HAPI Mini Drum - C Pentatonic

HAPI Mini Drum - C Pentatonic

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The HAPI Mini Drum - C Pentatonic

The HAPI Mini drum is pure delight. It is a steel tongue drum that anybody can play. Everything you play will sound great because it is tuned pentatnoically. Play with the included rubber mallets or tap the tongues with your hands.

Play percussive and groovy beats if you are feeling energetic or play something soft and slow if you feel like relaxing. The pure tones of the HAPI Drum are ideal for music therapy.

What's Included:

HAPI Mini Drum

This instrument pairs well with our Reverie Harp.

Key Specs

Model Mini C Pentatonic
Tuning C4, D4, E4, G4, A4, C5, D5, E5
Size 8" wide by 5.5" tall
Weight 3.4 pounds

Scale Diagram

Check out the diagram below to see how the C Major Pentatonic notes fall on the HAPI Mini drum.


See and hear all the notes on the HAPI Mini Drum in C Pentatonic

The HAPI Drum and The Reverie Harp - Soothing

The HAPI Drum and The Reverie Harp - Rhythmic Percussion

Virtual HAPI Mini Drum - C Major Pentatonic

Play the drum by clicking the keys with your mouse. Enjoy!


David Schleyer
Verified Buyer
Very solid and substantial. Beautiful hammer tone finish. It produces mellow and soothing tones. It’s fun just to play random notes. The mallets fit inside the hollow end and all fit in the gig bag.
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