Do-it-yourself Kits

Simply put - you will not find a better harp kit anywhere in the world. We have built our reputation on providing well-prepared parts, clear and detailed assembly instructions, and top-notch customer service and technical support. And all of our harp kits come with with a warranty that can't be beat.

Building a harp from a kit is the right choice if -

  • you want to save a lot of money

  • you enjoy woodworking

  • you want to learn woodworking

  • you want a wonderful family project

Finished Harps

Building a harp from a kit isn't for everybody. That is why every Musicmaker's harp is also available completely finished and ready to play. Our harps have a seasoned and sophisticated sound and are played by professionals such as Sunita Stanislow, Nicolas Carter, Louise Trotter and more. They are also among the most affordable harps on the market today.

Buying a finished harp is the right choice if -

  • you want a quality American made harp at an affordable price

  • you don't have the time or inclination to build your own harp from a kit

  • you can't tell the difference between a screw driver and a hammer