Coupled Hands for Harpers

Coupled Hands for Harpers

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Ann Heymann is a master in the performance and traditions of the Gaelic harp, Ann Heymann continues to spearhead the instrument's revival. From the start she chose to play in the traditional manner: resting the harp on her left shoulder so the right hand plays the bass and the left hand plays the treble, striking the brass strings with her fingernails, and damping with the fingerpads. Ann is known for her symbiotic relationship with her instrument and her ability to wed performance practice with the recorded literary tradition.

From the back cover:

Coupled Hands for Harpers details a different approach to playing the harp. Most harpists emulate the keyboard philosophy of a "melody" hand and "accompanying" hand, while Coupled Hands calls for a use of both hands to express the melody: the bass hand thumb taking the stressed melody notes and the treble hand sounding all the others.

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