Soiree a Montpellier

Soiree a Montpellier

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My album Soiree a Montpellier ("evening in Montpellier") is a musical expression of the two years I spent living in Southern France. During these two years I lived in the center of town (bits of which were build around year 1200) and I quickly discovered that Montpellier is a very musical city. I heard accordion music on the tram; carousel music as I passed through the main plaza to buy groceries; classical music pouring out the open windows of the music school; Gregorian chant at the cathedral.

In this release, I have taken these various 'snap shots' and interpreted them on solo harp, selecting pieces with the aim of creating a musical atmosphere similar to what I experienced in Montpellier. I hope the result is gloriously relaxing and unexpectedly fresh.

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Stephanie was gracious enough to sit down and share some music with us on one of our Gothic Harps.

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