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Mackinaw Wool

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Instruments –
Mandolin, Mandola, Ocatve Mandolin, Mandocello

I was tuning the instruments in our showroom and noticed that we had the entire mandolin family (mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, and mandocello). I thought it might be fun to record a track using all four instruments and Mackinaw Wool is the result.

You may be thinking to yourself that Musicmaker’s doesn’t make a mandocello.  And you would be right.  So what gives?  Well, we thought it might be possible to just order some mandocello strings and put them on our Octave Mandolin.  Turns out it works just great.

For those of you that are curious about such things – here are the tunings of each instrument (low to high):

Mandolin – GDAE
Mandola – CGDA
Octave Mandolin – GDAE but one octave lower than a mandolin
Mandocello – CGDA but one octave lower than a mandola

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