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A person replacing strings on the reverie harp

How to Replace a String on the Reverie Harp

If you’re wondering how to replace a string on the Reverie Harp, it’s easy. Broken strings are inevitable for all stringed instruments, including the Reverie Harp. It’s a normal part of the instrument’s lifespan. Have no fear, they are very easy to replace! For your Reverie, we recommend purchasing a spare set of strings from Musicmakers to avoid the hassle of having to search for replacements.

Spare Strings for Reverie Classic | Spare Strings for Reverie 2

Should you happen to break a string on your Reverie Harp and you need an immediate replacement, just visit your local music store. Bring in your tuning chart and ask for a “ball-end acoustic guitar string” of the correct size.

Here is a short how-to video that will teach you how to install strings or re-install a broken string:

The strings are not prone to breaking unless you over-tune to a higher pitch. This can occur inadvertently if you are plucking one string and adjusting the pin for another string. You might over-tighten one string because you don’t see movement in the pitch of the one you are plucking. So you want to be careful to keep track of which string you are tuning and what note it should be tuned to.

We use common guitar strings (ball-end steel) on the Reverie Harp. If you break a string, you can purchase replacements from Musicmakers, or you can take the scrap of broken string to a local music store that sells guitar strings and buy a similar string. The store won’t have a complete set of strings for the Reverie Harp, but they should offer individual guitar strings.

If you ever need a replacement part for your instrument, we are here to help you out. Just give us a call at 800-432-5487, or email us using our contact form. Happy harping!

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