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    Some of our favorite links...

    Musicmaker's in Foreign Lands

    *Internet Violin - Musicmaker's Kits in Japan
    *Roberts Music- Musicmaker's Kits in Australia
    *Nordic Harps - Musicmaker's Kits in Sweden


    *Harp teachers in the Twin Cities - directory of local teachers

    Festivals where Musicmaker's is likely to have a booth

    *American Music Therapy Association
    *The Harp Gathering - Sauder Village in Archbold, OH
    *Somerset Folk Harp Festival
    *Southeastern Harp Weekend - Asheville, NC

    Friends of Musicmakers

    Ann Bean Mansion - Planning a visit to Stillwater? Stay with Jeremy and Erin, the fabulous hosts at our favorite local B&B.
    Peter Roberts - Simply one of the best people you will ever meet... in Australia. (Just teasing you Peter)
    Tami Briggs - Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist and founder of Musical Reflections has created 13 CDs for relaxation and stress reduction.
    *Nicolas Carter - An amazing Paraguayan Harpist based in the Twin Cities.
    *Stephanie Claussen - Local harpist and harp teacher.
    *Kim Robertson - A harpist. One of the best.
    *Irene Tukuafu - She was a friend and supporter of Musicmaker's before fire was discovered.
    *Melanie Wiltse - She does more to promote harps and harp playing in the Midwest than anyone else we know of.
    *Sunita Staneslow - A musician of the highest calibre and a big fan of our Regency Harp

    Other Sites of Interest

    *The Autoharp Page
    *The Banjo Hangout - Wow - If you like banjos even a little bit then you MUST visit this site.
    *Coustii - Great resource for ukuleles and guitars
    *Early Music Network
    *E-Z Folk - Instructional Website for Banjo and Guitar
    *The HarpList- Very active Yahoo group about harps
    *International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen - THE Society for the Folk Harp. Sign up and receive the Folk Harp Journal.
    *MBOTMA - Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association
    *Mugwumps Online - A nice resource for folk instruments
    *Music for Healing Transition Program - A National Educational Certification Program preparing musicians to provide therapeutic bedside music.
    *American Nyckelharpa Association - Fairly self explanatory... I think.
    *Native Ground - Wayne Erbson's site - He has authored the best banjo instruction books I've ever seen.
    *TablEdit - Convert any music notation to tablature for guitar and other instruments.


    *Autoharp Quarterly Magazine
    *The Banjo Newsletter - All that's fit to print about the noblest instrument on this spinning orb we call home.
    *Dulcimer Players News - Recently revamped look - full color, great articles, and a sample CD with each issue
    *The Harp Column
    *Folk Harp Journal - A wonderful resource for all harpers, from the complete novice to the master.
    *The Old-Time Herald - A magazine dedicated to Old-Time Music


    *Guild of American Luthiers - Publisher of "American Lutherie" Magazine, and source for instrument-making plans & books
    *Rockler - Great source for tools.
    *U-BILD - America's Favorite Woodworking Plans

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