 1991 International Jazz & Pop harpfest
1991Fall74ArticleChristina TourinThe First Canadian folk harp festival
1991Fall74ArticleKyle WohlmutImpressions on the Edinburgh harp festival
1991Fall74ArticlePatrick WynneHarp-toons
1991Fall74ArticleSylvia FellowsMinutes of the ISFHC board of directors and officers meeting
1991Fall74MusicTraditional/Mitch LandyBrezairola
1991Fall74MusicBobbie WayneDunfair's Folly
1991Summer73ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1991Summer73ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1991Summer73ColumnAdam Victor ChristensenGuest Editorial
1991Summer73ColumnSylvia Fellows1991 ISFHC Financial Report
1991Summer73ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1991Summer73ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1991Summer73ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1991Summer73ArticleRoland RobinsonThe Fifth annual Paraguayan folk harp festival
1991Summer73ArticleMary B. de MunnikNews from Ontario
1991Summer73ArticleDregs MalarkeyNorthwest Region hosts workshop with Tina Tourin and Kim Robertson
1991Summer73ArticleGail GallagherOgham Harps of County Kerry, Ireland
1991Summer73ArticleLaurie RileyEasy Key Changes
1991Summer73ArticleEd GalchickWorst Gigs
1991Summer73ArticlePatrick WynneHarp-toons
1991Summer73ArticleRuth DavisMake a custom harp case
1991Summer73MusicSergio CuevaLamento Paraguayo
1991Summer73MusicBobby WayneThe Harper's Song
1991Summer73MusicCynthia ValenzuelaAsturias Canon Jig
1991Spring72ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1991Spring72ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1991Spring72ColumnNadine BunnNotes from the Editor
1991Spring72ColumnSylvia FellowsISFHC Election results and supplement to the directory
1991Spring72ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1991Spring72ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1991Spring72ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1991Spring72ArticlePatrick WynneHarp-toons
1991Spring72ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHarps on the horizon
1991Spring72ArticleLauren Foster-MacLeodAn interview with Loreena McKennitt
1991Spring72ArticleLaurie RileyFrom the Judge's point of view
1991Spring72ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenThe Carved Harp II
1991Spring72ArticleGloria GalanteMaria Rosa Vidal
1991Spring72ArticleNancy Thym-HochrienWorst Gigs
1991Spring72ArticlePatrick WynneHarp-toons
1991Spring72ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Reviews
1991Spring72ArticleGabrielle M. Ortega-MillerThe Seventh annual Historical harp conference
1991Spring72ArticleLowri SprungAbstracts from a paper on the triple harp
1991Spring72ArticleBecky BrockDouble your pleasure
1991Spring72ArticleJames H. BlackburnA little harp tale
1991Spring72ArticleJoy MacCarthyIn Memory's book
1991Spring72ArticleEdith O'DonnellOlde Songe
1991Spring72MusicCynthia ValenzuelaGypsy's Reel
1991Spring72MusicO'Carolan/Jane ChaconHewlett
1990Winter71ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1990Winter71ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1990Winter71ColumnNadine BunnNotes from the Editor
1990Winter71ColumnSylvia FellowsWinter supplement to the 1990 ISFHC membership directory
1990Winter71ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1990Winter71ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1990Winter71ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1990Winter71ArticlePatrick WynneHarp-toons
1990Winter71ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHarps on the horizon
1990Winter71ArticleMargot KrimmelHarping in Europe
1990Winter71ArticleJoseph JourdainKim Robertson's workshop in Wells
1990Winter71ArticleLaurie RileyA new perspective
1990Winter71ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHiraezh the making of Christine Leahy's film tribute to Alan Stivell
1990Winter71ArticleLaurie RileyAn interview with Mickie Zekley and Elizabeth Clarke
1990Winter71ArticleLaurie RasmussenMy worst gig
1990Winter71ArticleNadine BunnNew music in print
1990Winter71ArticleJohn WheelerBiblical songs for modern harpers
1990Winter71ArticleRod BaslerThe 1990 Lark in the morning summer music celebration
1990Winter71MusicTraditional/S. Haik-VantouraPsalm 62
1990Winter71MusicO'Carolan/Ellen TepperLoftus Jones
1990Winter71MusicTraditional/Sandy SmithAy Para Navidad
1990Winter71MusicDiana StorkWedding Bells
1990Fall70ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1990Fall70ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1990Fall70ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference in review
1990Fall70ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1990Fall70ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds
1990Fall70ArticleLaurie RileyEverything you always wanted to know
1990Fall70ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenHarps on the horizon
1990Fall70ArticlePaula LalishNews from Quimper folk harp society
1990Fall70ArticleSile FlemingNews from Seattle
1990Fall70ArticleJohn YuleThe carved harp
1990Fall70ArticleRonald WallThe carved harp
1990Fall70ArticleGlenn HillThe carved harp
1990Fall70ArticleLaurie RasmussenA prize harp & discography
1990Fall70ArticleRichard McChesneyLap harps and early music
1990Fall70ArticleRoland Robinson1990 Paraguayan harp festival in Asuncion
1990Fall70ArticleLaurie RileyEthics in harpbuilding
1990Fall70ArticleGloria GalanteMy worst gig
1990Fall70ArticlePaul WynneHarp-toon
1990Fall70MusicTraditional/Jane ValenciaSleep Soond in Da Mornin'
1990Fall70MusicTraditional/Chris CaswellSleep Soond in Da Mornin'
1990Fall70MusicTraditional/Sandy SmithUna noche serena y obscura
1990Fall70MusicDan MillerTranquility in the Heart
1990Summer69ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1990Summer69ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1990Summer69ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule
1990Summer69ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1990Summer69ArticleLaurie RileyGetting satisfaction from group classes
1990Summer69ArticleRoland RobinsonTakitos (Ta-Kee-Toes)
1990Summer69ArticleRichard McChesneyAlike under the skin
1990Summer69ArticleMargot KrimmelSight reading in flat keys
1990Summer69ArticleDavid KarstaedtLamentation on a halfpenny
1990Summer69ArticleHilliard StoneMaking a harp soundboard
1990Summer69ArticleEllen TepperThe professional harpers gather in Vermont
1990Summer69ArticleBruce FellowsFinancial Report
1990Summer69ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1990Summer69ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1990Summer69ArticleJill CurnowAristoxenus
1990Summer69MusicJill CurnowAristoxenus
1990Summer69MusicEdith O'Donnell/Sylvia FellowsOlde Song
1990Summer69MusicTraditional/E. Ni BrhroinGreehans Reel
1990Summer69MusicTraditioanl/Sylvia FellowsLamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill
1990Summer69MusicDarhon Rees-RohrbacherBelle Qui Tienes ma vie
1990Spring68ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1990Spring68ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1990Spring68ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule
1990Spring68ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1990Spring68ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1990Spring68ArticleGlenn HillHow to dream a harp
1990Spring68ArticleLaurie RileyUnderstanding the theory of improvisation, arranging, and composing
1990Spring68ArticleGaylord StaufferA clan gathering of harpers
1990Spring68ArticleDaphne HellmanVisit to a wonderful world
1990Spring68ArticleBen BrownMy worst gig
1990Spring68ArticleMark BollesLawyers, Guns, and Money
1990Spring68ArticleLowri Lee SprungThe Sixth annual historical harp workshop and conference
1990Spring68ArticleBruce FellowsSupplement to the membership directory
1990Spring68MusicTraditional/Allegra HardulfiZither Carol
1989Winter67CoverAdam Victor Christensenillustration
1989Winter67ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1989Winter67ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1989Winter67ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule
1989Winter67ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1989Winter67ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1989Winter67ArticleBruce FellowsSupplement to the membership directory
1989Winter67ArticleNancy HurrellMy worst gig
1989Winter67ArticleJoseph JourdainLouise Trotter's summer workshop in Wells, B.C., Canada
1989Winter67ArticleGwenda Joan DaviesNotes from my recent visit to Wales
1989Winter67ArticleRoland RobinsonPapi Basaldua
1989Winter67ArticleBecky BrockExpanding the horizons of the lever harp
1989Winter67ArticleLaurie RileySo you want to be a teacher
1989Winter67ArticleSylvia FellowsBook Review
1989Winter67ArticleMario G. DaigleBuild your dream
1989Winter67MusicTraditional/Janet NaylorMist covered mountains
1989Winter67MusicPatrick GublerThe coming Winter
1989Winter67MusicTraditional/Sylvia FellowsThree Kings
1989Winter67MusicTraditional/Darhon Rees-RohrbacherCuando el Rey Nimrod
1989Fall66ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1989Fall66ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1989Fall66ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule
1989Fall66ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1989Fall66ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1989Fall66ArticleLaurie RileyMy worst gig
1989Fall66ArticleDeborah FriouThe Edinburgh Harp festival
1989Fall66ArticleDinah LeHovenAn interview with Patrick Ball
1989Fall66ArticleMeredith BaileyHarp and handbells
1989Fall66ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1989Fall66ArticleFloyd EllingtonBuilding the first Tara
1989Fall66MusicSylvia FellowsSimple Bransle
1989Fall66MusicTraditional/Francoiss HascoetThe march of Lissadel
1989Fall66MusicDiana PaxsonThe Wandersong
1989Fall66MusicDiana PaxsonHarpsong
1989Summer65CoverJoseph JourdainMarilyn Rummel
1989Summer65ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1989Summer65ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1989Summer65ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1989Summer65ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1989Summer65ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1989Summer65ArticleRoland RobinsonThe 3rd Rochas harp festival is launched
1989Summer65ArticleDan BeanerMy worst gig
1989Summer65ArticleNadine BunnChapter News
1989Summer65ArticleKaren R. MuellerGLH planning succumbs to AHS Conference mania
1989Summer65ArticleBetty TruittWhispers from Dragonwhispers
1989Summer65ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1989Summer65ArticleLouise TrotterPlaying music by ear
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Catherine DelavierCliff of Moher
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Olatz ZugastiEzkondu Nintzanean
1989Summer65MusicMargaret BleckerThe harpers all came
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Gaylord StaufferTriptic Dance
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Gaylord StaufferTallis Canon
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Gaylord StaufferDona Nobis Pacem
1989Summer65MusicTraditional/Gaylord StaufferBrian Boru
1989Summer64CoverAdam Victor Christensenillustration
1989Summer64ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1989Summer64ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1989Summer64ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule
1989Spring64ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1989Spring64ArticleNadine BunnTour schedules
1989Spring64ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1989Spring64ArticleKim RobertsonMy worst gig
1989Spring64ArticleDavid KarstaedtChris Caswell's Harp Quest
1989Spring64ArticleGwyneth EvansHarps in children's literature
1989Spring64ArticleBecky BaxterPossibilities and Pursuits
1989Spring64ArticleMargot KrimmelA place just right
1989Spring64ArticleBruce FellowsISFHC Board meeting minutes and membership directory supplement
1989Spring64MusicDeborah Henson-ConantCarnethy Blues
1989Spring64MusicMozart/Margot KrimmelExcerpt from a Theme
1989Spring64MusicMozart/Margot KrimmelAndante
1988Winter63ColumnLinda BruceFrom the President
1988Winter63ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1988Winter63ColumnGaylord StaufferISFHC 1990 conference info & schedule & directory supplement
1988Winter63ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1988Winter63ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1988Winter63ArticleSarah GlasscoWashington DC benefit harp concert
1988Winter63ArticleTina TourinScottish Harp Course 1988
1988Winter63ArticleRobin Arioto FickleThe San Francisco early music society's first annual medieval workshop
1988Winter63ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1988Winter63ArticleLouise TrotterGetting the most from workshops
1988Winter63ArticleAdam Victor ChristensenThe tales of Seraphina's harp
1988Winter63ArticleRobin Arioto FickleThe hexachord system of Guido D'Arezzo
1988Winter63MusicTraditional/Robin Huw BowenLady Harriet Clive's hornpipe
1988Winter63MusicTraditional/Robin Huw BowenThe old Liverpool hornpipe
1988Winter63MusicTraditional/Robin Huw BowenThe devil's dream
1988Winter63MusicTraditional/Kim RobertsonAs Joseph was a-walkin'
1988Winter63MusicCantigas de amigoBailemos
1988Winter63MusicJim St. Ours/Jane ChaconThe Last goodbye
1988Fall62ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1988Fall62ColumnBetty TruittISFHC 1988 conference photos
1988Fall62ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1988Fall62ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1988Fall62ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1988Fall62ArticleChristine BonnerMy new arrival
1988Fall62ArticleLouise TrotterIs your harp giving you a pain in the neck?
1988Fall62ArticlePatrica JohnMarjorie and Patuffa Kennedy-Fraser
1988Fall62ArticleHonor TreadawayString Care
1988Fall62ArticleSylvia FellowsBoard meeting minutes
1988Fall62MusicNaomi LesterHarper's Tale
1988Fall62MusicCarolan/Dennis DoylePlannxty Wilkenson
1988Fall62MusicO.L. Lantz/Louise TrotterSong of the Coqui
1988Summer61ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1988Summer61ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1988Summer61ColumnBetty TruittMessage from a vice-President
1988Summer61ColumnHarriette LannerISFHC 1988 conference information
1988Summer61ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1988Summer61ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1988Summer61ArticleNadine BunnRegional News
1988Summer61ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1988Summer61ArticleTeed Rockwell and Diana StorkInterview with Robert Bunker
1988Summer61ArticleDon CortesiYou gave respect to the harp: Don Cortesi
1988Summer61ArticleSheila FlemingHow to be a harp camp director
1988Summer61ArticlePaula LalishThe care and feeding of a harp camp
1988Summer61ArticleRoland RobinsonJus' plain folks
1988Summer61ArticleSylvia WoodsISFHC Questionnaire
1988Summer61ArticleLinda SimonsonFourth annual historical harp conference
1988Summer61ArticleThe harpers' circle
1988Summer61ArticleGriffith H. WilliamsElectrical Excitement
1988Summer61ArticleHarriette LannerHave you hugged your harp today?
1988Summer61ArticleSylvia FellowsBoard meeting minutes & 1987 financial report
1988Summer61MusicLorraine DuisitDark Dreams
1988Spring60ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1988Spring60ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1988Spring60ColumnHarriette LannerISFHC 1988 conference information
1988Spring60ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1988Spring60ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1988Spring60ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1988Spring60ArticleEmily DriverThe Clarsach society summer course
1988Spring60ArticleHerbert W. Kleinfeld IIIA harp for the North Country
1988Spring60ArticleNadine BunnUpcoming events
1988Spring60ArticleGloria GalanteThe harp is schools performance program
1988Spring60ArticleElizabeth HannonO'Carolan harp festival, Keadue, Ireland
1988Spring60ArticleLaurie RileyPracticing effectively
1988Spring60PoemDavid Z. CrookesA translation of Gerard de Nerval's Fantaisie
1988Spring60ArticleSylvia FellowsSupplement to ISFHC membeship directory
1988Spring60MusicCarolan/Chris LundgrenMadame Maxwell
1988Spring60MusicTraditional/LaVon JakobsonWayfaring Stranger
1987Winter59ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1987Winter59ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1987Winter59ColumnHarriette LannerISFHC 1988 conference information
1987Winter59ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1987Winter59ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1987Winter59ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1987Winter59ArticleLynette JohnsonRegional News
1987Winter59ArticleDennis DoyleFolk harp activities at the Milwaukee Irish Fest 1987
1987Winter59ArticleJosephy JourdainIsland Mountain school of arts
1987Winter59ArticleLarry FisherHarp making with children
1987Winter59ArticleBetty TruittAn interview with Carolos Reyes
1987Winter59ArticleRoland RobinsonThis one's for Kim
1987Winter59ArticleGreg HarfordSound reinforcement systems for harp
1987Winter59ArticleFelicia KluzakBasic damping technique for wire strung harp
1987Winter59ArticleKim RobertsonMilwaukee's Jeanne Henderson
1987Winter59ArticleJohn McDevittLow-tech peg makers
1987Winter59ArticleSylvia FellowsSupplement to the ISFHC membership directory
1987Winter59MusicTraditional/Lynette JohnsonWhat is this lovely Fragrance?
1987Fall58ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1987Fall58ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1987Fall58ColumnDinah LeHovenRinging Strings
1987Fall58ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1987Fall58ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1987Fall58ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook #6
1987Fall58PoemCatherine DilleUntitled poem
1987Fall58ArticleAlan HeathThe Edinburgh harp festival
1987Fall58ArticleGary Ralph GarritanoAn interview with Andreas Vollenweider
1987Fall58ArticleLaurie RileyWill the real facts please stand up?
1987Fall58ArticleKeith SangerAspects of harping in lowland Scotland
1987Fall58ArticleBrian RobisonPolyrhythmic study on "Gwenno Fwyn"
1987Fall58ArticleDave KarstaedtWhen someone asks me…
1987Fall58ArticleSylvia FellowsSupplement to the ISFHC membership directory
1987Fall58MusicBrian RobisonGwenno Fwyn
1987Summer57ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1987Summer57ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1987Summer57ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1987Summer57ArticleDaniel E. HarmonSturdiness is the most important quality to a Southern harpmaker
1987Summer57ArticleLaurie RileyWill the real facts please stand up?
1987Summer57ArticleLaurie RileyThe great Dusty Strings harp playoff
1987Summer57ArticleGloria GalanteMartha Clancy
1987Summer57ArticleGordon JohnsonThe Ideal harp
1987Summer57MusicSylvia FellowsPoem for Tamara
1987Spring56ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1987Spring56ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1987Spring56ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1987Spring56ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1987Spring56ArticleRoland RobinsonHarps in Paraguaya
1987Spring56ArticleRalph GarritanoAn interview with DeWayne Fulton
1987Spring56ArticleDavid GriffithsAn introduction to the Welsh tripple harp
1987Spring56ArticleKim RobertsonThe Performing Art
1987Spring56ArticlePatricia JohnAmherst Historical harp conference
1987Spring56ArticleNancy Thym-HochreinMore about historical harp
1987Spring56ArticleClaire TallmanAn evening with Robin Williamson
1987Spring56ArticleLindsey D. LoveCeltic music design
1987Spring56ArticleRosalyn BrileyThe harp and the Catholic wedding mass
1987Spring56MusicMascagni/Jane ChaconIntermezzo
1986Winter55CoverDorie Hutchinsonillustration
1986Winter55ColumnNadine BunnEditor's Page
1986Winter55ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1986Winter55ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1986Winter55ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1986Winter55ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1986Winter55ArticleAlan HeathAs if by magic
1986Winter55ArticleRoland RobinsonQuality
1986Winter55ArticleDorothy HurshThe Midwest Lives!
1986Winter55ArticleRichard W. BrislinAn interview with Antoinette McKenna
1986Winter55ArticleAlfredo Rolando OrtizLearning to place fingers at the same time
1986Winter55ArticleJanie FreeburgNew music for the holiday season
1986Winter55ArticleBernard-Paul SypniewskiMedieval and Renaissance music
1986Winter55ArticleKim RobertsonThe Dream Harp
1986Winter55ArticleGloria GalanteHarp hands in Japan
1986Winter55MusicTraditional/Janie FreeburgWestphalia Waltz
1986Winter55MusicDaniel Berry/Janie FreeburgChristmas Morning
1986Fall54ColumnNadine BunnEditor's Page
1986Fall54ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1986Fall54ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1986Fall54ArticleNadine BunnClassifieds
1986Fall54ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1986Fall54ArticleSyliva FellowsISFHC conference review and photos
1986Fall54ArticleRebekah Scogin: an interview
1986Fall54ArticleNadine Bunnupcoming events
1986Fall54ArticleOtto PietzLuminenta 1
1986Fall54ArticleHarp Trivia
1986Fall54MusicRebekah ScoginShab'Ha Betoh
1986Fall54MusicTraditional/Dale A. OlsenYerba Santa
1986June53ColumnNadine BunnEditor's Page
1986June53ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1986June53ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1986June53ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1986June53ArticleMary AndersonThe will finds the way
1986June53ArticlePat SwyneyThe Cetic harp art of Bradley W. Scheneck
1986June53ArticleNadine Bunnupcoming events
1986June53ArticleKeith SangerPatrick O'Byrne and John Bell
1986June53PoemBradley W. ScheneckDeath in the King's house
1986June53ArticleRobert BunkerRhapsody in Wood
1986June53ArticlePaul CulottaA computer program from the string layout in the design of a new harp
1986June53MusicTraditional/Marianne NystromMy love is like a red red rose
1986March52ColumnNadine BunnEditor's Page
1986March52ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1986March52ColumnLinda BrucePresident's Page
1986March52ArticleKathleen GuildayBook Review
1986March52ArticleMark BollesHarpmaker's notebook
1986March52ArticleMarjorie TayloeRobbie and Phyllis Robinson & the Robinson's harp shop
1986March52PoemDiane WymanBe careful of harps when you are busy
1986March52ArticleLaurie RileyLearning hand positions by the dot system
1986March52ArticleEd StoverThe Lyre and the King
1986March52ArticlePatricia JohnBrays
1986March52ArticleBernard-Paul SypniewskiMedieval and Renaissance music
1986March52ArticleJanie FreeburgAlaskan Inspirations
1986March52ArticleBetty TruittDragonwhispers
1986March52MusicTraditional/Rebekah ScoginThe Flowers of Edinburgh
1986March52MusicTraditional/Domingi BouchaudComplainte de la blanche biche
1986March52MusicValerie TreflezAr flourig (La caresse)
1986March52MusicMark Schlenz/Janie FreeburgFireweed
1985Dec.51CoverBradley SchenckIllustration
1985Dec.51ColumnNadine BunnEditorial
1985Dec.51ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1985Dec.51ColumnLinda BruceLetter from Society President
1985Dec.51ArticleSylvia WoodsThe Second Convention of the ISFHC
1985Dec.51ArticleSylvia ChapmanThe evolving natural history of the wall harp
1985Dec.51ArticleRoss BarrableThe Soulcri Wind Harp
1985Dec.51MusicPauline PittengerLittle Jesus - Christmas Lullaby
1985Dec.51MusicRowland/Deborah FriouLord Willoughby's Welcome Home
1985Dec.51ArticleDinah LeHovenProducing your own Tape - Part 2
1985Dec.51ArticleBradley SchenckScandinavian Double harp
1985Dec.51ArticleJay WitcherReconstructing the Scandinavian harp
1985Dec.51ArticlePatricia JohnThe Historical harp conference 1985
1985Dec.51ArticleBarbara DeGrootHarpist strickes a chord "On top of the World"
1985Dec.51ArticleBernard-Paul SypniewskiMedieval & Renaissance Music
1985Dec.51ArticlePatricia Clark CallachorMagic Moments in Mendocino
1985Dec.51MusicTraditional/WoodsongIn the Bleak Midwinter
1985Dec.51MusicTraditional/Serena UnderwoodHe is Born
1985Dec.51ColumnNadine BunnHarp Makers' Forum
1985Dec.51PoemGlenn Robert TerryGratitude
1985Dec.51PoemMaria Rosa VidalEl Ultimo Adios De mi arpa
1985Dec.51ColumnNadine BunnClassifieds/News
1985Sept.50CoverPhotoAtahualpa Poalasin
1985Sept.50ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1985Sept.50ColumnLinda BruceLetter from Society President
1985Sept.50ArticleWendy StewartStreet Harp
1985Sept.50ArticleNick KoenigComposing with your Harp
1985Sept.50ArticleRalph GarritanoAn Interview with Atahualpa Poalasin
1985Sept.50ArticlePatrica JohnThe Harp Groat; Coin of the Realm
1985Sept.50MusicDavid Meece/Sylvia FellowsOne Small Child
1985Sept.50MusicTraditional/Bonnie HyndmanGentle Mary
1985Sept.50ArticleDick HoarA Pneumatic Harp
1985Sept.50ArticleDinah LeHovenProducing your own Tape
1985Sept.50ArticleChris CaswellFixing Folk Harps
1985Sept.50ArticleShelley Batt ArchamboTip-Top harp Talk
1985Sept.50ArticleGregory D. HarfordFingernails, Fingernails - Part 2
1985Sept.50PoemJames RydeckiHarpist in the Wind
1985Sept.50PoemJanice BlackUntitled Aunt's Request for Branwyn to Listen for the Harp
1985June49CoverTom Moore and the Woodie Pressold photo of kids
1985June49ColumnNadine BunnEditorial
1985June49ColumnNadine BunnLetters to the Editor
1985June49ColumnLinda BruceLetter from Society President
1985June49ArticleZareen AstradamaThe First Lesson
1985June49IllustrationWelsh Bard with Harp in hand
1985June49ArticleRon KonzakThe Puget Sound Wind Harp- Part 3
1985June49ArticleNadine BunnO'Carolan Harp Festival
1985June49MusicSylvia FellowsLullaby for Erin Amerleigh
1985June49MusicRichard WagnerBridal Chorus
1985June49MusicChris GosselinCory's Belated Birthday Tune
1985June49MusicChristine MartinDunkeld Hermitage Bridge
1985June49MusicBobbie WayneThe Harp Seal's Lullaby
1985June49ArticlePaul CulottaA mathematical /computerizable approach for the string layout in the design of a new harp
1985June49ArticlePatrica JohnConcerning a Small harp in the Louvre
1985June49ArticleNadine BunnIrish Harp class set for 1985 Augusta Workshop
1985June49ArticleKeith SangerHarperlands
1985June49ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonHarp Makers and Teachers List
1985June49ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonString Article Update
1985June49ArticleGregory D. HarfordFingernails, Fingernails
1985June49ArticleDavid HasemyerJoy Fills this Harp Maker
1985June49ArticleT. I. SloanThe MacFall Harps
1985March48ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1985March48ArticleMarjorie TayloeMore on Morley
1985March48ArticleMarjorie TayloeMeet Wilfred Smith
1985March48ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonLlangollen Internation Musical Eisteddfod
1985March48ArticleJean CampbellThe Harp in Scotland from the Sixth Century to the Present Day
1985March48PoemI. B. WoodburyStrike the Harp Gently
1985March48MusicCaroll O'Day / Marjorie TayloeEileen My Love
1985March48MusicTraditional / Marjorie TayloeThe Fiann Mount
1985March48MusicTraditional / Mischa PortnoffShepherd Hey
1985March48MusicJ.S. Bach / Marjorie TayloeSheep May Safely Graze
1985March48MusicAnton Dvorak / Marjorie TayloeNew World Symphony
1985March48ArticleMargaret BalfourHistorical Sketch
1985March48PoemH. S. StewartThe Harp Woman
1985March48ArticlePatricia JohnArian
1985March48ArticleDinah LeHovenMy Harping Trip to Ireland and Scotland
1985March48ArticleHelen HenryHarps and Legends
1985March48ArticleRon KonzakThe Puget Sound Wind Harp - Part 2
1984Dec.47CoverPhoto - John Roberts
1984Dec.47ColumnLucile JenningsLetter from the Guest Editor
1984Dec.47ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1984Dec.47ArticleJames F. Dunne and Lucy McCaffreyO'Cahan, The Blind Harper of Johnson Hall
1984Dec.47ArticleJ. George MorelyStrings, Stringing, and Tuning
1984Dec.47ArticleJ. George MorelyLetter from John Roberts to J. George Morley
1984Dec.47ArticleBen Bechtel and Cheryl Ann FultonHistorical Harp Conference Proposes New Society
1984Dec.47ArticleLucile JenningsWelsh Harp Society of North America
1984Dec.47ArticleGrinne YeatsThe Making of an Album
1984Dec.47MusicEdward JonesThe Live Long Night
1984Dec.47ArticleRobert KorrowA Radiused Neck Joint
1984Dec.47ArticleRon KonzakThe Puget Sound Wind Harp
1984Dec.47ArticlePatricia JohnDonn Byrne, Bard of Armagh
1984Dec.47ArticleL. C. PatrickThe Mini-Concert Harp Project
1984Dec.47ArticleKeith SangerSome Unruly Scottish Harpers
1984Dec.47ArticleJ. Alan WardRouter Fixture for Tapering Soundboards and Strips
1984Dec.47ArticleCherie ChakoAlbum Reviews
1984Dec.47ArticleLucile JenningsTrip to the O'Carolan Festival 1984
1984Sept.46CoverLaurie RileySketch of harper
1984Sept.46ColumnLaurie RileyLetter from the Guest Editor
1984Sept.46ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1984Sept.46ArticleLaurie RileyPlaying by Ear
1984Sept.46ArticleRichard B. DunnViking Zoomorphs
1984Sept.46ArticleAnne WilliamsDo What Comes Naturally
1984Sept.46ArticleLaurie RileySinging with your Harp
1984Sept.46ArticleBonnie HarmsMany Splenders from Many Keys
1984Sept.46ArticleNora Joan ClarkMary O'Hara
1984Sept.46ArticleLaurie RileyWhy Compete?
1984Sept.46ArticleRichard B. DunnCarving Considerations
1984Sept.46ArticleMargot KrimmelHarping in Steamboat Springs, CO
1984Sept.46MusicPatricia JohnThe Wind Rose
1984Sept.46ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonChapter News
1984Sept.46ArticleRichard B. DunnSoundboard Vacuum Check
1984Sept.46StoryLaurie RileyHarp Story
1984Sept.46ArticleSally AndersonSylvia Woods Brings Spring to Minnesota
1984Sept.46ArticleMark BollesThe String Machine Revised
1984Sept.46ArticleJ. Alan WardBody Moulding without Ulcers
1984Sept.46MusicClaude Debussy / Bonnie HyndmanClair de Lune
1984Sept.46ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonFolklore and Mystery
1984Sept.46ArticleMary TookeA News Release
1984Sept.46ArticleBernard Paul SypniewskiThe Northern European Lyre (Part 2)
1984June45ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1984June45ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1984June45ArticleBonnie ShaljeanCasting an Eye about the Scene
1984June45MusicBonnie ShaljeanThe Road to Ardara
1984June45ArticleMike StevensStory of a Gathering Northumberland
1984June45ArticleDerek BellA Visit to China and a Longing to Return
1984June45ArticleKeith SangerPortraits of an Irish Harper
1984June45ArticleKeith Sanger, Bonnie Shaljean, Mike BillingeA Missing Carolan Composition?
1984June45PoemOwen KaneThe Cascading Strings
1984June45MusicCarolanCaptain O'Neill
1984June45ArticleKay Sheehan SwiftKeadue '83
1984June45ArticlePatsy SheddonSprangreen
1984June45ArticleC. J. A. AndrewsScene Around the Clarsach Society Edinburgh Branch
1984June45ArticleStephen LemoigneHarp Plaing in the Wesle Isles of Scotland
1984June45MusicTraditional / Jorge GurascierCarrie's Theme
1984June45ArticleMargaret HewettMy First Folk Harp
1984June45ArticleAnna GeorginaThe Harp's Desire
1984June45ArticleJenny MackenzieI Took My Harp to a Party
1984June45ArticlePam RedfordA Simple Mediaeval Dan for Recorders and Harp
1984June45MusicArbeauLes Buffons
1984June45ArticleWilfred SmithTuning Your Harp
1984June45ArticleD. Valerie WintonYou Make "What"?
1984June45ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonWhat's New with Robin Williamson
1984June45ArticleJoseph JourdainThe Ancient Harp of My Heart
1984June45ArticleKim RobertsonComparing Notes
1984June45ArticleBernard Paul SypniewskiThe Northern European Lyre (Part 1)
1984June45ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonA Useful Slide Rule
1984June45ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonFor Want of a Nail
1984June45ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonPotourri
1984June45ArticleLaurel EmrysA Perspective on the Modern Day Harper
1984June45ArticleKim RobertsonBook Review
1984June45ArticleCherie ChakoAlbum Review
1984June45MusicTraditional / Kim RobertsonMorning Has Broken
1984June45ArticleAnne HabermehlWelsh-American Harp Society to be Founded
1984March44ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1984March44ColumnMarjorie TayloeLetter from the Guest Editor
1984March44ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1984March44StoryHilda Cole EspyWho ever heard of a Harpist on Horseback!
1984March44ArticleMarjorie TayloeThe "Brian Boru" Harp
1984March44MusicThomas Moore / Marjorie TayloeLondonderry Aire
1984March44MusicThomas Moore / Marjorie TayloeThe Minstrel Boy
1984March44MusicTraditional / Marjorie TayloeCockles and Mussels - Molly Malone
1984March44MusicThomas Moore / Marjorie TayloeThe Harp that Once Thro Tara's Hall
1984March44ArticleMark BollesInharmonicity and Fibre Core Strings
1984March44ArticleMargarita MonteroThe New Year Brings a New Harp
1984March44ArticleAes DanaThe Irish Harp has Landed at the Coast of Far Sicily, Too!
1984March44ArticleRoger A. BrooksA Harp within My Hand
1984March44ArticleJohn MaludaProposal for a Montessori Harp
1984March44ArticleJack BourdessThe Purchase and Delivery of My Tyrolean Harp
1984March44ArticleChristina TourinThe Scottish Harp Society of America
1984March44ArticleMark BollesChart of Theoretical String Lengths
1984March44ArticleKim RobertsonHarp Music Review
1983Dec.43CoverWoodcut from "Music - A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings"
1983Dec.43ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1983Dec.43ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1983Dec.43ArticleAlfredo Rolando OrtizWorld Harp Congress 1983
1983Dec.43PoemEleanor Gwyn Miller-PetersonThe Harp Tree
1983Dec.43ArticleKim RobertsonTips on Fingers
1983Dec.43ArticleInez CruzatRita Crabbe, Houston Harper
1983Dec.43ArticleMark BollesA Question of Ethics
1983Dec.43ArticleHank DunnFolk Harps and the Retailer
1983Dec.43ArticleA. Adams / Bonnie HyndmanOh, Holy Night
1983Dec.43ArticleAnn HeymannJay Witcher, Harpmaker
1983Dec.43SonnetKaren Deal RobinsonEpiphany
1983Dec.43ArticleJ. O. DaltonHarp with Double Harmonic Curve
1983Dec.43ArticleBetty Roan TruittDragon Whispers
1983Dec.43ArticleKim RobertsonThe Folk Mote
1983Dec.43ArticleEsme BooneHarps Discovered Alive and Well at Eisteddfod Genedlaethol
1983Dec.43ArticleNora WestlingChapter Report
1983Dec.43ArticleDan VeanerAmerican Abroad
1983Dec.43ArticleMark BollesA Computer Stringing Program
1983Dec.43ArticleDan VeanerHarp Resources
1983Dec.43ArticleAnn HeymannEuropean Harp Activities '83 and '84
1983Dec.43MusicPauline PittengerThat Night Long Ago
1983Sept.42CoverPhotoSylvia Woods
1983Sept.42ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1983Sept.42ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1983Sept.42ArticleRoberta MacAvoyInterview with Sylvia Woods
1983Sept.42ArticleChristopher CaswellA Talk with Mark Bolles of Markwood Harps
1983Sept.42ArticleMark BollesThe Harp Maker and the Computer
1983Sept.42ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonFrancis Katende
1983Sept.42ArticleNancy Thym-HochreinClairseach, Ann & Charlie Heymann
1983Sept.42ArticleJohn WestlingKernville? Again!
1983Sept.42ArticleVelma WinesburgHold on to Those Hands
1983Sept.42ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonCrating and Shipping
1983Sept.42StoryW. SikesThe Realm of Faerie
1983Sept.42ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonMore on Pedals and Ditals
1983Sept.42MusicB. Silvetti / Jorge GurascierPiano
1983Sept.42MusicTraiditional /Kim RobertsonEleanor Plunkett
1983June41CoverPhotoKim Robertson
1983June41ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1983June41ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1983June41ArticleCarol Lloyd WoodThe Harp of the Soop
1983June41ArticleJohn TayeConstruction of the Sutton Hoo Lyre
1983June41ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonRon Konzak
1983June41PoemMelecio MartinezYo Soy El Arpa
1983June41ArticleAnne HabermehlFolk Harps Invade the Eastman School of Music
1983June41ArticleWolfgang WolfOld Ideas of Triple Harp Construction Realized with Today's Techniques
1983June41ArticleDan VeanerPerformance Notes
1983June41ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonStringing the Wire Strung Harp
1983June41ArticlePeter TourinOh No-Not another Article on Harp Strings.
1983June41ArticleRoy JenkinsString Machine
1983June41MusicTraditional / Stan ParkerOnce I had a True Love
1983June41ArticleAngus Fallon-MacGregorChapter Report
1983June41StoryLeslie Ann SnowThe Harper of Griffith Hall, Part II
1983June41MusicGrace MatthewsHabanera por una Bandida Pequena (Luzma)
1983March40CoverJorge Gurascier
1983March40ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetter from the Editor
1983March40ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1983March40ColumnBillie BeelerChapter Reports
1983March40ArticleMary Lou PessoaJorge Gurascier and His Magical Harp
1983March40ArticleBen BechtelNew Adventures with the Gothic Harp
1983March40ArticlePatricia JohnPeter Rabbit and Mary Queen of Scots
1983March40ArticleNora Joan ClarkHarps West
1983March40ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonTriplett Harps
1983March40ArticleRev. C. B. WarrenBuilding a Mediaeval Harp
1983March40ArticleRobert DouganThe "Heilan" Way
1983March40ArticleVirginia PerssonAn Afternoon with Mark & Savonna Norris
1983March40ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonMass, Tension, Frequency, Length
1983March40ArticleRoland. L. RobinsonAlberto Rey
1983March40ArticleBetty Roan TruittDragon Whispers
1983March40ArticleClinton F. FerrellMy First Harp Making Experience
1983March40MusicTraditional / Jorge GurascierRomanza
1983March40MusicGeorges Bizet / P. JaegerMelody from the Pearl Fishers
1983March40MusicMusikalische Ruskammer auff der HarffeMenuet
1983March40MusicG. E. MathewsJourney of the Two Spanish Fleas
1983March40MusicGrace MatthewsHarping on Cloud 9
1983March40MusicPauline PittengerMother's Day
1983March40ArticleRobin WilliamsonNews Release
1982Dec.39CoverTapestry "Musical Entertainment Outdoors"
1982Dec.39ColumnNancy Thym-HochreinLetter from the Editor
1982Dec.39ColumnRoland. L. RobinsonLetters to the Editor
1982Dec.39ArticleDr. Rudolf SussThe Harp that Once Through Bligger's Halls
1982Dec.39ArticleJohn WestlingNorth by Northwest
1982Dec.39ArticleNancy Thym-HochreinA Guide to Museums and Musical Instrument Collections with Harps in West Germany and Austria
1982Dec.39RecipeNancy ProtzmanIrish Harp Bread
1982Dec.39ArticleNancy Thym-HochreinThe Tyrolean Folk Harp