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Music Therapist David Melbye

Alternative Tuning for Reverie Harp – Lullaby Tuning

By using the alternative tuning for Reverie Harp called “Lullaby Tuning”, you can accompany yourself as you sing.  A respected Music Therapist, David Melbye offers an excellent video demonstration and many tips about how he makes use of the Lullaby Tuning.

Download the Lullaby Tuning Chart

Get the Lullaby Tuning Songbook

Deluxe Reverie ClassicConsidering purchasing a Reverie Harp? The Reverie Harp is a music therapy instrument designed to be played by everyone regardless of musical skill and produces soothing music, healing vibrations, and lightweight portability.

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2 thoughts on “Alternative Tuning for Reverie Harp – Lullaby Tuning”

  1. My student, Marisol Poulin, bought the Reverie Harp from you just recently, and brought it to show me. It is somewhat limited, but as you showed, one can skip a few chords and do quite a lot with it, esp. if one sings. I sing with guitar and harp. I had 3 harp students buy a harp from you Music Makers! Now I see this little one. I will see that she sees this demo you gave.
    You have a lovely tenor voice; keep singing.
    rosemary Harding

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