How do I pack a harp for shipping?

If you purchased a finished harp from us the best thing to do is to use the box that we made to ship your harp to you. Assuming, of course, that you saved the box. If you didn’t save the box and need to ship your finished harp – here are a few suggestions and guidelines.

1. First you need to find a box big enough for your harp. Some harps are too large to ship by FedEx or UPS so these harps must be crated and shipped via truck. To find a box big enough for our other harps you can try asking at large appliance stores or electronics stores. If you can’t find a box big enough for your finished harp you do have the option of removing the neck/pillar assembly from the body and shipping the harp in two boxes with the body shipping in one box and the neck/pillar shipping in another box.

2. Once you have found a box that will fit your harp you need to pack your harp in such a way that it will travel safely within the box. If at all possible you should ship your harp in the case. We also recommend de-tuning the strings about two whole steps. If you don’t have a case then you can pad the harp with sleeping bags, blankets, shipping blankets, bubble wrap, or something of a similar nature. If your harp has delicate feet on the bottom – it is best to remove these before shipping.

3. Place your wrapped harp in the shipping box. Your goal now is to make it so the harp will not move inside the box. That is to say that when you close the box up – if a very tall and strong person were to pick up the box and shake it around – the harp would not move or rattle around inside the box. Think back to your days in school when you had to figure out a way to pack an egg so that it could be dropped from the roof of the school and not end up cracked. We have found foam rubber to be great for this job. It is soft, fills up space well, and can be bent, squished, shoved, and jammed between the harp and the box. If you can find a shop that does upholstery work – they will usually have lots of old foam rubber sitting around that they are only too happy to have taken off their hands.

4. That’s about it. Close up the box and don’t forget to cover it with Fragile stickers. Another tip that was passed along to us was to write a note on the box that indicates that there is a harp inside. Just knowing what is in the box may help the FedEx or UPS people be more careful.