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    Inlay Banding

    Choose from a variety of styles of decorative inlay banding. Use this around the edges of your instrument for a beautiful binding.

    Each piece of inlay is 36 inches long. Check the description for the width.

    Not sure of how much to order? See the bottom of this page for help in figuring out the quantity you will need for different instruments.

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    Here are some guidelines for the instruments we carry to help you purchase the correct amount of banding. Each inlay strip is 36" long.

    Picture 1
    Inlay around top only
    Picture 2
    Inlay around top and bottom


    Fretted Instruments Harps
    Banjos - 35" around body Gothic Harp - 46" down soundboard (inlay J included)
    Hurdy Gurdy - 54" around body Limerick - 28" down soundboard
    Mandocello - 52" around body Regency Harp - 48" down soundboard
    Mandola - 36" around body Smartwood Harp - 42" down soundboard
    Mandolin - 35" around body Voyageur Harp - 48" down soundboard
    Mt. Dulcimers - 32" down one side  
    Octave Mandolin - 52" around body  
    Parlor Guitar - 52" around body  
    Renaissance Guitar - 54" around body  
    Strumbly - 35" around body  
    Ukulele (baritone) - 36" around body  
    Ukulele (concert) 31" around body  


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