From the Deep Earth

From the Deep Earth

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From the liner notes:

We invite you to rest into the gentle sounds of the harp, where the mind and spirit find a refreshing spring; a source of tranquility. Just as we find stillness, beauty and healing in the natural world, this music allows us to enter an interior state of quiet contemplation; a portal of healing sound to calm and sooth the mind, body and spirit.

-Gary Plouff, Music Director

Track Listing:

-tracks #2,3,6,9,11,12,13 use our Gothic Harp
-track #7 features our Regency Harp

  1. Morning Has Broken
  2. Putting Out To Sea
  3. Adir Hu
  4. Blessing Of Light
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Maria Mater/Praise Song to St. Bridget
  7. Priestly Blessing
  8. A Song For Danny
  9. The Refugee Song
  10. Come By The Hills
  11. Go Forth/Adoro Te Devote
  12. Look Away/Salve Mater
  13. Ave Maria/Namaste
From the deep Earth
Cindae Wilson
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I was in need of new music for my massage practice. This has been a wonderful CD to use, easy to listen to all day long and positive comments from my clients as well!
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