Pintite - loose tuning pin fix

Pintite - loose tuning pin fix

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This is a quick and easy fix for loose tuning pins. Use to tighten both standard zither pins (ZPIN) and threaded harp pins (THREDPIN).

You will receive enough pintite to treat about 60 pins

LIQUID PIN TIGHTENER - Instructions (included with each bottle)

To prepare dispenser:

  1. Twist off the small white cap from the squeeze bottle.

  2. Twist on the enclosed needle until tightly installed.

To apply liquid:

  1. Lay instrument down flat so the tuning pins are vertical.

  2. Slowly squeeze liquid around base of tuning pin until it stops being absorbed.

  3. Wipe off any excess liquid.

  4. Try tuning the string after 20 minutes or so. Most loose pins should hold tension within an hour.

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Only buy if you need a few drops of Pintite. Bottle is deceiving - it certainly isn't full. Even the picture of the amount in the bottle is deceiving -there is less than half the amount that the picture shows.
Hi Bernard - Sorry that you received such a small amount of pintite. We are going to change our procedure for filling those bottles to make the amount more consistent. I will refund the cost of the pintite. Again, sorry for the our error.
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