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    NEW - RAV Vast - B Celtic Minor

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      NEW - RAV Vast - B Celtic Minor


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      RAV Vast - B Celtic Minor

      We love instruments that make music accessible to everybody. It's why we invented the Reverie Harp. So we are happy to be able to offer the RAV Vast. We think it is one of the best melodic hand drums you can find. These instruments are well made, solid, and the laser cut tongues have a much more reliable pitch than the traditional hand pan style instruments.

      What is the RAV Vast?

      The RAV Vast is a metal hand drum with laser cut steel tongues. It is hypnotic, tranquil, meditative, and very easy to play. Just set it in your lap and begin tapping the notes. You'll be lost in a lovely soundscape right away.

      Is the RAV Vast suitabe for you?

      The RAV Vast is an instrument that offers something for everyone. The note layout is intuitive and playable instantly by anybody.

      If you have no musical training you will love how simple this instrument is and great you will sound right away.

      If you are a trained musician you will appreciate the thoughtful organization of notes and will be composing improvised pieces within minutes.

      Includes a soft sided gig bag with shoulder straps.

      RAV Vast and Shruti Box

      RAV Vast - B Celtic Minor

      B Celtic Minor Demo

      Scale B Celtic Minor
      Notes B2 F#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4
      Weight 11 pounds
      Diameter 20"
      Height 7"
      Gig Bag Included

      Want to play along with Reverie Harp?

      The B Meditation tuning goes great with the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast

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