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Purchasing a Harp | Harp 101

In this article we’ll go over a number of things to look for when purchasing a harp: type of harp, size of harp, number of strings on the harp, sharping levers, spring spacing, type of wood, and harp tone. What you need to know about purchasing a harp Q: I’m ready to buy a harp. … Continue reading Purchasing a Harp | Harp 101

Building a Harp: Woodworking Tips and Customization Ideas

Here are a collection of articles Jerry wrote for the Folk Harp Journal about building a harp for yourself.  These features were written to celebrate and encourage the craft of harp-making by home hobbyists around the world. The goal was to publicize the excellent, and sometimes surprising, results of several of these adventurous woodworkers.  The … Continue reading Building a Harp: Woodworking Tips and Customization Ideas

Harp Soundboards: Plywood vs Solid Wood

The following is an excerpt from Chapter Four of Jerry Brown’s book on harp making, Folk Harp Design and Construction. The entire 150-page manual is in print in a 3-ring binder or as a downloadable PDF file.    The Great Plywood Debate: Laminated -vs- Solid Soundboards   There has been rather heated discussion over the years … Continue reading Harp Soundboards: Plywood vs Solid Wood

Sizing Up a Harp

Jerry Brown interviews harp maker Glen Cuthbertson about his background as a piano technician and how that has influenced his harp-making philosophy. Pictures and a sound sample can be found at the end of the article.  Jerry Brown: I’ve not thought about this before meeting you, but it seems to me that most folk-harp makers … Continue reading Sizing Up a Harp

Building the Voyageur Harp

In this article we will post a six-part video series that walks you through every step of building the Voyageur Harp. Part 1 – This video covers assembling the body frame. Part 2 – This video covers getting the soundboard ready for installation. Part 3 – Gluing the soundboard and back to the harp body … Continue reading Building the Voyageur Harp

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