Used Reverie Harp


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Used Reverie Harp

Product Details

Used Reverie Harp

This Reverie Harp was built in 2013 and is in excllent condition. I don't think it ever left the case. It features a custom colored maple leaf rosette and includes a case, tuning wrench, and DVD.

What's Included
  • Reverie Harp (used)
  • Gig Bag
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Reverie Harp DVD
  • Owner's Manual

This Musicmakers Deluxe Reverie Harp is a music therapy instrument designed to be played by everyone regardless of musical skill and produces soothing music, healing vibrations, and lightweight portability. This instrument delivers special experiences to all who play it.

These finely crafted instruments are made with a solid mahogany soundboard and solid cherry frame. The tone is warm and relaxing.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

This image features the Deluxe Reverie Classic.

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