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Knee Bone Modification for Lap Harps

Here is an interesting modification made by John LaTorre. When using “Knee Bones” on my Shepherd harp, I noticed that there was a problem with the way the harp was balanced. When the harp was resting on my legs, the center of gravity was so far forward that the harp wanted to pitch forward and … Continue reading Knee Bone Modification for Lap Harps

Musicmakers Harp Wheels

Our Harp Wheels have always been a popular item at harp conferences.  Here’s a little video showing how to use the harp wheels. Spruce up your harping experience! Musicmakers offers a variety of innovative harp accessories to make your life easier—from attachable music stands for holding up your sheet music, to attachable harp wheels for … Continue reading Musicmakers Harp Wheels

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