Jordan Lever

Jordan Lever

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These levers are a great low-cost, light weight lever. They are amazingly easy to install and there is ONLY ONE SIZE. That's right - one size lever fits every string!

Please note: You will need 3/4 inch clearance between the guide pin and the bottom edge of the harp neck to install these levers. Currently Jordan levers may be installed on all Musicmaker's Harps with one exception - Jordan levers cannot be installed on the top 2 strings of the Studio Harp.

Download our Installation Instructions

Everything is great!
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Super SUPER great instructions. I was worried that them being all-plastic might deaden the sound, but it doesn't! The few dollars in price difference really adds up when I'm putting them on 29 strings. I've only got four at the moment, but I'm going to keep adding them to my Smartwood harp as I go. Installing them is precise, but it's not difficult, and the instructions are great. They also came with extra screws, which is really, really nice! Always impressed!
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