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Lever Harp Care: Care and Feeding of your Harp

In this article, we will cover some of the basics on caring for your lever harp: tuning, replacing strings, slipping tuning pins, troubleshooting buzzing strings, cleaning, touching up the finish, and performing minor repairs. Tuning a Lever Harp If you don’t already have one, we recommend picking up an electronic tuner. It is best to … Continue reading Lever Harp Care: Care and Feeding of your Harp

Troubleshooting Your Harp

Tuning Tips for Harp It is best to tune the harp with all sharping levers flipped down (disengaged), so there will be no interference from the levers. Please note that this means you may be tuning some strings to flats instead of natural notes. If you have levers on the B strings, for example, you … Continue reading Troubleshooting Your Harp

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