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Kaizen > Entropy

Jacob, our new owner, has begun to put the concept of Kaizen into practice at Musicmakers. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “change for better”, although, in business applications, it has come to mean “continuous improvement”. In practice, it means that every employee is encouraged to find and suggest improvements in all aspects of the business. No improvement is considered too small and every useful suggestion is put into action with alacrity.

I find Kaizen to be incredibly useful as an antidote to entropy; entropy being the gradual, inevitable decline from order to disorder. I realize this is not an accurate scientific definition but I find it much more pragmatic. It isn’t hard to see entropy in action. Try leaving your kitchen unattended for a couple of days! Chaos. Have you ever seen a teacher lose control of a classroom? Downright terrifying. What happens if you neglect your body, or the inside of your car, or practicing your musical instrument, or your relationships..? Some things may take longer to degrade, but the fact is, without attention or continuous improvement, every one of these things will decay. If you aren’t going forward, you are falling behind; there is no standing still.

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