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Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Jerry and Matt have thought about how they learned musical instruments as youngsters, and they realized that what they focused on was learning a few chords to accompany their singing of familiar songs. They realized that learning to play along with easy tunes they already knew and liked was more successful (and more fun) than … Continue reading Two Chord Songs in the Key of C

Purchasing a Harp | Harp 101

In this article we’ll go over a number of things to look for when purchasing a harp: type of harp, size of harp, number of strings on the harp, sharping levers, spring spacing, type of wood, and harp tone. What you need to know about purchasing a harp Q: I’m ready to buy a harp. … Continue reading Purchasing a Harp | Harp 101

11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Harp Playing

We asked our local harp teachers to provide some tips for getting the most out of your harp playing. We hope these will inspire you to practice this week! 1. Practice with each hand separate. Practice a measure at a time right hand alone then left hand alone then put together, then move to the next … Continue reading 11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Harp Playing

Sizing Up a Harp

Jerry Brown interviews harp maker Glen Cuthbertson about his background as a piano technician and how that has influenced his harp-making philosophy. Pictures and a sound sample can be found at the end of the article.  Jerry Brown: I’ve not thought about this before meeting you, but it seems to me that most folk-harp makers … Continue reading Sizing Up a Harp

Naming a Harp: Naming Rights and Wrongs

Article submitted to the FHJ by Jerry Brown Have you named your harp yet, or does that sound like a silly notion to you? I’ve been known to roll my eyes when people brought in a harp for regulation or repairs and introduced me to their instrument by first name. “Here’s my Desiree – she … Continue reading Naming a Harp: Naming Rights and Wrongs

Kaizen > Entropy

Jacob, our new owner, has begun to put the concept of Kaizen into practice at Musicmakers. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means “change for better”, although, in business applications, it has come to mean “continuous improvement”. In practice, it means that every employee is encouraged to find and suggest improvements in all aspects of … Continue reading Kaizen > Entropy

Alternative Tuning for Reverie Harp – Lullaby Tuning

By using the alternative tuning for Reverie Harp called “Lullaby Tuning”, you can accompany yourself as you sing.  A respected Music Therapist, David Melbye offers an excellent video demonstration and many tips about how he makes use of the Lullaby Tuning. Download the Lullaby Tuning Chart Get the Lullaby Tuning Songbook Considering purchasing a Reverie … Continue reading Alternative Tuning for Reverie Harp – Lullaby Tuning

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