A few different ways to decorate your harp -

Scratch-built rosewood harp with appliques


Jerry Brown,

Just for further info I have enclosed the following:

I used Musicmaker's Kit plans to construct this Limerick Lap Harp, using Rosewood for the sides and bottom trim, Walnut for the neck, Pillar, top and bottom pieces.  Baltic Birch for the soundboard, back and appliqués, with Rosewood backing strip.  All decorative and reinforcing screws are Brass.  Finish is Gloss Deft Clear Wood finish.

I have constructed numerous home projects using purchased plans ordered  from various catalogs, however, your plans are the most accurate, precise and least complex that I have ever encountered.  Your email responses to the few questions that arose, were fast and to the point. 

You may use these photos and comments in any manner you so choose.  If the photos are not clear enough to be usable, I will mail camera snap shots upon request.

In passing, no one in my family posses any musical ability what so ever.  I encountered one of your harps in a hospital while visiting a friend and thought it was so beautiful that I had to try my hand at making one.   Thanks to your great plans, I'm satisfied.

Chuck Wilkinson

Seeley Lake , MT


Painting a harp soundboard with watercolors


Here is a pic of the latest Limerick harp Robert built, which he sold to his sister. The leaves were painted on the soundboard by myself, with watercolors. Robert changed the profile of the neck/pillar a little, as you can see.

Regarding the painting: I traced around some leaves picked up in our back yard, then painted them with Pentel tube watercolors. I did some liner work with a dark brown acrylic. It was then sealed with a couple coats of a spray polyurethane.

Denise Christiansen

Amery , WI

Voyageur Kit



For the color, I used oil-based stain, six parts cherry to one part walnut.

The soundboard is painted gloss black.

The design is part of a watercolor my mother made in a high school art class (about 1930). I scanned it, used Photoshop to adjust the colors, make mirror images and graduated sizes. Then I printed on a type of paper that becomes a water-slide decal, applied the decals and urethane varnish over all. I affixed a small decal of my mother's high school graduation picture inside on one of the braces.

I bought my decal paper at:


A google search will turn up at least a dozen other sources.

Thanks again for your encouragement. Now that I've been bitten, I am
thinking about another project.