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The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre

I am a clinical harpist, the creator of an international harp therapy training program and a holistic sound healer. I love playing clinically for those in need, playing prescriptive music at the bedside. There has always been that little voice in me that truly enjoys the power of sound, vibrations, frequency and music as a … Continue reading The Story Behind the Lynda Lyre

Introducing – The Jolie Harp

Musicmakers is thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand new harp – The Jolie Harp. We are all very excited about this new design. Jake has been refining the way he assembles and builds harps at Musicmakers for over 15 years at this point and he has put all that knowledge to good use … Continue reading Introducing – The Jolie Harp

Musicmakers Harp Wheels

Our Harp Wheels have always been a popular item at harp conferences.  Here’s a little video showing how to use the harp wheels. Spruce up your harping experience! Musicmakers offers a variety of innovative harp accessories to make your life easier—from attachable music stands for holding up your sheet music, to attachable harp wheels for … Continue reading Musicmakers Harp Wheels

Name our newest instrument!

We have long wanted to create a simple, four chord zither and we finally have a design that we like.  There are four chords laid out like this D, G, C, F.  This gives you a 1, 4, and 5 chord in two keys. There are hundreds of songs that just use a 1,4, and … Continue reading Name our newest instrument!

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