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The Studio Harp

studio harp
The Studio Harp

The Studio Harp was produced from 1996-2005.  Although we stopped producing the harp, you can still buy the blueprints and hardware pack.

Strings and Tuning for the Studio Harp

This harp had 29 strings.  The standard string set for this harp was all monofilament nylon with a range of A2-A6.
Standard String Chart

We also offered an ‘optional’ tuning that included sound wound strings in the base.  The tuning for the optional string set was G2-G6.
Optional String Chart

Key Specs for the Studio Harp

Woods. The sides were cherry, the neck and pillar were laminated maple, and the soundboard was aircraft birch.

Dimensions. This harp was sold with either ‘short feet’ or ‘tall legs’. With short feet, the harp stood 47″ Tall and would require the harp to be elevated about 8″ off the floor for comfortable playing. With the tall legs, the harp stood about 58″ tall.

The Studio harp weighed about 16 pounds.

Assembly Instructions

Pricing for Studio Harp

In 2005, the last year of production, the Studio Harp with Long Legs sold for $1095 finished or $575 as a kit.

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