Folk Harps and Harp Accessories

Folk Harps by Musicmakers

We've been building folk harps for over 30 years. We have several types of harps for sale from beginner to professional. Whether you are a beginner looking for your very first harp, a professional that needs studio quality sound and tone, or a traveling harpist that needs an ultra light weight harp but doesn't want to sacrifice sound quality - we have a harp that will work for you.


Harp Accessories

Musicmakers has invented some of the most useful harp accessories on the market.

Our simple harp dolly design makes transporting your harp a breeze.

Walk into any harp workshop and you are guaranteed to find several harps sporting our clamp-on harp desk. It just makes things easy.

Our harp lights can be installed on any harp and will add some magic to your night time harping!