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How to tune Strumbly

If you want to strum all the strings while you play melodies it is important to get your strumbly in tune. There are quite a few ways to tune your Strumbly. Keep reading to learn a few.

The standard tuning used in the beginner songbook is DGD which plays in the Key of G.

Electronic Tuner

The easiest way to tune Strumbly is to use and electronic tuner. You can find these at just about any music store or you can buy one from us –

Korg CA 2

Match Pitch

Use this audio clip to tune your strumbly.

Relative Tuning

You can actually tune Strumbly to itself. This means that you don’t need any external tuning refernce. We describe this process in our beginning songbook. Or check out the short video and watch Matt use this method.

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