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Should I build a harp from a kit?

Interested in building a harp from a kit, but not sure? Here’s everything you need to know before making your decision. Most of our customer’s questions fall under four categories: Why purchase a kit? What is/isn’t in the kit? And some of our customers have general questions about the process of building a harp and … Continue reading Should I build a harp from a kit?

Building the Voyageur Harp

In this article we will post a six-part video series that walks you through every step of building the Voyageur Harp. Part 1 – This video covers assembling the body frame. Part 2 – This video covers getting the soundboard ready for installation. Part 3 – Gluing the soundboard and back to the harp body … Continue reading Building the Voyageur Harp

How to Touch Up Your Harp

Here are some ideas for touching up the dings in your harp: Fixing Dents on a Harp Use a household iron set on high, and a wet wash cloth, to steam out dents. Lay the wet cloth over the wood and use the iron to drive steam into the pores of the wood, by “ironing” … Continue reading How to Touch Up Your Harp

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