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Regency Harp

Discontinued 2016

Produced from 2000 to 2016

2016 Pricing:

  • Kit – $1849
  • Finished – $2995 (price did not include levers or a gig bag)

Kit Assembly Instructions

  • 34 Strings
  • Range C2 to A6
  • Solid hardwood neck, pillar, frame, and base
  • Aircraft birch ply soundboard
  • 62″ tall, 29″ deep, 16″ wide
  • Weight: 37 pounds (cherry) 43 pounds (maple)

For years, the Regency was our best sounding harp. It was replaced in 2016 by the Cheyenne Harp. The Cheyenne uses the same body and string setup as the Regency but the base of the harp has been altered to make it lighter in weight. We also added two strings at the top making the Cheyenne a 36-string harp. Overall, we were able to build the same great sound into the Cheyenne, add two strings, and make it lighter. Wins all around.

We still sell bluerpints and hardware for the Regency. Click here to learn more.


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