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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley mp3 download Instruments – Mountain Banjo, steel strings I picked this tune up from the playing of Luke Richardson. The tune comes from Galax area fiddler, Luther Davis. Luke arranged this piece in one of my favorite banjo tunings – f#DADE. Something about this tuning is so meditative and sweet. It’s … Continue reading Lily of the Valley


mp3 download Instruments – Bowed Psaltery Kantele Psalmodikon We received the following email from Gary: Thank you for your note. We are very happy with Musicmakers. Everyone we have talked to has been kind, courteous, helpful, and extremely competent. All warnings were timely and the only mistakes we made were from not carefully heeding the … Continue reading Trio

Hear Lament and Moment Played on a Lever Harp

mp3 download Instruments – Voyageur Harp This tune was sent to us by Mike Nielsen. This recording was made using a Voyageur Harp that Mike purchased from us in-the-white. Here is what Mike has to say about this track: “This composition represents my interpretation and variations of a theme composed by Turlough O’Carolan on the … Continue reading Hear Lament and Moment Played on a Lever Harp

Hear Ton Y Botel Played on a Harp

mp3 download Instruments: Limerick Lap Harp This is a track from Jerry Bauer’s CD Tuneweaver. Available now on our website. Also check out the two free collections of tunes arranged for the Limerick Harp by Jerry.   Music for the Limerick Harp – Book 1 Music for the Limerick Harp – Book 2 Considering purchasing … Continue reading Hear Ton Y Botel Played on a Harp

Dr. Bobbinhead

mp3 download Instruments – banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonium You never know where inspiration will come from. In this case, it came from a small toy. Just watching the big, blue, smiling face rock gently back and forth I thought it might be fun to play along. So I grabbed my banjo and this melody came … Continue reading Dr. Bobbinhead

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