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Jolie Harp with Truitt Levers

Introducing – The Jolie Harp

Jake and the Jolie Harp
Jake and his creation, The Jolie Harp

Musicmakers is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new harp – The Jolie Harp. We are all very excited about this new design. Jake has been refining the way he assembles and builds harps at Musicmakers for over 15 years at this point and he has put all that knowledge to good use with this new model.

The Jolie harp is a beautiful blend of form and function. Medium-high tension strings provide solid tone and good dynamic potential for energetic players. The low-profile neck keeps the harp at a reasonable height of 52″. And weighing in at 20 pounds, this harp is easy to transport. Beyond that, it is simply a work of beauty. Elegant, simple, clean, and graceful.

Here is our introductory video for the Jolie Harp.  Local harpist, Stephanie Claussen, gives it a spin.


As introduced, The Jolie Harp is priced at $2749. The price includes a full set of Truitt Levers and a padded Gig Bag.  The neck, pillar, and sides are all solid cherry and the soundboard is aircraft birch.  The Jolie Harp has 32 strings and starts on C2 and goes up to F6.

Finished Jolie HarpConsidering purchasing a lever harp? Musicmakers builds a variety of lever harps to accommodate all harpists from beginner to professional. Our harp selection serves a variety of needs: travel, music therapy, and concert halls. We have something just for you.

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