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Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

mp3 download   I learned this one from Dwight Diller who got it from the Hammonses.   I forget the whole story but I think that someone died and this particular person wanted some music played at his graveside.  So a friend of his sat an overnight vigil at his grave and played this song all … Continue reading Dead Man’s Piece – banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonium

Melatonin – Kantele and Casio SK-1

mp3 download   Here is another melody I made up on the Kantele.  The “haunting descant” was played on the Casio SK-1, the greatest little keyboard ever!  If you owned one of these as a kid in the 80s – you know what I am talking about.  I got lucky and picked one up at … Continue reading Melatonin – Kantele and Casio SK-1

“Edwin’s First” Polska

mp3 download   This is a Swedish Fiddle Tune I learned from the ASI Spelmanslag, a group that is keeping traditional Swedish Fiddling alive in a beautiful way here in Minnesota. The story I heard about this tune goes something like this:  A long time ago, in a country far, far away (Sweden), young Edwin … Continue reading “Edwin’s First” Polska

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