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Governor’s Square

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Instruments –
Fiddle, guitar, harmonium, bass

This is a tune learned from an old recording of Leonard Finseth.  I recorded this tune to help start a Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Kickstarter Project.  Mike Sawyer, a local musician and dear friend, is assembling a band to perform and record the music of some great old-time fiddlers from this part of the country.  The first album will explore the repertoire of Leonard Finseth.

Leonard Finseth, the son of a Norwegian immigrant, was born in 1911 and died in 1991.  Leonard was a life long resident of Mondovi, Wisconsin but very active fiddling in Minnesota.

This project is a labor of love aimed at keeping this old fiddling tradition alive.  All of the musicians have the deepest respect for this music and for the fiddlers that came before us.  We all share the common goal of keeping this music fresh and vital and doing our part to continue this wonderful tradition.

Leonard Finseth


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